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‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ Review: Tensions build and relationships change in the Perfect Storm


I think I’ve run out of ways to say that Emily Owens, M.D. is a flawless show, one of my favorites that I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching and that I’m going to be forever sad when it ends next week. But I’m not above repeating myself. This show is perfection and I feel sorry for people who never gave it a chance because they missed out, but I feel even worse for those of us who love it because we’re losing it because we can’t have nice things.

Now that my weekly therapy is out of the way, let’s talk about “Emily and the Perfect Storm.” This episode was so good for so many different reasons that I could probably write five separate reviews and still have things left to say. Starting with the storm itself, a bad snowstorm hit Denver (I hate snow and everything it stands for) and there was a bus crash so all the victims were being brought to Denver Memorial since the roads were closed to the other hospital. The chief told everyone that no matter what their specialty, if they saw someone who needed help, help them. Then he put Emily in charge of triage.

This episode really showed how much Emily has grown as a doctor. She always had the skills or she wouldn’t be there in the first place, but her confidence has improved so much. Can you imagine Emily from the pilot trying to run triage? Character development is just one more thing this show does beautifully. Anyway, Emily took control of the situation and her super organization skills came in handy when she developed a system using the colors of the rainbow to set the order in which people needed to be treated.

One of the patients was a pregnant woman who needed emergency surgery. The chief was operating on her and Tyra was assisting. Things were tense between them because he was mad at her for letting her car run out of gas and she was tired of him treating her like a child. He pointed out that as long as she lived at home, she was a child (ouch). But Tyra called him out on not taking her seriously as a doctor and treating her like a kid instead of a professional and the chief realized that she had a point. I really enjoy their relationship. It’s very realistic with the ups and downs and seeing it change and grow is one more thing I’m going to miss about this show (I’m sorry. I can’t help it).

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t make it even though they managed to save the baby (sometimes the show is depressing, but still realistic). The baby’s father decided he wanted to give the baby up for adoption and the chief and Tyra had a talk with him about how parents never stop seeing their kids as babies even when they’re fully grown and it was a nice father-daughter bonding moment. But Tyra still decided that it was time to strike out on her own or sort of on her own. She asked Emily if she could crash on her couch for a while until she found a place.

Dads were a common theme in the episode. A conversation with another patient who ended up having part of her arm amputated in surgery led to Emily revealing that she’d only met her dad once. Her mother had had an affair with a musician and she took Emily to one of his shows when she was five. The other patient, a Marine who was planning on reenlisting, had kept that a secret from his dad, who was not happy to hear about his plans, but ultimately ended up supporting his son, which was really nice to see. That’s another great thing about this show. Even when it’s depressing, the writers always find a way to leave it on a hopeful note so I never feel completely gutted after watching it and that’s appreciated it.

There was more drama between Dr. Bandari and Dr. Aquino in this episode as well. Have I mentioned how hot these two are and how this is one more reason I’m forever sad/angry/bitter that the show was canceled? I probably have, but like I said, I don’t mind repeating myself. The two had another moment during surgery where all they had to do was exchange a few looks to know what the other was thinking, but things really got interesting when everyone was in the bar afterward. Micah spotted them together and immediately picked up on the fact that things were way more than just friendly between them. He called out AJ for the affair and he was not happy that he went to bat for him at risk to his own reputation when he didn’t have all the facts.

Was it just me or was AJ kind of a jackass here? (A hot jackass, but still a jackass). He basically told Micah that Dr. Bandari was still wrong and she was letting personal feelings get in the way. Micah was not amused and their bromance might have hit a snag, which is too bad because I’m very much enjoying it. Bromance is always one of my favorite things on a show and since we’re clearly never going to get one between Will and Micah, I was happy that we had this one for a few episodes. AJ teasing Micah about his slowly developing relationship with Emily (more on that soon) was hilarious and Micah’s defensive responses about the poster were too cute.

Speaking of, I saved my favorite part for last. There were some major developments in the love triangle (square?). You guys, Team Will took a major hit in this episode or several of them, depending on where you fall on the Will/Cassandra relationship. As the episode opened, Cassandra was still upset about Emily getting the research job over her, but more than that, she was upset by Will being close to Emily since Emily is in love with him. Will insisted there was nothing going on between them and then went to have a talk with Emily (Will, honey, sometimes you make it hard to love you). Emily quickly pointed out that she was over him and Will was surprised by that and seemingly a little put off (okay, I love you again because Justin Hartley has the best facial expressions).

