‘Days of our Lives’ Sneak Peeks: Week of November 19

Next week on Days of our Lives, Nick asks Sonny for help with his Chad situation; A glimpse of the “old” Kristen re-surfaces; Nicole worries Eric will judge her if he knows the truth about her past.


  • Fed up with Chad’s interference, Nick asks Sonny to get Chad to back off. Will Sonny offer to help him and Gabi with their DiMera problem? [Copied from TVSourceMagazine.com]
  • Marlena’s decision to delete an important message from Kristen blows up in her face. Marlena may have believed the message was insignificant, but how will she feel when she learns it was about Brady’s hospitalization? Did Marlena play right into Kristen’s hands?
  • Maybe it’s the bump on his head, but Brady slowly comes to the realization that maybe Kristen has changed. Is this really a new Kristen? Or is it the Kristen she wants everything to think she is?
  • Lucas realizes that in order to have a relationship with his son, he needs to make peace with the man he loves. Can Sonny and Lucas reach a ceasefire for the sake of Will?  [Copied from TVSourceMagazine.com]

  • Nicole fears judgment from Eric once he learns about her past. Unfortunately for Nicole, Eric may not get the opportunity to come to that decision on his own. His Aunt Hope and Aunt Kayla are adamant that he stay away from Nicole.  [Copied from TVSourceMagazine.com]

  • Hope is encouraged when Kayla gives her a positive update about Caroline’s condition.


Kate is on the hunt for Stefano. Rafe isn’t pleased that EJ is Sami’s new boss.  Nick and Gabi make plans for her baby…

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