Brandon Barash set to exit ‘General Hospital’

Photo: Stone Manners Salners Agency

While several popular characters are returning to General Hospital for the show’s 50th anniversary celebration, others are bidding Port Charles goodbye. Hot on the heels of Julie Marie Berman’s exit, today we learned that Brandon Barash is leaving the soap.

The actor broke the news on Twitter, but his word choice led fans to assume that it was a joke. Barash tweeted, “With a bittersweet, heavy heart I announce my time at GH has come to an end, as I have chosen to move on & pursue my NBA career. I love u all.”

But Michael Fairman later confirmed with the actor’s management that the tweet was not a joke. Johnny Zacchara will soon be disappearing from our screens, but there is no confirmation as to how or when the character will be written out. Johnny first arrived in Port Charles in 2007 and immediately became a love interest for Lulu.

Will you miss Johnny? How would you like to see the character exit? Hit the comments and let us know!



  1. Since the character is in prison for three counts of murder, hasn’t been seen in two or three weeks, and the actor hasn’t taped in seven weeks, maybe he’s ALREADY been written off. All the best to Brandon, but won’t miss Johnny. Liked him back in the early days when he was the mobster’s son with the heart of gold and involved with Lulu, but haven’t been able to buy him since he’s been playing with the grownups.

  2. Why not totally out of left field, I was a bit surprised and bummed by this news. I do wish BB the best though and am sure we will be seeing him again really soon.

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