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'General Hospital' Previews: December 17 Edition


Next week on “General Hospital,” Maxie begins to have second thoughts about the surrogacy, Johnny considers telling the truth and the battle for Michael continues between Sonny and AJ.

She’s having a baby (maybe)

Maxie tries to wrap her mind around what’s happening as she visits the embryos in the lab. She tells Spinelli that she thinks she might have only agreed to be the surrogate because she felt so empty after he rejected her. Maxie asks him if they would be together if Ellie wasn’t in the picture. Later, Maxie is surprised when Alexis gives her a legal agreement that Dante and Lulu signed off on, outlining everyone’s responsibilities and obligations for the potential baby. Ellie sees Maxie and Spinelli in a seemingly intimate situation and storms off.

These are my confessions

Johnny tells Diane that he wants to confess to killing Cole and Hope. Connie warns Todd that they’ll both be implicated if Johnny tells the truth. Johnny makes plans with Starr and Carly to tell each of them the truth, but will he go through with it? Todd and Connie each fear for their individual futures if he does and Starr notices that her father is up to his old tricks. Connie prepares to get rid of Johnny and sends Todd an ominous message, but Connie remains cryptic.

Father(s) of Mine

Starr tells Michael she thinks AJ set him up to see Sonny beating him. Michael and Sonny both confront AJ over whether or not he planned everything. Sonny tells Carly about his suspicions and he also tells his ex that he’s convinced AJ will ruin things with Michael without any help from them. AJ and Tracy continue to vie for Sam’s ELQ support and Monica points out that there is someone who can break the tie. AJ and Sonny both invite Michael over for Christmas Eve. Who will he choose?

My Kind of Town

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Patrick watches the video Robin made for him when she’d planned to disappear and she tells him to find someone to love and be a mother to Emma. Liz tells Britt that she doesn’t blame Patrick for being suspicious of her intentions. Sabrina and Felix discover Lucy’s business is floundering while Lucy recalls the Nurses’ Balls of years past with fondness. Later, Lucy drops by the Q’s and argues with Monica and Alice. Kristina makes a decision about her future and Todd and Carly spend Christmas Eve together.

Coming Up: Starr fights Connie to see what she’s hiding, Spinelli has a proposal for Ellie regarding their future, Todd catches Sam going through his office and Lucy pits AJ and Tracy against each other once more.


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