Will told Cassandra that Emily was over him and she still seemed doubtful, but she tried to go about her life. However, when it came time to drill the marine’s skull open (go ahead and shudder, it was horrifying), Cassandra asked Emily to do it, which was very unlike her, something even Emily commented on. Cassandra tried to blow it off, but it was obvious her confidence was shaken (Again, wonderful character development showing us how her insecurities developed over the course of the show).

Micah was also taking an active interest in whether or not Emily was truly over Will (can we take a minute to talk about how seriously adorable Michael Rady is? All his scenes make me smile). But once again, each time he tried to make a move on Emily, someone or something interrupted him and it was usually Will. The two were helping Emily move into her new office/storage closet and there was some lingering tension between them, which was fun to watch. Micah gave Emily the aforementioned poster to brighten things up and Emily told Micah how much she likes having him around and how much better he makes her life, which feels strange since she hasn’t known him that long (aw, you guys!).

One of the accident victims was a blind man with a seeing-eye dog and the dog was sick. He asked Emily to take a look at him and she tried to resist, but couldn’t. Then she got Will to help her treat the dog in her office/storage closet. Afterward, she thanked him and he told her that it wasn’t the dog’s sad eyes that made him want to help, it was hers (aw, you guys!). But then Cassandra saw Will coming out of the office and she was not happy again (I’m not a fan of Cassandra in general, but I get where she’s coming from here. Will’s not doing a good job hiding his feelings for Emily and he’s supposed to be in a relationship with Cassandra).

The final straw came for Cassandra when the doctors were passing around Emily’s phone at the bar to see pictures of the dog and Cassandra discovered the picture of Will sleeping on Emily’s couch, complete with the date stamp so she knows he lied to her about what he was doing that night. She took him aside and called him out on it and Will explained and then said he didn’t want to upset her. She told him that he was ruining her confidence and making her second guess herself and he needed to choose between him and Emily. He hesitated and that was enough for her to end their relationship.

Meanwhile, Micah caught up with Emily outside and the two continued to flirt and be adorable and then Micah finally went for it and kissed her! Look how adorable these two are (and thank goodness for Tumblr since the CW only provided one still for this episode):

But of course their moment was interrupted, first by Will, who wanted to complain about Cassandra dumping him. Emily was still trying to process the kiss and she might have been attempting to tell Will that she was busy, but then Tyra came out and wanted to go home with her new roommate. As Tyra led Emily away, she glanced back and saw Will and Micah standing there, watching her go and it was pretty much the perfect ending to lead into the finale (cries) next week. Again, I wish I had a still, but I couldn’t find anything on Tumblr. I do want to add this one though and point out that you should never count that smile out of the game:

So what do you guys think? Does Will still have a shot with Emily? Will he realize that he actually wants one? Is anyone still on Team Will with me? Hit the comments below and feel free to leave plenty of Team Micah gushing because I loved their scenes too. Ultimately, I am Team Emily and happy with whatever makes her happy. In the meantime, I will let Rebekah speak for me as to how I’m feeling right now knowing there is only one episode left. See you next week!

Mandy Treccia
Mandy Treccia has served as TVSource Magazine’s Executive Editor since 2016, formerly as Editorial Director from 2012-2016. She is an avid TV watcher and card carrying fan girl prone to sudden bursts of emotion, ranging from extreme excitement to blind rage during her favorite shows and has on more than once occasion considered having a paper bag on hand to get her through some tough TV moments. Her taste in TV tends to rival that of a thirteen-year-old girl, but she’s okay with that.

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  1. Yikes! Do you only watch shows with attractive people? If I do, I would not be watching any since I don’t think most actors are super attractive. I watch shows for content. With that said, I think Michael Rady is super adorable as Micah Barnes. Initially, yes, I did not think he would take such a lead role in the show. Now, I can’t get enough of his scenes. In fact, I would be ecstatic if Micah and Emily scenes are the only ones they show. He is such a convincing actor and a good-looking one, too. He totally brought Micah to life and made many female viewers love him. This is coming from someone who did not know who Michael Rady was before. Now he has a fan for life, and I hope he picks another adorable role like Micah.

  2. Yes, it’s really canceled. That was very irresponsible of the CW to put “season” instead of “series” in the promo.

  3. Do you thinks it’s really cancelled? Maybe they changed their mind and will bring it back in the summer or fall. The preview said the season finale not series!! Let’s hope!

