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‘General Hospital’ Previews: February 18 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Valentine’s Day brings romance, happiness and the possible start of something new. 

Start of Something New/Past Revisited

Elizabeth is surprised when Laura shows up on her doorstep. After catching up, Laura makes a confession to Liz about Luke. Laura encourages Elizabeth not to give up on love, and just as she does, a very single AJ shows up! AJ asks Elizabeth out for a date on Valentine’s Day!

Tracy plans to keep on the pressure on Luke to find Lauren Frank, the presumed Quartermaine heir, so she can reclaim her position of CEO. Meanwhile, Luke is flooded with memories of the past while on the Haunted Star. How will Luke react when he finally sees Laura? Needless to say, these two have a lot to discuss.

Later in the week, Elizabeth receives flowers from AJ, much to the chagrin of Steve. He warns his sister away from the troubled Quartermaine, wondering why she would date someone with a checkered past. Liz points out that she and AJ are just friends, and they both have checktered pasts as well. Meanwhile, AJ tries a new approach with Tracy, thanks to Elizabeth. AJ offers to give her a job at ELQ if Tracy turns over Lila’s relish.

Kate Resurfaces

Connie tags along with Steve and Olivia to a party at the Haunted Star. Sonny attends as well at the invite of Dante. Sonny takes Connie aside after she causes a scene with Starr and pulls her into a kiss! Connie wrongly accuses him of using her again. After they talk over their feelings, one thing leads to another and they wind up sleeping together! Imagine Sonny’s surprise when he awakens to find Kate has returned!

It’s been months since Kate was last in control, leaving Sonny and Olivia to be the ones responsible for updating her on recent events — including the death of Kate’s son Trey. Will the truth send Kate back into hiding?

Also Next Week

Anna tells Duke that she broke things up with Luke. Olivia’s visions continue to show doom for her and Steve. Maxie accepts Frisco’s olive branch, but only to distract her from her problems with Spinelli and Ellie. Later, a guilty Maxie opens up to her Frisco about what happened at the hospital with Britt. Todd realizes John could be telling the truth. Michael & Starr, Spinelli & Ellie and Dante & Lulu celebrate Valentine’s Day with some romance. Anna and Alexis share common goals. Sam wakes to find herself and Danny held captive by Caleb! Scotty gets a status update from Anna about her relationship with Luke.

Source Look Ahead: February 25, 2013 Edition

Duke is on a mission. Olivia is in danger! Will Sam and Danny be rescued?

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  1. Why is Liz giving anyone any advice on anything?Put Liz behind the desk and keep her nasty looking mouth shut.Thats one thing I hate about GH, they have been trying for years to make Liz something that she haven’t the skills to be, and thats believeable.Move the hell on.

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