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‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Lovesick Blues


Bluebell was in crisis mode (again) this week on Hart of Dixie after Zoe received a call from the health department warning that a flu epidemic was heading straight for them. Since Brick was out of town, Zoe was the ‘captain of the ship’ and she teamed up with Lavon to try and nip the problem in the bud before it got out of control in “Lovesick Blues.”

This episode was hilarious. I’m sure I sound like a broken record at this point, but Season 2 is awesome and I love how funny every episode is. In addition to the main flu storyline, there were several other things happening in Bluebell. Rose was excited for an out of town concert that her parents were letting her go to, Magnolia was planning a house party since she was home alone, Lemon was preparing to take things to the next level with Walt, George was helping Lavon film a commercial for the town and Zoe was not happy when she learned that Wade failed to mention that his ex-girlfriend would be part of his band reunion.

I want to start with George because after being super hard on him last season (come on, he was awful), he’s completely turned it around this season and he’s fun to watch. George had a very complicated idea for the town commercial that included an outrageous budget and a Taylor Swift cameo, but he agreed to still make it awesome for the limited resources Lavon had to offer. He donned a pair of sunglasses, recruited a bunch of people to help and proceeded to order everyone around, which was so funny. However, he wasn’t thrilled with Lavon’s choice for a costar.

The mayor insisted on Annabeth being his costar and she accepted, even though she told Cricket that nothing could happen between them since it violates girl code. But as the two spent more time together, it was pretty obvious they each had feelings for the other. Annabeth decided that she needed to drop out of the commercial so she lied and told Lavon that she was coming down with the flu. He was too distracted to finish the commercial and then he headed to her place to take care of her. The scenes were super adorable, even if I don’t love the idea of these two being a couple (nothing personal, but I feel like Lavon/Lemon will be the story and Annabeth will be left out and I like her and want her to be happy).

Annabeth literally ran away before Lavon could kiss her and then she spent some time helping a panicked Lemon prepare for her night with Walt. Lemon repeatedly told Annabeth that she was the best and she was a good friend, which only made Annabeth feel guiltier for what had almost happened with Lavon. By the time Walt actually showed up for the date, Lemon had a full on case of the flu, but she continued trying to hide it until she nearly passed out from being dizzy. Walt was a gentleman and stayed to take care of her, which was super sweet (Again, can’t really get too invested in this pairing for the same reasons as above). But after leaving Lemon, Annabeth went to tell Lavon that nothing could happen between them and they ended up sharing a major kiss.

Meanwhile, Magnolia’s one and only guest for her big house party turned out to be Rose because everyone else in town had already come down with the flu. Rose was stuck in Bluebell because of the quarantine and she tried to leave, but Magnolia insisted she stay because she wanted to have a party. But then Magnolia got sick too and Rose called Zoe, begging her to help because Magnolia was basically holding her hostage Stephen King movie style. The next day when Magnolia recovered from her delirium, she told Zoe that she’d had a nightmare she was friends with Rose, who replied that this was the last time she was going to save her life.

While Zoe spent most of the episode taking care of the sick people in town, Wade was out of town for his band reunion and since he’d never had a flu shot, he couldn’t come back. His ex-girlfriend attempted to seduce him, but Wade reminded her that he was with Zoe and then he snuck back into Bluebell, bringing the flu virus with him. Zoe learned he was back from Wanda and she hurried over to his place, breaking a window to let herself in. Wade was a mess and Zoe wasn’t happy that he’d rather let her think he was cheating than admit that he was back and sick. But Wade doesn’t like people taking care of him so he was rude to Zoe and she ended up leaving.

Eventually, Dr. Hart succumbed to the flu and passed out, only to wake up in her bed with Wade by her side. He promised that was going to take care of her, even as Zoe tried to tell him that she needed to take care of the rest of the town. Wade brings her soup and threatens to feed her intravenously since he learned from a You Tube video if she gives him a hard time. These two are beyond adorable.

Did you enjoy the episode? Which lovesick couple was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below and I will see you back here next week.

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