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‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ Finale Review: Look Before You Leap


It seems fitting that the theme of the series finale of Emily Owens, M.D. was mistakes since the CW canceling it was such a giant mistake. Seriously, I don’t know how to get over this one or if I ever will. Maybe I’m going to be bitter and sad forever that we only got 13 episodes of this fantastic, heart-filled, amazing show that had characters that were so easy to relate to and root for, even the ones we weren’t supposed to love as much as others.

But I suppose all those clichés about love and loss apply here since I’d rather have 13 episodes of a perfect show than to never have had any at all. I’m just so disappointed in the network and in the ratings and to everyone who didn’t give this show a fair chance. It was so well-written and well-acted and it could easily teach a few shows that shall remain nameless on the right way to write a love triangle.

So let’s talk about the final episode before I just start crying and quoting Taylor Swift lyrics all over the place. “Emily and the Leap” started with a bit of a rehash of the two big events of the last episode. Emily was mortified that her response to Micah’s kiss had been “thank you” and Will was trying to tell Cassandra again that he didn’t choose Emily, but she insisted that was exactly what he’d done. But Cassandra seemed perfectly fine with the breakup and that was bothering Will.

As for Micah, he was quick to tease Emily about the “thank you” and it was adorable. She admitted that she was surprised that he liked her and she also admitted that she had thought about him as a romantic possibility because he’s cute and funny, but he’s also her boss. Micah was quick to point out that should not be an issue between them and he was determined to convince her that they owed it to themselves to give it a shot. He asked Emily to have a non-romantic lunch with him so they could talk about it.

Will once again stepped into their moment when he was waiting in Emily’s office for her. He wanted to talk about Cassandra, but he noticed how close Emily and Micah seemed. Emily told him that they were close and she was considering dating Micah, but Will told her that wasn’t a good idea because he was her boss. But Emily wasn’t all that interested in Will’s opinion and it was nice to see her almost sort of gloating when she told him that Micah had kissed her. It was also nice to see just how jealous Will was over that said fact.

Micah was excited when he found out that his mom had been accepted into a clinical trial at the Mayo Clinic, but Joyce didn’t want to go. She’d accepted her fate and she just wanted some relief. Micah’s sister Liz arrived on the scene and she was not happy that her mother’s condition had been kept from her. She also wasn’t happy that Joyce didn’t want treatment so she lied and said she was pregnant to give Joyce another reason to fight. It worked and she agreed to go, but Micah was not amused by Liz’s lies (She was pretty much the worst).

Cassandra and Will were treating a patient together and things got awkward when the patient and her wife tried to set Will up with their daughter. Cassandra assured them that Will was single, thanks to her. Once she left the room, the women commented on how cold she was and Will agreed. He told them that she didn’t used to be like that with him, but maybe he’d made a mistake with her. Will gave the patient a prescription and the first dose of an antibiotic and then told her that she was going to be fine. Later, Cassandra broke down in tears in front of the patient when she let her guard down and explained that she dumped Will because he had feelings for someone else.

Emily showed up right after that and Will apologized for his earlier behavior regarding Micah. He tried to play it off saying that he was just protecting her since he was going through his own work breakup, but then he told Emily it was strange seeing her about to date someone else for real. Will didn’t see why things had to change. Emily told him that they did because it was time for her to move on (how awesome is it to see Emily standing up for herself?). But then they were interrupted when the patient was rushed back in, unresponsive. Will started chest compressions, but it was already too late and he had to pronounce her dead (so, so sad).

Micah was already waiting in the records room for Emily so they could have their non-date lunch. Emily lay down on the floor beside him and after he told her about his sister, she told him about her parents and how her mother is a train wreck or a whirlwind and she only met her father once. She tells Micah that he’s easy to talk to. He suggests they talk about the possibility of a relationship and Emily admits that she’s worried because he’s her boss and it might look bad if he gives her special treatment. Micah tries to calm her fears and tells her that none of those things are reasons enough not to give a relationship a chance.


But then Micah chooses Cassandra over Emily when he has to pick an intern to assist him in surgery. Afterward Emily asks him if he would have chosen her if it wasn’t for the whole potential dating thing. Micah admits that he probably would have and apologizes for overcorrecting himself. He promises not to let it happen again, but Emily is obviously wary because of her career.

