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‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ Review: Teapots, Competitions and Choices


As much as I actively try not to think about it, the fact that Emily Owens, M.D. is almost over forever has really started to hit me and it makes me so sad. This show is one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching and I’m incredibly disappointed in The CW for not giving it a real chance. I know most networks live and die by ratings, but The CW has always had a different scale than most and it’s incredibly baffling to me that they gave up on this gem of a show so quickly.

In “Emily and the Teapot,” Emily has found new confidence now that she realizes Will has feelings for her, even if he hasn’t admitted it yet. She tells Tyra that her plan is to just sit back and wait for Cassandra to implode because sooner or later, the jealousy will get to be too much for her and she will reveal her true colors to Will. Judging by some of Cassandra’s bratty behavior in the episode, it seems like Emily has a point (my favorite was when Will and Emily exchanged smiles in a patient room and Cassandra went to stand in front of Will as if to block him from Emily’s sight, even though she’s like a foot shorter than him).

But Will wasn’t the only thing the two doctors were battling over in the episode. Dr. Bandari needed to pick a research assistant and Cassandra, Emily and Will were the candidates since they received the highest grades on their in-service exams. First, she asked each of them to tell her why he or she would be the ideal candidate. Each of them gave a speech about their strengths and afterward, Dr. Bandari looked at them and said, “I didn’t expect you to go on so long about yourselves.” She’s the best. But her next question was much more brutal. She wanted to know what the other doctor’s faults were.

Will had the unlucky opportunity to go first and he struggled for a moment and then said Cassandra was too ambitious and she wasn’t a team player. He said Emily got too emotionally involved and it was a liability. Emily pointed out that Will was passionate, but his hero complex went too far and clouded his judgment and he was too impatient. She agreed with Will’s assessment of Cassandra not being a team player. Cassandra quickly jumped in with Emily’s faults, including how awkward she is in social situations and then she pointed out that Will had the lowest grade and he’d only done well because she’d carried him, just like Emily had carried him through med school (Ouch). Dr. Bandari agreed and dismissed Will and then he and Cassandra fought in the hallway while Emily did her best not to laugh (It’s okay, Em; you’ve earned the right to gloat a little).

Speaking of Dr. Bandari, things were still (hotly) tense between her and Dr. Aquino. He hinted that she was keeping him out of the OR on purpose, but she pointed out that it’s been a year since he’s operated and it wasn’t time for him to go back. However, Dr. Bandari needed someone in surgery with her that had more experience than an intern and since Micah was busy, she had no choice but to bring AJ in with her. The two worked seamlessly together (and holy eye sex, Batman!). It’s pretty clear that AJ is still interested and Gina seems to be too, even if she keeps reminding him that she’s married (I want to take a moment and once again curse the fact that this show is canceled because I want to see more of these two. There is so much storyline potential here).

Meanwhile, Joyce was back at the hospital and mentioned to Micah that she’d checked and it was totally okay for a resident to date an intern. He was horrified, but she told him not to worry because she didn’t say she was talking about him and he pointed out that she was his mother. Micah more or less told her to stay out of it and walked away angry, which is never a good idea. Later, Joyce was brought in and needed emergency surgery and Micah was upset and beating himself up over the fight they’d had. Emily stayed by his side the whole time she was in surgery and luckily, Joyce came through okay (Can we take a minute to talk about how awesome Michael Rady was in this (and every other) episode? I might be Team Will, but even I was rooting for him to kiss Emily several times and I just wanted to hug him when he was so scared for his mom).

But it was actually another patient who ended up changing Emily’s perspective on everything. He was brought in after getting hurt while doing stunts and it eventually turned out that he had a heart murmur. His best friend was with him and Emily picked up on the fact that he was in love with him and she bonded with the patient over unrequited love. Then there was this amazing moment (and I cannot praise this show enough for making me care just as much about patients as I do the main characters) when the best friend admitted that he knew the patient was in love with him and he was okay with it; it wasn’t going to change their friendship. But the patient told him that this wasn’t enough for him anymore. He wanted to be someone’s choice (and that’s when I started crying).

