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'Days of our Lives' Previews: December 3 Edition


Next week on Days of our Lives, Will is stunned when Nick reveals his plans for Gabi and Will’s child; Also: Sami causes a scene, EJ & Eric meet for the first time and Marlena walks in on a shocking scene!


Will is floored when Nick reveals his plans – Nick will marry Gabi and raise the baby as his own! Gabi is understanding towards Will’s hesitation to go along, and discusses why it would be a good idea. Will reluctantly agrees to support Nick and Gabi’s marriage and raising his child. When Nick gets preachy, Will makes it clear he’s not here for Nick’s judgment.

Will runs into Eric and brings up the subject of his sexuality. Will tells Eric he’s gay and that he doesn’t agree with the church’s stance on homosexuality. Eric assures Will that he loves him, and though he may be a priest, he’s his uncle first.  Later, Nick and Gabi share news of their pregnancy and upcoming nuptials with Sonny, who realizes this is the secret Will was keeping from him. Though right to an extent, no one clues him in on the real truth. Sonny apologizes to Will and hopes they can be honest going forward. Has Will learned anything from his mother?


Sami and EJ arrive at the church to discuss a school project and are shocked when they spot Nicole working with Eric! Eric observes EJ with his sister; Sami is appalled at this new development and gives Eric a piece of her mind. Ready for his sister’s hysterics, Eric calls Sami out on her hypocrisy, noting some of the things she’s done were just as bad, if not worse, than Nicole. Meanwhile EJ taunts Nicole, but Nicole gives it back to him. She realizes the angle he’s working and bursts his bubble – Sami will never love him because she only loves Rafe. Speaking of Rafe, he spots a close moment between EJ and Sami and leaves upset.

Rafe and Eric talk about Sami after running into each other. Gabi arrives and tells Rafe she plans to marry Nick for sure. Gabi worries Rafe doesn’t approve, but he assures her he’s just concerned she’s moving too fast. Gabi says she doesn’t care what anyone things, and incidentally causes Rafe to reach out to Sami. Rafe admits he needs help with Gabi. Sami agrees to help, but secretly wishes Rafe needed her too. As much as Sami enjoys working with EJ, she’s still pulled towards Rafe.

Sami apologizes to Eric after their fight and admits she’s wondered what drove Eric to become a priest. Eric tries to explain his reasons, but is clearly holding something back from her…


A miscommunication from Billie results in Marlena thinking the worst about John! Things get physical, very physical between Brady and Kristen.  Marlena walks in on Kristen and is shocked when she sees Kristen in the throes of passion with Brady! Nicole’s efforts to befriend Daniel don’t go over well. Daniel learns about the results of his treatments. Brady and Kristen talk about their relationship. Jennifer requires emergency medical attention. Eric and EJ have a talk about Nicole and Sami. John walks in on a conversation between Kristen and Marlena.  Jennifer pays Daniel a surprise visit. EJ tries to arrange a menacing plot with Kristen – distract Rafe from Sami!  John feels guilty about something he is withholding from Marlena. Why is Eric suffering from night terrors?


Kristen offers some not-so-sage advice to Chad. Gabi’s caught in a lie. Sami is surprised by EJ’s reaction to her helping with Gabi’s wedding.

What do you think about the coming week? Anything you’re looking forward to? Or maybe not so much? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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