Cassandra pulls Will aside and points out that their patient had been on anti-depressants at one point, but it wasn’t noted in her chart and Will takes a closer look at her EKG and realizes that the medicine he gave her killed her. Cassandra tells him to keep it to himself and not ruin his entire career on one mistake, but Will has a hard time with that, especially after Emily reminds him that he’s a good guy. In an incredibly emotional scene, Will tells the patient’s wife the truth and apologizes for his mistake (This instantly became one of my favorite Justin Hartley scenes ever and that’s saying something, guys. He was fantastic).

Emily came over to talk to Will right after the woman had left and she saw how upset he was. The two went to the bar to hang out and Emily assured him that it wasn’t his fault and it could have happened to anyone. Will tells her that the reason he was able to tell the truth was because of her and how she saw him as a good guy and made him want to be one. Then he finally admitted that he was jealous when he saw her with Micah and talked about the awkward timing. Will asked what he’d done that made her start to get over him and Emily explained that it was when he went after Cassandra at the banquet and made her realize that she wanted to be chosen.

Will is taken aback by that and tells her that the reason Cassandra broke up with him is because she thought he’d chosen Emily and he tells her that he did choose her. Emily mentally reminds herself that she’s over him and then gets up to go, leaving Will looking sad at the bar by himself (Again, such good scenes from both actors here. It was nice seeing Will be the vulnerable one for a change). Emily headed home and shortly after, Will showed up at her door. She hesitated for a moment and then she let him in. Will didn’t say anything; he just kissed her and then carried her into her bedroom (and it was all kinds of hot).

But as cute as the way they were looking at each other before the screen faded to black was, Emily’s voiceover was talking about looking before you leap and thinking things through, something she clearly wasn’t doing here…not that I’m complaining because I have been Team Will since Day 1 and I think it’s fitting that the final scene was Emily getting the guy that she’s been pining over for four years.

On the other hand, I cannot express just how truly gutted I am that this show is over. Jennie Urman, the fantastic, brilliant writer who created this show and these characters was kind enough to give fans some tidbits about what would have happened if we were allowed to have nice things and the show had received a 22-episode order. Since I’m dangerously close to an outrageous word count already and there’s one character (Will) whose future I’m hoping she’ll still address on Twitter, I’m going to have more on the “what could have been” scenarios in my final series wrap up next week.

In the meantime, I just want to say again that this was such a beautiful show and I am going to miss it so much. 20 years from now, I’m still going to be bitter and sad when I think about how it was canceled much too soon (and yes, I can absolutely hold a grudge that long). Feel free to hit the comments below and tell us what you thought of the show, the ending and please bring tissues and chocolate…I’ll just be crying in the corner.

Mandy Treccia
Mandy Treccia has served as TVSource Magazine’s Executive Editor since 2016, formerly as Editorial Director from 2012-2016. She is an avid TV watcher and card carrying fan girl prone to sudden bursts of emotion, ranging from extreme excitement to blind rage during her favorite shows and has on more than once occasion considered having a paper bag on hand to get her through some tough TV moments. Her taste in TV tends to rival that of a thirteen-year-old girl, but she’s okay with that.

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  1. Micah is my spirit animal… Team Micah all the way. Can’t handle how the show ended, it’s sacrilege to end a show like that!

  2. whatever happened to “I’m going to have more on the “what could have been” scenarios in my final series wrap up next week.”?!

  3. Omg I started this show on Netflix and I saw that hey had the first season available so I thought that they just didn’t update all the new episodes but once I see that they cancelled it, I was completely crushed bc I was practically emotionally invested into this show and I was looking so forward to it. Im disappointed that certain just stopped the show out of nowhere like thats just a big no no. At least the creator should’ve made a book or something to explain what happens at the end

  4. I am so crazy about this show, i just can’t live without a second season. I still hold hope that it may be picked up by another network, even maybe Netflix. That would be so amazing.

  5. Who did emily stay with ?

  6. I am devastated the Emily Owens MD got cancelled!! I fell in love with this show from the start and I thought it was absolutely fantastic and I can’t believe that it has been over looked while other shows that are no where near as good as Emily Owens are still getting chosen over it! I honestly think it’s a crime it ended so soon and it should be picked up again, it was hilarious, clever and captivating. I need to know what happens next!! So I agree – Bring back Emily!!!!

  7. Just watched what I have found out to be the last episode of this show!!! What the hell is going on!! I loved this show, it was warm,clever and addictive!! Has the world changed that much that we are being forced to watch Crap Idol!! At least we should get a tie up on this. They cant leave us hanging. So furious. Further note to CW I have watched one episode of Arrow and it was the same as everything else that is being made these days – dire. Bring back Emily!!!!

