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‘General Hospital’ Preview: March 25 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, the Nurses Ball is the focal point upon which many things converge.  Don’t forget to RSVP, because it’s going to get crowded. As the search for Lulu heats up, Dante and Anna’s frustration grows as little information helps their case. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of March 25..[notice]Please do not copy/paste our story preview.[/notice]

Written by Angela Rynan Durrell

Missing and Machinations

Shawn steps in front of a bullet and takes the hit from an unknown gunman, earning him a visit to General Hospital.  Anna and Dante, the forlorn remnants of a continuously fluctuating PCPD staff of officers, chase down the precious little leads they have trying to find Lulu.  Dante presses Olivia to open her psychic eye and try to establish some kind of connection with his wife.  He doesn’t find Lulu, but he does find and apprehend the shooter.  In the meantime, Anna happens upon two familiar faces she didn’t expect to see together – Dr . Obrecht and her scheming spawn, Britt, who are happily focusing on a lovely surprise they have in store for Patrick at the Nurses Ball.

Patrick, the hapless brain surgeon, however, is focused on Sabrina and tries to have a talk with her to explain how he feels – but is interrupted.  Figures.  Sabrina, on the other hand, decides to go on a date with Milo, which in turn makes Felix simmer like bacon on a hot stove.  He gets into it with Sabrina, letting her know he doesn’t approve – to which Sabrina responds with confusion and annoyance: Milo isn’t gay, so why is Felix being ridiculous? Milo, showing more intuitiveness than either of them, senses that he may have stymied something between Sabrina and Patrick; he offers to bow out gracefully.  Inexplicably, Felix then arranges for Milo to escort Sabrina to the ball. Yeah, I know. I’m confused, too.


Bobbie and Scott address the decades-old issue of how Luke came to be in Port Charles in the first place (because Bobbie wanted Scott, and Laura was in the way), and Bobbie, who now lives in Seattle, seems to be happy there, but worries for her son, Lucas, and wants him to find someone to share his life.  Her other child, Carly, is worried that Todd hasn’t made contact since he left Port Charles.  Focusing on work, she unveils the newly renovated Metro Court Ballroom to an ecstatic Lucy, who begins rehearsals for the Nurses Ball.  Alexis brings Shawn home from the hospital, and during his recuperation TJ confesses that he’s begun to regard Shawn as a father figure.  Rafe comes to the house looking for Molly, but when Shawn tells him she’s with her boyfriend, Rafe leaves.  Sam confides in her mother about John and says she’s going to give him the space he needs.  She offers to drive TJ and Molly to rehearsals for the ball and ends up volunteering alongside them and Milo. 

Felicia is in turmoil over the situation with Mac and Frisco, and Maxie asks who it is her mother cares for most, but Felicia feels that the people who deserve an answer to that question are the two men in her life.  Mac and Frisco, for their part, discuss the problem over fisticuffs.

Patrick, still hapless, shares with Liz his unsuccessful attempt to come clean with Sabrina; Liz gives him a dose of common sense and tells him to start thinking about what will make him happy. This spurs Patrick into action, and he calls Sabrina.

Celebrations:  Look Ahead – April 1 Edition

Happy 50th Anniversary! General Hospital celebrates its Golden Anniversary with a week-long event of  music, memories, laughter, remembrance – and of course – ongoing drama.

For more on what happens the week of April 1, check out our weekly teasers on Wednesday, March 27 and our story preview on March 29.

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