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‘Scandal’ Recap: Nobody Likes Babies

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I’m still wrapping my head around Thursday’s episode, “Nobody Likes Babies.” Honestly, like Shonda said, any other show would have taken 5 episodes to get through what she put together in one. After reading her post-show interview with TVLine’s Matt Mitovich it makes sense. “Nobody Likes Babies” was the thirteenth episode, originally intended to be the season finale given ABC’s initial episode order. Had that been the finale, I would have started my countdown for season 3 on Friday morning. Thankfully that isn’t a problem since ABC the smart decision to order an additional nine episodes. I’m chomping at the bit to see how the repercussions from episode 13 play out starting next week.

It was a game changing episode; a move that’s sure to have major repercussions throughout the rest of the season.

  • I would like Olivia to dig up Verna, beat the snot out of her, and re-bury her under a parking lot for an amusement park.  She confessed to Fitz all because she wanted to die with a clean conscious? No. You don’t get to try to kill the president, throw your conspirators under the bus, and ruin my Olivia and Fitz.  Fitz apparently agrees with me, just ask his murdering hands.
  • Mellie would sell America’s baby to a circus if it meant getting ahead politically.  And why doesn’t this child have a name?
  • Huck is a BOSS and Hollis should bow down to him for the rest of his shady life.
  • Cyrus needs to chill with phone calls to Charlie. He was this close to having his husband gunned down in broad daylight.  Jeff Perry, however, needs to use the naked “Are you wearing a wire” scene as an Emmy submission.  I don’t say that lightly.  I urge you to go back and watch that scene again to see why Cyrus is who he is.  Hats off to Shonda for creating the phenomenal argument between the married couple. Cyrus’ blunt honesty was layered with a sense of bitterness as he admitted his political career reached a glass ceiling simply because of his sexuality.
  • David Rosen is the Charlie Brown of Washington, DC and James pulled a Lucy with the football when he lied for his husband under oath (I wholeheartedly support his lying, by the way).
  • Abby came through in the end by stealing the voting chip back from David. She redeemed herself for her past betrayal, but it cost her dearly. Abby legitimately loves David, but in order to protect Olivia, her relationship had to be sacrificed for the greater good.
  • Harrison and Huck are THE ones to have in Liv’s corner. Hands down. Side note: Columbus Short looks like he’s a good hugger.
  • I’m hoping Quinn’s attitude will be permanently adjusted after Huck had a “come to Jesus” meeting with her. Otherwise, she needs to let the big dogs handle things and pipe down.
  • Edison. Peace out. Liv turned him down not once, but now twice. Take a hint.
  • Fitz doesn’t get to be a sanctimonious coldhearted ass to the love of his life after murdering someone. He need to be kicked in the cojones and I hope his wife screws him over right quick. Thankfully, it’s Mellie and she will.
  • Last but not least, there’s Olivia. Where to begin? When she opened that bottle of wine for some daytime drinking I knew she was in serious trouble.  I wouldn’t have even judged her for drinking straight out of the bottle given the way her day was going.  In the end, however, James’ lying and Abby’s recovery of the voting chip saved her from jail, but Fitz destroyed her.  My girl finally let down her guard and gave into the hope that they could have a real future together only to have him shatter her heart and leave her crying in church.  I want to crush Fitz for being so cruel to her, but in the back of my mind I know he’s lashing out because he’s hurt.Olivia was supposed to believe in him and believe in his ability to win, but she didn’t. Her vote signaled that she didn’t think he could win the presidency by himself. Do not get me wrong, I understand how he feels but I am not pleased. I’m extremely pissed off at him and support Liv getting under (or on top of) Scott Foley’s character to distract her from Fitz, BUT Olivia and Fitz will never be finished with each other. This was an ugly battle for both of them, but their “war” is far from over. I have to admit, I’m having flashbacks to how I felt about As the World Turns’ Jack and Carly during their huge, ugly, gut wrenching breakup.  If you have no idea who I’m talking about Google them. You’re welcome.

I think that about sums up my many, many, MANY feelings about the episode. Bring on next week’s “Boom Goes the Dynamite.”

What are your thoughts?

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  1. i just hope SR gets it together for Fitz and Olivia, all of that begging wait for me, wait for me, and then he talks to her like that at the church, and her sitting alone, crying in that church. to sad…even for a fictional character on tv. :):) I need to see Fitz sitting somewhere crying for her. and then him with a woman who went to the doctor and had her pregnancy induced 4 weeks premature?! can you even do that? I’ll help you say “America’ Baby” you mean “Trap Baby” after photo shoot, she called the nurse, cleaned her hands of that baby. She does not want it. Everyone is saying Fitz has a plan, Fitz, still loves Olivia, If so, he needs to be trying to take care of Olivia behind the scene-and not treat her the way he did in the church

  2. Next week’s episode 214 id Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Otherwise like your review and as my name suggest hooked on #Scandal Crack. Gotta be careful as nothing get pass us Gladiators. Every detail is carefully reviewed. NO. ROOM. FOR. MISTAKES. lol

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