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‘Raising Hope’ Recap: Lord of the Ring

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If there’s one show on television, that I can’t miss, it’s Raising Hope. It’s a show that always makes me laugh out loud and leaves me smiling at the end of each episode. “Lord Of The Rings” was no exception. 

After watching a commercial about engagement rings, Burt tries to convince Jimmy to buy Sabrina a ring, even though Sabrina claims she doesn’t need one.  He assures Jimmy to trust him on this and do whatever it takes to come up with the money to pay for the ring.  He tells Jimmy the story of how he bought Virginia’s ring, by being an extra on T.J. Hooker.  Jimmy agrees and volunteers to be a guinea pig in medical experiments, by receiving electrical shocks if he gives the wrong answer to a question.

Meanwhile, Virginia’s long lost secret is about to be exposed thanks to Burt and Jimmy.  For years, Virginia has been pawning her engagement ring to Big Judy for extra cash, and then getting it back before Burt notices it missing. While getting ready for bed, Burt notices that Virginia isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Virginia starts to panic and decides to sell more things from the house, to get the ring back, such as, a rare VHS director’s cut of Cujo.

When she returns home, Burt’s noticed the missing prizes and calls the cops, thinking they’ve been robbed. Dying to tell someone, Virginia fills Sabrina in on her secret. What Virginia and Sabrina don’t know is that Jimmy has been eyeing to buy his mom’s engagement ring for Sabrina. He enlists his friend Frank’s help by coming up with the perfect way to propose to Sabrina.

The episode ends with Virginia explaining why she kept pawning her ring and getting it back, because she knew nobody wanted it. Sabrina realizes that the ring is a symbol of Burt and Virginia’s marriage, which makes her realize that she wants a ring of her own to symbolize her love for Jimmy.  Jimmy realizes that she deserves more than his mom’s ring and he arranges a backyard ceremony with Hope holding the ring.

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Favorite Moment: Alice from General Hospital giving Sabrina a wax job

Character We Loved This Week: Virginia. Martha Plimpton proves once again, why she is a brilliant and underrated actress.

Best one liner/quote: Burt naming his testicles Heckly and Schmeckle.

Rating : 4/5


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