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‘General Hospital’ Previews: February 11 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Anna questions herself when John is implicated in the murder of a fellow officer. Also: Frisco is determined to win back Felicia; Todd and Heather plan to escape Port Charles; a plan to save ELQ is hatched; Sam and Alexis learn Danny is missing!

Disarray in Port Charles

Anna shows Dante the footage of “John McBain” (really Caleb) leaving the PCPD with Rafe. Later, Dante interviews Sabrina after getting a call about the downed officer, who tells him she saw “John McBain”. Meanwhile, an upset Anna runs into Luke, who tracked her down after learning what happened with Lucy. She’s furious with John for deceiving her and fears she’s losing her instincts. Luke kisses Anna. Will Laura Spencer’s return affect Luke’s feelings for Anna?

Meanwhile, John returns to the station and learns he’s been implicated in a murder. He tells Sam there’s video footage that supports the police’s theory. Sam questions where John was during this incident. Lucy apologizes to Anna and Kevin for her recent actions. John tries to convince Lucy of his innocence in the hopes they can work together. Anna gives a tip about the whereabouts of Todd and Heather and heads off in pursuit. Will Anna stop them before they escape?

Also This Week…

Heather & Todd plan to leave the country. Rafe escapes from Caleb and turns to Molly for help. Caleb stalks Rafe outside of Alexis’ lake house. Britt puts the squeeze on Maxie, forcing her to do her bidding. TJ confides in Shawn about his problems with Molly. Sabrina falls victim to Britt’s plan. Heather dons a disguise as she returns for the baby. Alexis represents Lucy, but later is distracted when she’s told her grandson is missing! Sonny and Shawn have a plan to acquire the Zacchara’s assets.

Tracy & Luke and AJ, Duke and Michael work feverishly to save ELQ. Kristina could reconnect with Johnny. Connie rejects Diane’s suggested method of defense. Mac expresses to Lulu his concern that Frisco wants Felicia back. At the same time, Frisco expresses the same thought to Felicia. Molly lies to Kristina. Will Todd leave Heather behind? Heather has a run-in with Caleb on the docks. Felicia invites Mac to a Valentine’s celebration at the Haunted Starr. Johnny reaches out to Starr. Sonny and Connie have a tender moment as they reflect on their past, and admit things have changed for them in the present. Carly and Starr toast to Todd’s escape.

Source Look Ahead: February 18, 2013 Edition

Port Charles celebrates Valentine’s Day. Frisco appeals to Maxie for a chance at repairing their father/daughter relationship. Kate’s sudden return stuns Sonny. Luke is reminded of the past.

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