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'Days of our Lives' Previews: December 17 Edition


Next week on Days of our Lives, Sami grows closer to EJ when he reveals a side of himself she rarely sees. Will a talk with Caroline help clarify Sami’s conflicted feelings for Rafe and EJ? Also: Will gets relationship advice from his father, Sonny thinks he’s figured out Will’s secret, and Brady and Kristen’s affair is discovered!


Sami is surprised when she meets up with EJ and sees a room filled with Christmas presents for their children from friends and associates. EJ expresses to Sami his desire for their children to grow up humbly and have empathy for those who are not as fortunate. When Johnny and Sydney arrive, he arranges for them to donate the excess toys to charity. EJ’s sincerity and compassion greatly impresses Sami, as this is a side she rarely sees. When Rafe arrives, even he’s forced to give EJ credit for his charity.

Kristen spots Sami eavesdropping as she’s about to reveal her affair with Brady, and covers her tracks. When Kristen brings up Stefano, Sami blasts him and everything the DiMeras stand for. Sami encourages EJ to continue distancing himself from them and subtly infers he’s on the right track to win her back if he does so. Instead of telling her what she may want to hear, EJ declares that he won’t renounce his family – just the things they do.  EJ says anyone who loves him must accept him as a DiMera, leaving Sami impressed yet again by his conviction.

 Rafe and Sami take a trip down memory lane when he spots her at the pub with Sydney, Caroline and Johnny. When he’s called away, Sami confides in grandmother about her confliction. She admits she feels pulled in two different directions by her feelings for Rafe and EJ. Caroline empathizes with Sami, advising her to be careful with heart and not choose impetuously. When EJ arrives, Sami comforts him as he’s affected by thoughts of Lexie. Rafe returns with a present for Sydney, but leaves dejected when he witnesses EJ and Sami’s connection.


Will confides in his father about his recent issues with Sonny. Lucas lends a sympathetic ear and offers advice. Impacted by his father’s words, Will sets out to find Sonny but is sidetracked when he runs into Eric. Meanwhile, Sonny confides in Chat about his fight with Will. Chad encourages him not to let Gabi destroy their relationship. Lucas pays a visit to Sonny and shares how affected Will is by their tiff and urges him to reach out. After Lucas asks if the fight was about Will borrowing money, Sonny puts the pieces of the puzzle together. When Will shows up to make peace, Sonny tells him he knows the secret!

Will is alarmed by Sonny’s declaration, and is shocked when Sonny tells him he understands. Eventually Will realizes the “secret” Sonny is referring to involves the abortion clinic. Sonny agrees to keep her secret as he and Will agree to move past their differences involving Gabi. The two lovers then plan to spend their first Christmas together as a couple.


Marlena confides in Hope, admitting she’s conflicted about Brady’s relationship with Kristen and whether or not to tell John. Kristen plays Brady with “fears” of their relationship being exposed. Nick and Gabi’s pre-cana sessions with Eric, Marlena and John reveal some interest truths about the state of their relationship. Later, Gabi has a private session with Marlena. Jennifer re-affirms her feelings for Daniel. Lucas accuses Jennifer of disrespecting Jack’s memory by being with Daniel Nicole tells Chad she misses Sydney; Chad volunteers to do something nice for Nicole. Brady and Kristen’s secret affair is no longer a secret after Jennifer spots them together!  Eric continues to be haunted by his past, something Nicole and Caroline pick up on. Chad and Abigail have some light-hearted bonding over their inactive love lives and agree to go on a date. Later, Chad and Abigail grow closer as they deal with their losses. Eric reveals what happened to him in Africa to Nicole. EJ and Chad connect with Abe and Theo  as they mourn for Lexie at her gravesite. Kayla and Abe make plans for the holiday.


Sami is confronted about her romantic indecision. Later, Sami makes plans for New Year’s Eve. Who will it be with – Rafe or EJ? John is shocked by what he sees when he visits Brady. Nicole asks Eric to spend NYE with her.

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