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‘Scandal’ Recap: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Yes, WTF)

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All I can say about this week’s episode of Scandal, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” is that it’s no coincidence that the initials for episode are WTF.

Poor David “Charlie Brown” Rosen is teaching a civics class, relying on his grandmother to pay his rent instead rocking a $3000 suit and drinking scotch at a swanky bar.  His day truly sucks, however, when he wakes up with a very dead bloody blonde in his bed.  Enter Olivia to help him, even though he still hates her but, hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I know without a doubt, whoever is behind the set up is already prepared for round two. With the flash drive David stumbled upon in his computer, you can guarantee this person will resurface. Also, during the cleanup, Huck takes Quinn under his scary, slice-someone-to-pieces wing.  It was more than a little unnerving seeing her stab the dead girl’s body.

Onto the president.  Sigh.  Fitz is either brain damaged and needs to be knocked in the head to un-ring it; or his inner 3 years old is running the free world and he needs to have a large seat in timeout. Rather than deal with the realities of his life, he’s turned to the bottle – drowning himself in whiskey (more than likely) and moping around. He’s taken a passive-aggressive attitude that’s resulted in the ignoring Cyrus, punishing Liv, and a weird acceptance of Mellie. Hell no.  This is not the Fitz we know. Speaking of that cobra known as Mellie, she threw Cyrus under the train and let it run over him about 47 times when she pinned the entire “Defiance” scheme on him! When Cyrus learns about her deception, I hope he reserves a room for Fitz and Livia and forces Mellie to watch the live feed. She may be on the “in” with her husband now, but she still can’t compete with Liv and Fitz’s connection. Mellie could barely maintain her reserve as she watched Olivia and Fitz lock eyes during Ella’s baptism. That LOOK made me hold my breath, my eyes captivated as I watched the intense pain between the characters.

Just when you think Olivia and Fitz couldn’t get any hotter, they utilized a nearby server room and it wasn’t to monitor the connection speed. HOLY HOTNESS, BATMAN.  I’m not even mad my girl threw her underwear in her purse when all was said and done and left the room. Their sex was dirty, and rough, and scandalous (all puns intended). It was after this steamy scene that I signed up for Team Olivia.

President Fitz’s brain damaged asshat decided to reappear and stomp on Olivia’s heart. Five minutes after their tryst, Fitz turns to Olivia and says, “We are done.  I may not be able to control my erections around you, but that doesn’t mean I want you.” Excuse me? I wanted Olivia to punch him in the throat so hard it would be months before he spoke another word.  He insults Liv one more time and I vote that all the brown liquor mysteriously disappears from the White House.

Making his debut in this episode was the delicious Scott Foley as Jake. His first scene was in the coffee house where Jake “accidentally” runs into Olivia.  At first look, Jake seems like a nice guy, and looks damn good in his uniform when Liv later questions him about the info the dead blonde in David’s bed was seeking.  I was actually digging him providing a distraction from Olivia’s painfully obvious broken heart. That was until I saw the gigantic monitor where he’s watching Olivia on at least 15 different cameras.  Um, what?  Hello, creepy stalker.

The questions is, who is he working for? I’ve discussed it with friends (save your judgment, I know you discuss it with your friends too) and several names were tossed out.  Was it Fitz to keep an eye on his girl? Sally to dig up some dirt to weasel her behind back into the Oval office? Edison to prove Liv is in love with Fitz? If it’s him, Olivia should have flushed his grandmother’s ring down the toilet.  She should have on principle, but I digress.  Could it be Mellie just because she’s a sociopath and wants to screw with Liv? All are viable options.  Whoever it is, they are far from finished with messing Olivia.

Who’s your guess for being the mastermind behind Jake and setting up David Rosen?

Angela Romack
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  1. I so loved your description of Fitz acting like a kid sulking when he’s supposed to be the President of the free world and who is supposed to be capable of handling hard things in life. I need for him to get better coping skills other than the brown liquid and since he has shut off the people who would be helping him with these tough decisions, then maybe we need to get VP Sally back in there to prevent any more screw ups. And what’s up with Fitz accepting what Mellie had to say about the election rigging? Didn’t Verna tell him that Hollis was behind it? And lastly, I’m ready for Olivia to go off on Fitz now. She shouldn’t take any more of his crap, no matter how guilty she is because in the end, she gave him what he wanted and that was to become President. It’s done…let’s move on…time to grow up Fitz!!

  2. Adding to my comment. Also, Edison does not like Fitz, he is Democrat and Fitz is Republican. He did an interview bad mouthing the President a while back. Edison put the bugs in Liv’s home after he hired that creep, whom
    I hope dies a horrible death soon.

  3. It is Senator Edison Davis. He is head of the Intelligence Committee, he has the power, he did it. Nothing like a scorned man who hate that his love is in love with the President of the United States. Being powerful and then knowing your power does not conquer real love for your real love is too much to bear.

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