  8. As a viewer of Emily Owens MD in the United Kingdom, I’m feeling robbed…. It was an easy but gripping viewing, I wanted to see how the love triangle panned out etc… But now I find myself robbed of what could have been briliant, like scrubs maybe… Why has it been cancelled?? Disgruntled UK viewer..

  9. I think it’s absolutely outrageous I finished the season on Netflix in two days because I couldn’t stop watching it. It is a great show, I wonder if there is anyway to bring it back.

  10. DEATH. I told myself not to watch something I already knew was cancelled on netflix. But, of course I did anyway and I CAN’T STOP CRYING. IT IS SO RIDICULOUS. And the fact that it ended on WILL? No, no, no, NO! Micah is perfection. So upset this is over, I don’t know what to do now.

  11. It is just too sad that it ended.

  12. I am a viewer from the Philippines. I certainly like Emily Owens, MD. I am sad that it just ended and there is no continuation yet. (Please have a Season 2 for Emily Owens, MD). I am so thrilled watching this one. ETC aired it here in the Philippines. They even have rewinds for it. Even if I already saw the episode that was aired, I still watched it. That’s how fascinated I am with Emliy Owens, MD. At first, I liked Will for Emily, but then I liked Micah better.
    I am begging!! Please have a Season 2!

  13. I live in Hong Kong and Pearl Channel just finished airing Episode 4 of this series when I couldn’t wait for another week for the next episode and finished the nine rest episodes on my computer! I absolutely adore the intimacy between Emily and Micah and I felt a bit awful when she made out with Will in the last episode…(out of all episodes..why the last one….*weep*). However, as her background voice implies that she regretted it afterwards, I just can’t want to see whether she will be in a relationship with Micah! Ughhhhhhh. They should air the television series on another channel so fans will still be able to watch it :’) I really hope there will be a Season 2!

  14. I too want Emily Owen back …. I love that shows i even watched all the episodes !!!!!! Bring it BACK

  15. Not going to lie, as a guy, this series was spectacular. The story lines had something for the audience to relate to. Whether it be from the medical stand point of a friend or family member or within the personal lives of the doctors. The actors in it were absolutely fantastic portraying such intense scenes too. Unfortunately there were some key factors that led the series to it’s sad demise…

    Things that could have gone better for this series:

    1. It should have been shown on or pitched to another network- MTV, ABC Family, TNT, TBS, or something OTHER than The CW. That was the first nail in the coffin.
    2. It would have done better during the summer season because of all the competition throughout the regular Fall-Spring Seasons. It never stood a chance to Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, American Idol, etc. That was the second nail in the coffin.
    3. Low ratings of the show put it on life support early on. Unfortunately it came down to all the viewership and wasn’t advertised well. Three strikes and that’s it, folks.

    It just pains to watch the finale with so many unanswered questions… The last episode had the GREATEST potential of all to go in ANY direction it wanted to, and sadly, we’ll never know what really happens.

  16. I really waited to watch all the episodes during summer break and then I found out that it only had 13 and it was cancelled that’s why there are only 13 episodes. Many plots were left and there are so many cliffhangers. They should have just made it to 14 or 15 or 16 episodes to complete the storyline (which is still not enough, but…). The producers should reconsider their decision.

    But from now on, I’m gonna watch out for Mamie Gummer. She really inpired me. :D

  17. I’m sad it ended, but more disappointed with the ending. I was Team Will in the beginning (and I love Justin Hartley) but I think she should have been with Micah. Will wasn’t very nice to Emily when he was with Cassandra, especially at the tribute banquet thing. I think she deserved to be with someone who wanted her (Micah) rather than being someone’s second choice. I did enjoy the scene at the end purely because of Justin Hartley, not because of the turn the storyline had taken.

  18. I’m a viewer from Thailand. Love this show! Once again, I’m very disappointed that another show which I really like gets cancelled again, just like an excellent series ‘A Gifted Man,’ previously cancelled. A lot of good series get cancelled while many melodramatic shows full of sex and violence are still on. What’s going on here?

  19. I really love the show and I’m still telling myself it will come back some day because it just can’t end like this! The actors are so relatable and so sincere. It’s just such an honest show and the storyline pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Please Please bring it back! ( I’m such a masochist I knew there were only 13 episodes when I started watching, but I couldn’t stop when I started)

  20. Let us tell to CW to give another shot to this undeniably fantastic TV series program. This is another fantastic program and I knew once the people find there is something nice to see and to pick up to..voila…… it could be another super hot selling cake….again for those believer help this program to give another shot….CW please reconsider all your thoughts…..we say gold can be found anywhere, only just look more closer….

