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Susan Lucci, David Canary Return To ‘All My Children’

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, after months of speculation and rumors; Susan Lucci has agreed to reprise her role as All My Children’s Erica Kane on Prospect Park’s new continuation later this spring! At the same time actor David Canary is also returning to the soap as the lovable villain Adam Chandler as well as his twin brother Stuart.

Soaps In Depth broke the news yesterday after noon. Lucci has agreed, at least initially, to a one episode reprisal in an effort to help launch the show. Canary is set to be featured on a regular basis.

My Take: Thank you soap baby Jesus that Susan Lucci decided to return for an episode! This was definitely needed to help launch the series that was so defined by Lucci and the character of Erica Kane. Having her back for an episode is great news! Would I like it to be more? Of course I would, but for now I am happy with her just coming back, making an appearance and leaving the door wide open for another eventual return down the road.  I was really worried that this appearance wouldn’t happen right away so I am glad they got everything worked out.

Canary on the other hand is an amazing get. Neither Adam nor Stuart need to “DRIVE” story, but the two do need to be in town and involved in their families life, with all that is coming up for JR and AJ, he is definitely a vital piece of the puzzle that Prospect Park needed for the new iAMC. Overall I am really excited, and as we near closer to the February 25 production date I am sure we will hear a lot more exciting news in the days ahead, and I for one will be staying tuned to find out what happens next!


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