‘General Hospital’ Previews: Jan. 28 Edition

AJ and Michael continue to battle Tracy for control of ELQ, Anna and Sabrina join the search for Emma and Kevin Collins returns to Port Charles to help Lucy with her vampire issues next week on General Hospital.

Family Business

AJ offers Tracy a deal after he and Michael present her with the proof that she used mob money to finance ELQ. After Tracy wishes AJ luck, AJ hires Duke to work at ELQ and then celebrates his success with Michael. Later, Michael tells Starr that he doesn’t believe Tracy will just roll over. A story breaks in The Sun that could ruin everything and AJ and Michael immediately question Connie about her source. AJ bonds with Elizabeth and reconsiders finding a way to make sure ELQ can fun the Nurses’ Ball.

Baby Come Back

Anna issues an AMBER alert for Emma and Patrick is upset that she went missing on Britt’s watch. Sabrina goes toe to toe with Britt and ignores her threats as she warns her that nothing better have happened to Emma because of her. Patrick no longer wants anything to do with Britt and the doctor makes it clear to Sabrina that she blames her for making her look like she was the reason for Emma’s disappearance.

Doctor, Doctor

Kevin Collins returns, unable to stay away from his estranged wife Lucy. He meets John and Sam, who tell him that Lucy has mistaken them for ‘Caleb’ and ‘Livvie.’ Todd and Lucy run into each other at Ferncliff and wonder if they can use the other to break out. Someone else also mistakes John and Sam for Caleb and Livvie and Lucy is delighted when she sees Kevin.

Around Town

Maxie considers telling Spinelli everything when she learns that he and Ellie are through. Alexis is devastated when her daughter is taken to jail. Michael and Starr beg Connie to drop the charges and Connie lets Starr know that Todd is using DID as an excuse. Molly runs into Rafe while at the pier with Danny and later TJ finds Molly mooning over A Streetcar Named Desire.

Looking Ahead

For the week of Feb. 4, Mac and Felicia are reunited with Kevin, Britt gives Maxie and ultimatum, Olivia tries to convince Connie to go easy on Kristina, Anna finds herself on the wrong end of a gun and Luke blackmails Carly.


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