‘Days of our Lives’ Teasers: February 4 Edition

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Next on Days of our Lives, Will and Lucas are unaware of the danger Nick poses to their secrets. EJ and Sami establish their relationship; Brady and Kristen go on a double date with Daniel and Jennifer.

Sneak Peeks: Week of Feb. 4, 2013

Nick secretly plots against Will and Lucas, devising a scheme to entrap them and secure evidence of their cover up of EJ’s shooting. Will and Lucas play right into their cousin’s hands when Nick records their conversation. Will and Lucas are rattled when skeletons from their past could be revealed.

Julie tells Gabi about Nick’s difficult time in prison. Will she learn the history behind his scar?

Sami and EJ make love and work to build their relationship on solid grounds. After a serious discussion, they decide to keep their recently renewed relationship a secret. Sami turns to EJ for help with Will’s paternity issues. Can they come up with a plan to help establish Will’s rights?

Rafe and Sami have another ugly confrontation, this time about Sami’s relationship with EJ.

Jennifer tells Chloe she won’t give up Daniel without a fight, a challenge Chloe is all too happy to accept. Chloe tries to weasel info out of Jennifer, who is all too willing to give it up. It looks like Jennifer has finally bested her rival, but will a medical emergency be her undoing?

Kristen tries to convince Brady to take their relationship to the next level and get married! When Brady doesn’t seem to receptive, Kristen steps up her attempts to get what she wants.

Nicole tries to distance herself from Eric in light of Kristen figuring out she’s falling for him, but it only draws Eric’s suspicions. Can Nicole avoid her self-destructive tendencies?

Rafe warns Gabi about Will pushing for custody of their unborn child, noting it’ll only make things worse between them.

Jennifer gets caught in a lie.

DVR Alerts

Tuesday- EJ and Sami decide to take their relationship to the next level

Friday- Daniel and Jennifer go to Chicago for a night out with Brady and Kristen

Source Look Ahead: Feb. 11, 2013 Edition

Two people you would not expect end up in bed together after drowning their sorrows at the bar. Any guesses? Will thinks there may be hope for him and Sonny.



  1. Camilla Banus is a beautiful and talented actress and her’s and Nick’s storyline is the most entertaining right now. Ejami= snoozefest. Watching Samantha screw over yet another man is disgusting.

  2. Love the new site Ryan and great spoilers. I am curious about the February 11th spoilers, and EJAMI finally I am loving it!!

  3. Rafe, Gabi & Nick are very devious and have the adacity to look down on
    EJami who are must more trustworthy.

  4. I think today was Perfect in every way! The writing & acting are superb ! Ejami All The Way Baby!

  5. NO WAY! I love Nicole! She is one of the most entertaining characters on the show. She always manage to touch me either in dramatic scenes or funny ones. On the other hand, The Hernandez family ( Gabi & Rafe ) should be off screen. They are the most BORING characters on DAYS ! I fast-forward all of their scenes. Zzzzzz…Yawn!

  6. Gabi Hernandez aka Gabore get out of my screen. I can’t stand her because Camila Banus. She can’t act and she’s waste of space.

  7. Nicole belongs off screen, she is a pathetic character, always using her miscarriages as excuses..it is awful a miscarriage but there is worse, i am over this character.
    Team Kristen.

  8. Why they don’t give a new love interest to Rafe outside of Sami ?! I am tired of him always being in her orbit, for pete’s sake they gave Ej other love interests and they even made Ej and Sami not sharing scenes for very long periods, why can’t they do the same with Rafe ??? MOVE ON RAFE, get a freaking life..and Days get back Carrie, Emily whatever, let Rafe stop sniffing around Sami for once !

  9. Bet it’s Nicole and Rafe drowning their sorrows. All this sounds so good! I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

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