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'Days of our Lives' Previews: January 14 Edition


All hell breaks loose when Chad reveals that Nick is not the father of Gabi’s baby. When Will comes forward as the father, he sets off a chain of events that will cause division is Salem. Also: Marlena and John have an emotional confrontation; Chloe intends to stake her claim on Daniel.

The Truth Comes Out!

Chad reveals during Nick and Gabi’s wedding that Nick is not the father of her baby, sending shockwaves that will permeate through the canvas for the foreseeable future! The announcement brings the wedding to halt, and the fists start flying! Rafe accuses Chad of lying and physically attacks him. Will shocks everyone when he announces he is the father. Will tries to go after Sonny after he leaves upset, but Lucas stops him and demands answers. Nick overhears incriminating information about Will while eavesdropping on Will and Lucas, planning to use what he’s learned to his and Gabi’s advantage. He comforts Gabi and assures her that not all is lost. Later, Will tries to reach out to Sonny but he’s still upset over Will’s secrets. When Will insists he loves Sonny, Sonny admits that though he loves him too, it may not be enough.

Chad feels proud of himself for blowing up Gabi’s life, but Abigail is none too pleased with the young DiMera. He tries to apologize but she’s not having it. Enter Abby’s old flame Cameron. The hunky doc is very protective of Abby and makes it clear that Chad needs to back off. Sami draws Rafe’s ire when she viciously attacks Gabi, accusing her and Nick of trying to screw over Will. After demanding Sami leave his sister alone, Rafe and Sami have an ugly fight, driving Sami right into the arms of EJ. Later, Sami’s past comes back to haunt her when she and Will have heated discussion about what role, if any, he plans to play in his child’s life. Will mistakes of the past be repeated?


Marlena confides in Hope about her troubled marriage. Nicole and Chloe clash over Daniel. Hope comes up with a plan that just may expose who the real Kristen is to Brady. Chloe is shocked to learn that Brady is involved with Kristen. Later, Chloe fumes when she sees Daniel and Jennifer kissing and rebuffs a suggestion to allow Kate to spend time with Parker. Kate tells Jennifer about Chloe’s hooker past. Jennifer decides not to this info, but when Chloe realizes Jennifer knows, she sets her up! Kristen turns the table on Marlena and ends up causing more problems for her and John when he discovers the tape! Eric and Nicole make amends. Kristen realizes the severity of her actions when Cameron tells her Brady could still be suffering from injuries sustained in the mugging.

Marlena and John have an honest, emotional confrontation that leads to John leaving town. Will their marriage survive?

Source Look Ahead: Week of January 21, 2012

EJ offers to help will fight for custody of his child. Abigail and Cameron grow closer. Will EJ and Sami hit the sheets? Rafe and Sami have another heated confrontation. Nick seeks Rafe’s support in case things get ugly with Will. The battle lines are forming in Salem…

What do you think of what’s to come? Anything you’re looking forward to? Or maybe not so much? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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