Michael Easton, Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson to Cease Work at ‘General Hospital’ on February 8

Photo: ABC

Former One Life to Live stars turned General Hospital stars Michael Easton (John), Roger Howarth (Todd), Kristen Alderson (Starr) will cease work at GH on Friday, February 8.

UPDATE 12:56PM: Soap Opera Digest confirms that Howarth and Alderson will exit as well. In addition, Prospect Park intends to recast the roles of Todd, Starr and John after failing to work out a contract with the stars.

Original Report: As previously reported, due to legal issues surrounding GH’s usage of One Life to Live characters John McBain, Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) and Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson), Easton (and presumably Howarth and Alderson) will exit General Hospital this month. Easton posted the following message on his Facebook page, commenting publicly for the first time on the issues involving his status and future at GH.

[textblock style=”6″]I heard a rumor of some lovely people who were going to stop by the studio for a certain riff raff’s birthday. Some others who wanted to deliver a cake. Even more wonderful folks who wanted to send cards and treats and I want you to know I am incredibly humbled by these gestures but unfortunately I will not be around to enjoy them. I’ve been informed, that due to some ongoing legal this and that, I cannot be at “General Hospital” after February 8th and since I know many of you go to great trouble to do something special, I just don’t want to see anybody’s efforts go to waste (especially the lovely person who always sneaks in the fine Irish Whiskey). If it’s not too bold, may I suggest a donation to The American Cancer Society instead. Then some good will have come out of this…

…Miss you guys already.


An hour later he posted an update, apologizing if he upset any fans.

[textblock style=”6″]Didn’t mean to upset anybody, was just trying to address the birthday stuff. Honestly not sure what the future holds but I think it’s going to take some time and some very bright people to resolve it. Thank you again for all your kindness and support…[/textblock]

Prospect Park reclaimed rights to the characters, which were licensed to ABC last year, for the online version of One Life to Live. The three stars are under contract with General Hospital.

TVSource Magazine reached out to General Hospital for comment. “‘General Hospital’ is excited about Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth staying on the show and we are exploring ways to allow that to happen,” says a rep for the show.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.




  1. Wherever Roger Howard goes He has active followers.

    He really needs to stay on GH. Todd and Carly were beginning a great thing.

  2. Recasting Todd (unless Trevor St John agrees to return but that is unlikely) and John will no doubt be a failure. I don’t get why PP wants the characters so badly, it’s not like recasts are going to draw in many John/Jolie, Todd/T&B and Starr fans. I wonder how GH will be able to keep the actors on the show, with Michael Easton all they have to do is bring back Caleb Morely (but not as a vampire) but finding a way to keep Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson will be extremely difficult.

  3. I guess what the fans want is irrelevant when it comes to FV’s selfishness and bias towards his faves. He doesn’t deserve to be EP of GH because the only thing he cares about is himself and OLTL.

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