Emily headed to the fundraiser the hospital was throwing for Dr. Bandari’s new research project and got there just in time to see herself behaving awkwardly in the tribute video the doctors made for Dr. Bandari. Tyra, Will and Cassandra joined her and as they were teasing her, Dr. Bandari came over and told them she’d made her decision and Emily was her research assistant. Cassandra was mad and demanded to know why and Dr. Bandari explained that her emotions were good because she cared about the patients and caring led to asking questions, which led to answers. Cassandra still wasn’t satisfied with that and went off on Emily again before storming away.

Tyra wanted to do a champagne toast to her friend and Will promised he’d be right back; he wanted to check on Cassandra. Emily was upset and asked if he really needed to go and he said he did as soon as he walked away, Emily told Tyra she was done. She was done waiting and hoping because she wanted to be someone’s first choice (Again, I might be Team Will, but I pretty much applauded Emily from my couch at this point. She’s awesome and she does deserve to be someone’s first choice).

Later, Emily and Micah headed to the roof with a bottle of champagne to celebrate his mother’s successful surgery and her new job. She told Micah that she was done with Will and repeated what she’d told Tyra about wanting to be someone’s first choice. Micah looked hopeful and it seemed like he was going to make a move, but then Tyra showed up and she was upset because Molly had rejected her and she needed comfort (terrible timing, Tyra, terrible).

But now that the wheels are really turning in Micah’s head, it seems like he’s going to make a move and I’m excited about that. I’ve said it before, but this is one of the best triangles ever because both sides are so well developed. I do agree with the argument that Will doesn’t deserve Emily at this point. He doesn’t. He had his chance and he blew it and he’s hurt her and Micah has been wonderful from Day 1.

On the other hand, since there are only two episodes left and Emily has spent years being in love with Will, I want to see him come around and tell her that he wants to be with her. Maybe she’ll choose him, maybe she won’t, but I really hope the series ends with Emily having the option because she deserves to be everyone’s first choice (Also, if she chooses Micah, can I have Will? Who do I talk to about that?).

Did you enjoy this episode? Are you as devastated and heartbroken as I am that we only have two episodes left? Share your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll see you back here next week.

Mandy Treccia
Mandy Treccia has served as TVSource Magazine’s Executive Editor since 2016, formerly as Editorial Director from 2012-2016. She is an avid TV watcher and card carrying fan girl prone to sudden bursts of emotion, ranging from extreme excitement to blind rage during her favorite shows and has on more than once occasion considered having a paper bag on hand to get her through some tough TV moments. Her taste in TV tends to rival that of a thirteen-year-old girl, but she’s okay with that.

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  1. Love watching Emily Owens, so sorry to hear they won’t be continuing it!!!!!!

  2. I am equally as devastated as you – I hope another network picks it up, but I am doubtful. It has been a long time since I really cared about a show this much. I could not wait for each episode. I am sorry the season was so short. The CW really should have given it a full season to find its audience….because it would have, it had everything going for it – fine acting, humour, excellent story lines both with the patients and the interns and doctors. …at least I found the final show satisfying – I loved the ending, my romantic heart wanted it to be so… I hope they will put these 13 episodes on DVD so I can tune in when I need an Emily fix!!! :-(

  3. Mandy Treccia gushes about Emily Owens on CW network, but never mentions that it has mostly attractive females and mostly unattractive males. That pattern is repeated on most shows on CW and other networks. They oddly believe that male viewers care whether actresses are attractive and that female viewers do not care if male actors are ugly. I like plot involving Justin Hartley and Mamie Gummer. Most other plot was boring and annoying. The same ugly man who was the star of Melrose Place was startlingly given a role on Emily Owens. I stopped watching Melrose Place because I felt annoyed by the artifice of an ugly male being surrounded by beautiful females who craved him. Then, there he was on another show, pretending to be attractive. If TVSource Magazine wants to retain readers, it should stop allowing its employees to delete posts with which they disagree. This will be my next to last visit if this is deleted.

  4. This show is amazing!vive signed every petition that I could find! I hope it doesn’t get canceled!!

  5. I really love this show! I can’t wait to see it every week! I wish they would give it another chance.

  6. So angry ….this and mob doctor were awesome shows…I’m confused. I guess the decisions have to ratings driven,,,,so what is that saying about Americans and the crap they would prefer to watch….

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