Soap Hitlist: Victor & Nikki Remarry, Katie Calls Out Brooke, Daniel & Jennifer Remain a Disappointment


The highs and lows from the previous week in soaps. What did TVSource Magazine’s executive editor enjoy the most, and the least about your favorite soaps for the week of March 18? Find out in the new edition of the soap hitlist!

In TVSource Magazine’s newest feature, we take a look back at the hits and misses from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless. Discussion is encouraged, even if you disagree. If you feel like we missed something or should cover a story, feel free to tweet me directly at @SourceRyan or @TVSource.

General Hospital had a strong week, keeping the momentum going as the show heads towards its 50th anniversary. The returns of familiar faces, sad goodbyes and heart-to-hearts should have led to an easy selection for soap of the week. Instead, I’m going with The Young and the Restless. Victor and Nikki’s wedding was beautifully done and reminded me of why I became a fan of soaps. Their storied love affair is one for the ages – both the good and bad. Y&R doesn’t drop the emotional beats of a story; they don’t play it for one day and then fill the rest of the week with plot driven excitement. There’s no perfect recipe for creating good soap, but as Y&R continues to tweak the ingredients for an already successful dish, and I love it.

[label style=”2″]The Hits[/label]

B&B: Katie Puts Brooke (and Bill) on Notice

After months of being oblivious to Brooke and Bill’s growing attachment, Katie FINALLY realized that her husband should be kept far, far away from her sister. Donna and Taylor’s talk with Katie opened her eyes to the inappropriate relationship forming between Katie and Bill, and set her on a course to put them in check.

Heather Tom was at her best as she conveyed Katie’s disgust, anger and frustration when she walked in on Bill and a scantily clad Brooke at Forrester. “Get your hands off him, Brooke. Get the hell away from my husband!” she commanded angrily. Brooke feigned innocence, trying to convince her sister that nothing inappropriate was going on with her and Bill, but Katie rightfully saw past Brooke’s nonsense. “We were just celebrating. Bill helped me pull off a major coup. Eric agreed to re-launch Brooke’s bedroom — my line. It’s really very exciting. We were just having a toast to our success,” said Brooke of her bed celebration with Bill.

“And you didn’t have time to put some clothes on or maybe move the celebration off the bed, or maybe you just didn’t want to,” retorted Katie. Ha!

The highlight of the episode came as Katie effectively eviscerated Brooke and her track record when it comes to her “innocent” relationships with men. “Wow. Listen to you — so full of admiration and praise for my husband. I would think it was great if I didn’t know better, but this is how it starts, isn’t it?” asked Katie, slightly amused and highly irritated. “Listen, I get that you want to save the company and that Bill’s trying to help you, but you’re anything but naive. He’s a man, and here you are, dressed like this, alone with him. Bill and I are a family, and I will not be one of your victims. We both know your history. I know exactly what happens when you get caught up in something and you follow your heart. You end up in bed with the wrong man. And it sure as hell is not going to be mine.”

The set-up is Katie’s overreacting; of course nothing would happen between Brooke and Bill. Katie’s seen Brooke’s pattern one too many times. Let’s not forget Hope was conceived because Brooke had an affair with Deacon while he was married to Bridget! Then there was the “accidental” sex with Hope’s boyfriend Oliver. Katie has every right to be weary of Brooke and Bill’s friendship…it’s only a matter of time before Bill ends up in Brooke’s bed.

DAYS: Sonny Punches Hate in the Face

It was the punch heard ’round the world! Sonny Kiriakis decked that homophobic douchebag Nick right in his hateful mouth. This is why people should think before they speak. I bet Nick will think twice before calling Sonny a “f*ggot” the next time they interact. Normally, I wouldn’t condone violence, but Nick had this one coming. Sonny doesn’t appreciate being intimidated or bullied, maybe he can teach Will how to stand up for himself. More on that in the miss section…

GH: Carly and Sam Say Goodbye to Todd and John

Tuesday’s episode of GH saw Todd and John’s relationships with Carly and Sam come to an end. Though we know Todd will be back at some point, John’s exit seems to be a little more permanent, at least for the time being.

Carly’s admission that she would Todd would inevitably destroy each other showed glimpses that she’s actually learning from her past mistakes. She warned Todd that their downfall wouldn’t come from the secrets and lies, but because of something very different. “We’re afraid to love. We’re afraid to be vulnerable. So, we drive the people who love us away, and we test, and we test until they break.”

When Todd disagrees with her assessment, Carly tearfully reminds him that it’s already happened. “You already have. And you’d do it again or it would be my turn. I’ve sabotaged every man who’s ever loved me. I push and I push until I push them too far, and I don’t want to do that to you. I don’t want to get to the point where we’re screaming and yelling at each other and where all we feel is disappointment and hate. I don’t want that.” She’s had that before and doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes again. It’s clear Carly has feelings for Todd, but she’s making the smart decision to walk away. It might be the smartest thing she’s ever done.

Meanwhile, the end of something that never was finally came when Sam realized she wasn’t quite ready to move on. Whether it was guilt over how their “relationship” began or fear of moving on, something in Sam told her that she wasn’t ready for sex, and wasn’t ready for whatever it was that was between them. Their relationship, based on an unidentifiable connection that bonded them, amounted to a few fleeting kisses and supporting one another.

Sam acknowledged that the beginnings of relationship probably wasn’t the most appropriate given both of their circumstances. “I could have been at home with Jason. I could have been at my mother’s. But for some reason, I chose to be close to you, and I told anyone and everyone that would listen to me that we were just friends, but it was more than that. I was married, and you had a family to go home to,” Sam said to John, voicing some of the very points fans opposed to “McBam” have stated.