  21. Omg I’ve been waiting to watch the next episode!! And come to find out its canceled HOW DISAPPOINTING!!

  22. I am very disappointed that you cut one of the better programs. I loved the actors/actresses as well as the theme. Too bad you could not cut the Cult instead,

  23. I really loved this show. My daughters and i watched it together and theres not a lot of shows you can watch as a family anymore. So dissapointed its over.

  24. WORD!!! To express my feelings the simplest way I could, all I can say is “Bring back Emily Owens MD!!!”

  25. The last show was amazing i am team micah and i cant believe Will finally got the guts to love her i loved the show and i was so sad when they canceled it i think they should put the last episodes online somewhere so people that loved the show,like me, can have an opportunity at seeing it.This is one my favorite tv shows maybe i will grow up and be a doctor myself to live my own similar story:(

  26. So true – Will’s scene, talking to the widow was an incredible one. Brought me to tears… and when he said “I chose you Emily” in the bar… my heart just dropped. And that’s saying alot as I’ve been Team Micah since the storyline started leading us that way.

    The records room scene really was sweet, especially when Micah asked “I hope you like more than just talking with me” or something to that effect. Just kiss again dammit – I thought! The way he looks at her – oh man – longing – love it!!

    From another’s comments:

    “Michael Rady is brilliant at making his character come alive like that.
    He started off as a quiet chief resident with boy-next-door good looks
    who has turned into a super adorable (okay, hot!), sweet, very capable
    surgeon, who has completely captured many viewers’ hearts.”

    couldn’t have said it better my self!

    This show was such a treat/gem! Like someone said in the trending event on Tuesday – it was like a breath of fresh air – compared to all the Reality Shows, cop/murder shows, cult/vampire/zombie, bed-hopping lust shows. (OK…. I was a Buffy fan must admit that!) It really was a positive, great, heartfelt show!!

    So glad that some fans are working hard at getting the CW’s attention to reconsider: check out mailinemilyowens dot blogspot dot ca. There’s got to be someway we can get the CW to renew for a Second Season!!

  27. I absolutely LOVED the series. I was definitely on Team Micah (he is really quite cute), but I congratulate the Team Will people on their win. I just try to imagine that the series did go on in my mind and that I can see things as I’d really like for them to be. Hopefully, the CW or another channel will revisit the series or possibly bring it back. Until then, I’m going to go back through the series and watch it again so I can pretend I’ve never seen it before :-).

  28. This is a great review! How did the show get cancelled?!? Glad there is a mail-in campaign and a Trending Event – some of the fans are trying really hard to get the CW to renew it! I really hope there is a season two!! More details here:

    mailinemilyowens dot blogspot dot ca

  29. i just watched the season finale and i felt really sad that i could no longer find out what will happen next. I just hope they reconsider.

  30. I am so glad that there are others who share my sentiments about Emily Owens, M.D. I thought that I am going a little nuts about a TV show. I feel crushed that the series is over. I think about it almost daily. My husband, who really liked the show as well, thinks I am slightly out of character that I am so hung up on the show. But, this is what Emily Owens, M.D. does. It made you fall in love with it and its character. It was a well-written show with tons of heart. It never fails to make me teary-eyed, which is no small task. It makes me smile at the end of a long work day.

    I wish the finale would have ended differently though. I know that she would eventually get with Micah and this is the most realistic thing to happen at this point, but man, I am grieving that I will never get to see the resolution. Jennie Urman’s tweets did not make things better since I need to actually see those scenes where Emily and Micah make up.

    I am Team Micah all the way! Although she has been in love with Will for so long, I feel she lacks chemistry with him. Her crush on him seems like a schoolgirl one, where she admires him because he is this tall, handsome, popular guy. Like you said, Micah is a better long-term choice for her since he is soooo good to her and for her. Gosh, those longing looks he gave her. It seems like he is always in awe of her. Micah is the kind of guy that every girl dreams of. Michael Rady is brilliant at making his character come alive like that. He started off as a quiet chief resident with boy-next-door good looks who has turned into a super adorable (okay, hot!), sweet, very capable surgeon, who has completely captured many viewers’ hearts.

    I am so sad I will not have the privilege to view the rest of Emily Owens or see the talented cast together again. I am signing as many petitions and sending in letters as much as I can, but I don’t think it will do any good. Thanks so much for your reviews of Emily Owens. Believe me, I am already joining you in the corner, crying buckets.

