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‘Days of our Lives’ Previews: January 28 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, with nothing left to hold them back, Sami and EJ finally make love. Also: Nicole targets Kristen, Daniel and Jennifer plan a night of romance and Sonny kisses another boy!

3 Words (It Was Those…)

Sami realizes she needs to be truthful with EJ and tell him that she planned to reunite with Rafe before their falling out at the wedding. Unfortunately for Sami, Rafe beats her to the punch and tells EJ first. Rafe is set on the warpath when Nick tells him of Sami’s continued harassment of Gabi. Across town, Sami makes a heartfelt confession to EJ and comes clean. EJ tells Sami that he doesn’t care what “almost” happened; he wants to focus on the right now. One kiss leads to another and they are about to make love when an angry Rafe shows up at Sami’s. Rafe declares he couldn’t’ care less about EJ and Sami being together. He warns Sami to leave his sister alone — or she’ll have to deal with his wrath. After Rafe departs, Sami and EJ pick up where they left off. Sami tells EJ that she’s seen both men for who they truly are, and that makes her choice crystal clear. She kisses EJ and the two finally make love.

All Eyes on Kristen

Nicole sets her sights on Kristen, determined to put an end to her hold on Brady. She blasts Kristen for causing a rift in the Black family, especially the fallout between Eric and Brady. Un-amused by Nicole’s actions, Kristen viciously throws Nicole’s own troublesome past in her face. Their confrontation nears a catfight but Brady arrives in time to break it up. Nicole comes up with a plan. As if dealing with Nicole wasn’t enough, Kristen also has to contend with a frustrated Marlena who demands to know how long she intends to torture her step-son.

Later, Nicole attempts to frame Kristen for corporate espionage. She plants top-secret Titan files from Brady’s computer onto Kristen’s. Nicole’s forced to hide when Brady and Kristen return early, but it looks like her plan may have worked. Before Kristen discovers Nicole, Brady discovers the files, and despite his reservations, confronts Kristen about it. She leaves offended at his accusations. They realize they were played against each other. Brady confronts Nicole, allowing just enough room for her to hang herself before he exposes her schemes. Unfortunately for Brady, it’s not the last trouble he runs into.

Marlena confesses to Brady about her plan to bring down Kristen. When Brady realizes he was lied to about the torn-up note, he confronts Kristen. She deflects his anger with her own, claiming to be upset and hurt that he doesn’t trust her. Brady apologizes and the fall into bed yet again. As they make love, the line between reality and fiction begins to blur for Kristen.

Also Next Week:

Daniel calls Chloe out on her true motives. Hope lends a supportive ear to Jen, who is determined to romance Daniel in spite of Chloe. Brian uses Will and Sonny’s estrangement as an opportunity to make a move on Sonny.  Kate is heartbroken when she learns Billie’s reasons for leaving Salem. Nick isn’t pleased when Gabi agrees to postpone their wedding because of Rafe. Will is devastated when he sees Sonny and Brian kissing. He’s even more devastated when Brian tells him he had sex with Sonny. Hope is evasive when Rafe asks her about Bo. Nick finds proof of Lucas and Will’s cover-up. Will and Chad make up.

Source Look Ahead: Feb. 4, 2013 Edition

Sami and EJ continue to move toward a stable foundation for their relationship and agree to keep it a secret for now. Nick puts his sinister plan into motion. Will makes a heartbreaking admission to Sonny. Is there any hope for a reunion for those two?

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  1. I wonder why EJ & Sami are keeping their relationship a secret? How can they when Lucas and Rafe both have seen/will see them together?
    Gawd I love this =)

  2. I hope Sonny will find out about the lie Brian tells Will about them having sex. If he is all about honesty and hating lies, then he should not like it that Brian is doing the same thing. I did not like Brian when he was first on the show because he seemed like he was a player and just out for what he could get. I think he will end up using Sonny just for sex. I hope Will is going to fight for Sonny because they are meant to be together. Brian is just a rebound fling for Sonny, nothing serious. At least that is how I see it.

  3. Thanks, Ryan! These are sound so good and so soapy. Of course, I’m wild about the Ejami spoilers, but I’m loving all the intrigue in Bristen, the custody battle, and Wilson. The show has been awesome these past few weeks!

  4. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE It ALL sounds so good! Days is kickin it into high gear. =)

  5. I love Ej and Sami but Ej is seriously too easy on her..he forgive her just like that, really ?

  6. This WilSon breakup is really scaring me.

  7. i hope will punch brain in front of sonny and tell brain off and fight for sonny to ruscure him like night shinning amour

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