  4. Nah, Will is too Clark Kent and dumb. He lost his chance with Emily, let him suffer for a couple of episodes. (oh yah there IS only one more sob!)
    Things are being rushed with Micah, sad again as there is a deadline, but I am excited for next week when surely integrity, honesty and pure adoruability will put Micah together with Emily……or…….she will end the series alone, but happy and strong!

  5. Great review.. it’s as if we watched together… I have this mantra going on… Pick Me Up after Emily Owens MD. I will always have this in my head what happens with the interns and Micah and Dr. Bendari and Dr. Aquino… there’s a lot to tell… a lot of stories and character to build… how could they ( the one cancelling the show) do this to us? will forever be sad about it…

  6. I think this type of comment is inappropriate. Who says that every actor on television has to be a supermodel? It isn’t as if Michael is Quasimodo- he is an attractive and normal looking guy- in fact better looking than your average attainable male. In the same vein I don’t need to watch television that only features drop dead gorgeous women that most can never aspire to look like. I’d rather watch a show with good actors who can tell a story any day.

  7. Yeah that’s what I was thinking, it could be another dream… I still have hope(not that Will is such a bad option.) got my fingers crossed ;)

  8. Thank you! Next Tuesday will be a dark day. I love Micah too and if the show was going to go on longer, I’d want her to pick him. And she very well might. But I just really like the idea of Emily getting Will after waiting so many years for him to see her as the fabulous person she is.

  9. Yay! Team Will fans unite! This really is the best show and I totally agree. If it was going on 5-7 seasons, I’d want to see Emily and Micah explored more and give Will a chance to catch up and see what he’s missing. But as a viewer, I think he really does like her, probably always has and just wasn’t able to see it until pushed. Basically, everything you said. I completely agree.

  10. Ouch. While I’m not as attracted to him as I am to Justin (he’s my favorite ever), I do think he’s adorable and I love how sweet Micah is with Emily. Plus, I’ve interviewed Michael Rady and he is incredibly sweet and funny. I agree on the blood though. I tend to look away from that.

  11. I saw that preview too and I agree it looks like Will, but it could easily be misleading as in that’s not the big final moment. CW promos are tricky that way.

  12. Loved the episode and totally love the show!!! I am so so sad it got cancelled.

    The writing is smart and terrific. Each episode has shown real character growth.

    I thought Emily and Micah were great in this episode. They have excellent chemistry and the poster scene and the scene where he comforts her as she cries were magical! He is so damn sweet!

    That being said, I am on Team Will! Sure will has not a damn shred of self-awareness but it should be obvious to the viewer that he cares deeply for Emily. We have been given ample evidence of how he opens up to her, how he rushes to do things for her(build her bookshelf), how he pushes her out of her comfort zone(the party, getting her to preform cello at said party). And some of the things he says to her, “I wish you could see you the way I see you” and the line about her eyes tonight. Sure he is an oblivious idiot in some ways but his feelings are real.

    This triangle reminds me of Noel/Felicity/Ben from Felicity. Like Noel, Micah is the perfect guy. To me though, her dynamic with flawed Will and all their history is more compelling.

    If the show had continued I would have loved to see characters brought in from their med school and learn more about their dynamic then. But alas, we will never get that. :(

  13. I like Justin Hartley, Mamie Gummer and the new doctor. I felt disgusted by all the blood and surgery. If the dork who was the protagonist of Melrose Place is “seriously adorable”, why was that show cancelled after less than one season last year and why is this show being cancelled in less than one season? Few persons agree that he is adorable. Few want to watch him do any activity, especially kissing. CW should stop expecting viewers to watch ugly males.

  14. I really love this episode! There was so much going on that this post helped me narrow it down. Anyways I think Will doesn’t realize that he has feelings for Emily until next episode because he will probably be jealous of Micah. I just love seeing the chemistry between Emily and Micah, they are so adorable!!! I just wish that we had an opportunity of see how that relationship would grow :,( So many feeling mixed. I just don’t want it to end but I can’t wait until next episode!! Team Micah forever!!! And I agree Micah make me wish I was Emily every Tuesday.

    I just saw the preview for next week and Emily opens the door it’s Will(because of the height and glasses that you could tell) who is standing on the other side!!!!!!

    I will be sooooooooo mad if she ends up with him!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Great post! I am firmly team Micah (not that Justin isn’t gorgeous and terrific) but Micah just makes me wish I was Emily Owens every Tuesday night. I am so sad that more people didn’t give this show a chance but I am angry that CW didn’t give it the chance it deserved. Next Tuesday will be a very dark day.

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