  31. *people

  32. The fans are doing many things to try to save the show, pettitions and stuff. I’m from Brazil and watched the episodes online cause we don´t have CW channel. Anyway, i found this blog: where peaple are planning how to make CW change its mind… To the peaple who can help… just do it ;)

    I’m so disappointed… i really loved the show. It was the first show that i watched the same episode like 5 times before the next one, i didn’t had patience even waitting for the subtitles and watched in english.

    Sorry for any mistakes on writting

    Crying a lot here…..

  33. I have just about had it! I am so freakin tired of shows being canceled!!!I have been waiting all week to see what happens next and I am so upset that its not on!!!! What is wrong with you WCWW????You Canceled Secret Circle …I am tired of getting hooked then ……..WHAT??????NOTHING!!!!

    I hate you CW…………..

  34. I can’t blame Emily for sleeping with Will. After all, her obsession went too long already… But as what she says before the ending about not thinking things through… well, I
    hope she realized things afterwards. That she’ll gonna pick Micah in the end!!!
    (Sigh) My world literally stops after ep. 13. Like My So Called Life, I felt
    like I was hanging by the cliff. So, so upset… I REALLY CAN”T JUST GET
    OVER the fact that the show ended. I’m getting nightmares even now. I want my
    Micah and Emily ending!!! (lol) But for all it’s worth, I guess I should be
    happy that Emily have somebody in the end (if it is really the end), right?!
    Booo ho ho

  35. I hardly ever get caught up in TV shows but did with Emily Owens MD. For one it was on too late 9pm. Maybe if it was on earlier it would have gotten more views. This was a quality, heart-warming show but it seems the CSI’s, Sexual overload shows, And becoming a rock star shows, Trump the airwaves instead of good shows like this. How Sad. I honestly can’t believe it was cancelled. Great young actors and actresses, good scripts that are true to life. Hope WB will Re-launch it at a better time and promotes it for us folks that want quailty TV.

  36. Oh yes, this has brought back some of the bitterness I felt about the cancellation of My So Called Life! I was the same age as Angela as well. Hated that unresolved finale and I’m hating this one just as much, just because I wanted more more more of Emily Owens and co.

  37. Nooooooooooooooo! I love this show! I had no idea it wasn’t returning. I ran into this post because I was trying to figure out the return date. maybe if we cry and complain enough the network will bring the show back : ( Huge mistake……Huge………..

  38. soo mourning about this. i love this show. this is actually the best show in CW cause its realistic and viewers can actually relate to it. Mamie is great, as well as the other actors. hot love interests. and great storyline. its cancellation is definitely CW’s greatest MISTAKE.

  39. Loved it!!!! While Will and Emily are great I think Emily and Micah would be good too and she Was his First choice. So sad this is over. A truly great show with a great cast. Can anyone tell me the name of the actress that played Liz?

  40. Loved it and so devastated its over!! :'(

  41. UGH I’m going to be bitter about this show for at least a year. This is the lone GEM in the CW’s lineup and they cancel it?! RAAAGGEEE.

    This episode would have made a great character and mid-season cliffhanger episode but as a series finale, I’m gutted. Not surprised that Emily gave in because letting someone go after four years doesn’t happen instantly, but I would have LOVED to see her pursue her happiness with someone who’d known she was special the moment he met her (Team Micah!) instead of the guy who only appreciated her once she wasn’t there anymore.

  42. I’m so in love with this show!!! So sad that it is cancelled :(. Brilliant work!!

  43. I will never ever ever get over the canceling of this show. Devastated doesn’t events begin to describe how I feel. CW will regret their decision. Their programming sucks anyway, Emily was the only show worth watching.
    Thank you, Jennie Urman. We fell in love with your brilliant show HARD. Better to have seen 13 episodes than none at all I guess. :/

  44. Holy crap! I had the exact same feeling about My So Called Life back then!!! I was the same age as Angela at the time. If I ever identified with anyone it was her

  45. So much word! All I could think of as I watched the finale was how eerily similar (in a good way) it was to the Noel/Felicity/Ben triangle. Micah is who Emily “should” be with…he’s the safe choice. Just like Noel. Will is who she belongs with and will never be able to get out of her system. Just like Ben. *sigh* I miss this show already!

