‘Days of our Lives’ Teasers: February 18 Edition

Photo: NBC

Next week on Days of our Lives, Gabi and the baby’s life could be at risk! Also: EJ has questions for Rafe about Kate.

Sneak Peeks: Week of February 18, 2012

Rafe thinks he knows what happened to Nick in prison.

Jennifer shows up at Daniel’s doorstep to apologize.

Nicole thinks there’s nothing left for her in Salem.

A prison inmate from Nick’s past is released.

Eric is in grave danger.

Gabi is hit with pains and is rushed to the hospital.

EJ questions Rafe about Kate.

Chloe manipulates her way into moving in with Daniel.

Eric wonders if Nicole may have lingering feelings for Lucas.

EJ stands up for Sami when no one else will.

The Horton women have terse words for Chloe.

DVR Alerts

Tuesday- Brady and Kristen agree to move in together

Friday- Sonny reads Will’s undelivered Valentine’s Day card

Source Look Ahead: February 25 Edition

Sami stands her ground with Nick, ready to use whatever’s in her arsenal to ensure Will’s rights are respected.



  1. DAYS is getting so exciting because of the romance between EJami. Their acting is so
    real. The only romance on the show that makes perfect sense.

  2. The REAL SAMI BRADY never needed anyone to stand up for her… this show is going downhill so fast. :(

  3. And Eric come on Nicole never loved Lucas..just never, she used him, humiliated him, cheated on him (with Eric by the way..lol), schemed against him but loved him ? Nah.. She even tried to make him a drunken man who beat his wife..lol

  4. Cool for once Sami is written in character, she screwed up, she plot (let’s hope) can be irrational, is once again a blacksheep and yet she is not totally wrong (Nick and Gabby are not innocent victims either) ah and she has the right guy who don’t judge her (and is not better than her) by her side !

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