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‘Days of our Lives’ Previews: February 4 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, Kristen begins the next phase of her plan…getting Brady to walk down the aisle. Also: Rafe and Sami have a nasty fight over her sexual liaison with EJ; Jennifer one-ups Chloe; Will makes a painful admission to Sonny.

Convincing a Guy to Marry You (So You Can Dump Him at Your Wedding)

Marlena’s words inspires Kristen to take her revenge to the next level — she decides to leave Brady at their wedding, just as John left her! Her plans to talk Brady into marriage hit a snag when he laughs when she brings up the subject. Persistent, she continues pressing the idea, even going as far as suggesting they elope when Brady says he doesn’t want to rub their happiness in Marlena and John’s faces. Kristen decides to use their date in Chicago with Daniel & Jennifer as a way to reel Brady in.

Don’t Talk About This Love (The Less They Know, the Less They Judge)

EJ and Sami reflect on the future of their relationship after making love. They decide that building a solid foundation is important, and decide to keep it a secret. Their decision is validated when Brady flips out when learning of Sami’s reunion with EJ. Meanwhile, Johnny inadvertently implies to Rafe that Sami and EJ spent the night together. Caroline tries to encourage Rafe to fight, but he admits he can’t go back to Sami after the way she’s treated Gabi.

Rafe and Sami have an ugly fight when he forces her to admit that she slept with EJ. When their fight turns towards Will and Gabi, Sami warns Rafe that Will may want more than just partial custody — and he’d win because of Nick’s past. Later, Sami urges Will to get a paternity test and take the first steps in establishing his legal rights.

Also Next Week

John tracks Stefano down in Europe and confronts him about Kristen. Chloe uses Parker to ruin Daniel and Jennifer’s romantic evening. Daniel’s livid when everything is ok, but forgets all about it when Parker calls him “Daddy”. Cameron and Abby have a nice breakfast date. Nick overhears Rafe telling Gabi that Nick’s past could hurt her case in a custody battle.

Julie accidentally tells Gabi that Nick was almost murdered in prison. Later, Nick has harrowing memories of his incarceration. Nicole’s scheme to frame Kristen gets her in legal trouble thanks to Victor. When Will gives Sonny back the key to his apartment. Before he goes, Will painfully admits he was willing to give up his own child so he wouldn’t lose Sonny. Lucas receives an anonymous text message that states Will shot EJ. Jennifer seeks advice on how to deal with Chloe from Nicole. Later, Jennifer sets her plan into motion. Will a real medical emergency from Parker be her undoing? Lucas and Will discuss who could be trying to blackmail them about EJ’s shooting, unaware that Nick is secretly recording their conversation.

Kristen gets into Nicole’s head, taunting her about her growing feelings for Eric. Can Nicole resist her self-destructive tendencies?

Source Look Ahead: February 11, 2013 Edition

Sami finds a small box… Will gets an unexpected gift from Sonny on Valentine’s Day. Rafe’s drunken night out to drown his troubles with EJ and Sami leads to an unexpected and shocking hook up. And we do mean shocking!

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  1. Euh Jennifer asking help from Nicole ? wtf ?!!
    Caroline give it up, i thought you did not want taking sides in Sami’s love life..and the writing inconsistency..

    I have to admit Nick is good pretty good at what he does..
    Kate and Rafe…ok…lol

  2. And take his sister Gabi with him.

  3. Are Rafe and Hope going to sleep together? Because that would be hilarious (and kind of gross). Yay! :D

  4. Wishing Rafe would get the hell out of Salem for good!

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