  46. time slot*

  47. I am glad to see I am not the only one that is heartbroken. This is gonna take a while to get over. Which may sound a little out-there to people on the outside but I feel like you understand lol… This show was so brilliant in having a lot of characters with their own story and each one kept us wanting to know more.
    I hope everyone involved with the show knows how much we all enjoyed watching them every week.. I also will look back in 20 years and remember this show and probably still be sad about it…

  48. I’m crying with you too :( This is one of the few shows that I religiously tune in to every week. I even save the episodes on our DVR so I can watch it over again until the next new episode comes on TV. I have never been so disappointed over a cancelled show since “My So Called Life” was cancelled by ABC back in 1994/1995. I’m still holding a grudge on that one ;) Thank you for this blog post. I am Team Will also, and I am glad to know that you are a fan of Will as well. I love Micah, but it was great to see Emily finally getting the guy she always had a crush on for years! :) I wish another network would pick up “Emily Owens, MD.” I think the main reason CW failed to have a lot of viewers because the show’s time slow was competing against “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project” on Fox (and those had more “popular celebrities”). I’ll settle for a Friday night time slot if it means having “Emily Owens, MD” back on TV!

  49. Thank you for recapping the episodes for the season (or half season). As a member of team Micah I am happy to know that in the land of what could have been things will have worked out. I couldn’t bear to see those beautiful brown eyes filled with sadness when he found out about Will and Emily. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Jennie gets a new show quickly since she definitely has talent that can fill a void on my tv and I hope that all these talented actors find some worthy avenues to pursue.

    EDIT to add that even though I am team Micah I did the same type of exhalation/sigh of appreciation that Emily did when Will took off his shirt. That man is really fantasy worthy.

  50. You’re review made me cry, which is why I didn’t want to read it yet. Damn it. I will never forgive the CW for not giving Emily Owens a chance, with the poor job they did promoting it, it’s a wonder there were any reviewers at all. Emily Owens would have been a worthwhile investment While other shows on the network that will remain nameless are clearly short term hits, the potential for these characters and the relationships with each other could have been great. Emily Owens is the type of show that spans ages. My 12 year old sister loves it, I’m 27 I love it and I know people in their 50’s who love it too. I will forever be bitter about only getting 13 episodes, but I agree at least there were 13 and I own every single one of them and will continue to rewatch them forever and ever. I need to leave now before I start cryign again. :/

  51. I agree with what you are saying and looking forward to reading “what could have been” or really “what should have been” in the next 8 episodes. As Sunny mentioned, it also reminded me of Felicity, with the difference we got 4 seasons and a proper ending – as I said yesterday, I loved the whole episode but especially the last 15 mintutes, I was torn between Micah and Will but glad it was Will… loved to have seen more – I am going to also have a hard time getting over this one … thanks Mandy for the great articles, I wish I had known about this site sooner – I would not have been so alone in my love for Emily Owens MD *lol* looking forward to next weeks.

  52. I loved everything about this show, so upset it’s gone. I will never forget it. Despite being team Micah I liked episode 13 end & would have loved the end of the show at 22 too! I will never forgive the CW for doing this to me.

  53. Loved the finale and am totally gutted that the show is no more! I loved this episode so much. Loved the interaction between Emily and Micah. It was sweet but also mature how they talked about their relationship and the potential professional awkwardness. I thought Micah was adorable on their non-date and when he asked her to lunch, that line he threw out about her bringing her own meal making it a non-date- awesome! Liked that we saw Cassadra’s vulnerability finally when she cried in front of the patient.

    As to Emily and WIll- as another member of team Will, I loved every scene he had in this episode. From his barely concealed jealousy, to every case he worked on, he was wonderful in this episode. God, that elevator scene made me tear up. What I love so much about Emily and Will is that they are both so flawed. Will is right, his timing is awful and the situation is unfair but that happens in real life. Sometimes timing is totally off. When Emily throws out the offhand comment that of course Will would do the right thing facing that tough situation and that she knows him, it differed so sharply from Cassandra. Both women care deeply for him but Emily gets him, lying would have compromised his integrity and we have been shown how much his morals mean to him(to the point where he can be judgmental). And because she has faith in him, it gives him faith in himself. I think that them hooking up at that moment was a mistake given her new situation with Micah and his unfinished drama with Cassadra. They are bound to hurt others they care for deeply and neither one would want that. Long term though I am firmly of the belief that they would have made a go at a real relationship. They way they looked at each other in that final scene? How he brushed her hair off her face- a total echo of what Micah did early in the same episode but with Will their was no hesitation in her reaction to his touch. I will say again that this triangle reminded me of Noel/Felicity/Ben on so many levels.

    And can we give a shoutout to how perfect the music in the finale scene was- King and Lionheart. Just gorgeous!

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