Looking back, I think of their “relationship” as a deep rooted friendship that saw some lines get crossed. Sometimes when one becomes too emotionally dependent on a friend for support and happiness, the lines between friendship and love tends to blur. Speaking from personal experience, I know what it’s like to confuse friendship with something more. I don’t think Sam is in love with John, nor is he with her. How? Why? Those are the questions GH hasn’t answered. Why would Sam be in love with John? How did he fall in love with her? Until those get answered, I won’t see their relationship as anything other than two friends who had an emotional affair.

GH needs to find a way to re-invest in Sam outside of her pairings. With Jason missing/dead and John removed as a distraction, Sam can get back to living her own life.  I’d rather see Sam searching for answers about her father, reestablishing her friendships with Maxie and Spinelli, focusing on her career, being a mother to Danny and being a single woman. The same goes for Carly. Why can’t Port Charles have strong, independent single women?

GH: Returns and a Connection Revealed

Lulu’s disappearance set up the long-awaited returns of Bobbie Spencer and Nikolas Cassadine. Bobbie seamlessly fit it with Luke, Laura and Scotty, and it was as if she never left. At the end of Friday’s episode, Nikolas returned as well, sharing a hug with Laura. Their appearances are a hit simply because it’s good to see them. I’m hoping there’s some substance to their resurfacing in Port Charles, so further judgment will be withheld.

Revealing Britt was the daughter of Dr. Obrecht was a welcome surprise! Some may have seen it coming, but it was nice to see that GH didn’t telegraph this months ahead of time. Does Britt know what her mother’s been up to? Has she been working with her mother all along? Could Faison be her father? So many questions, so much potential. Don’t drop the ball here.

Y&R: Victor and Nikki Exchange Vows (Again)

It’s difficult to put into words just how I felt about Victor and Nikki’s wedding. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I don’t feel like my words would do it justice.

I haven’t been a fan of Victor and Nikki’s relationship in recent years, mainly because of the way he’s treated her. Underneath the toxicity of their tumultuous relationship is a love that’s very pure and endearing. No matter what they’ve done to each other over the years, there’s always been an underlying love between them. Victor looks at Nikki as if she’s the only woman in the world. As they declared their love (again) in front of their children, loved ones and friends, I was reminded of all of the things that I once loved about them.

[textblock style=”3″]Nikki: The yogi’s words described something that I have always believed – that Victor and I were meant to be together – in mind, body, and spirit. We’ve chosen to walk this path we call life hand in hand for all eternity. And so, I dedicate this poem to you, to us, and our shared joy.

“I have been here before, how long ago I may not know. But just when at that swallow’s soar, your neck turned so, some veil did fall. I knew it all of yore. Has this been thus before? And shall not thus time’s eddying the flight. Still with our lives our love restore in deaths despite and day and night yield on delight once more?” We will always be together. No matter what life gives us, no matter where it takes us. I will love you forever.

Victor: We have enjoyed the best that life can offer and some very difficult times. But we have overcome them. We’ve overcome all challenges. There’s nothing we can’t endure. You’re my past, my future. But you know the only thing we really have is this moment. And we shall enjoy it to the fullest. I’ll be damned if we don’t. Sorry, reverend.

Reverend: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Victor: I shall cherish every day we have together. I shall try to surprise you every day and express my commitment to you over and over. I shall love you with body, mind, and soul; yesterday, today, for all times. I love you.

Nikki: I love you.[/textblock]

GH: The Llanview 3 Depart Port Charles

John McBain, Starr and Todd Manning have departed Port Charles. Though I enjoyed most of the Llanview 3’s time on GH, their additions to the cast polarized the audience. There were those who welcomed who welcomed it with open arms, while others felt like their presence was tantamount to nothing more than a distraction, While I’m looking forward to seeing Todd again in a few months, the status of Starr and John remain in question. Here’s some advice, don’t try to force something that isn’t meant to be. If GH is unable to reach a deal to bring back Starr and John, the show should move on. There’s no need to bring on new characters (or recasts) to try and force pairings simply because the actors may have had chemistry in prior roles.

If they form organically, great. If not, no thanks. I doubt their exits will assuage the naysayers, but at least it’s one less thing they have to complain about.

[label style=”2″]The Misses[/label]

DAYS: 5 Days of Jennifer/Daniel

It’s bad enough when a storyline you hate monopolizes the majority of an episode, it’s even worse when said storyline is on every single day. Daniel and Jennifer is the weakest part of Days of our Lives and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. “Dannifer” hasn’t been the same since their winter 2012 breakup, and any attempt to recapture what was special between them has failed. Maybe it’s that Jack wasn’t cold in the ground before Jennifer started setting her sights on Daniel. Maybe it’s that there’s always the possibility of Jennifer leaving Daniel again when/if Jack is resurrected. Maybe it’s because their relationship is nauseating. Maybe it’s because the show seems to be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It’s just not working and it’s because of a combination of everything.

Then there’s the Abby issue. For as much as Abby loved her father, there is no way in hell that she would support Jennifer moving on with Daniel so soon after his death. For Abby to be Dannifer’s cheerleader in all of this also confuses me.

It’s sad to see Chloe’s return wasted for this foolishness. Was her return conceptualized as her being the force that unites the audience into supporting Dannifer? If so, someone seriously underestimated the fans hatred for these characters. When fans are cheering Chloe and Anne to destroy Jennifer, you know something went wrong. After Chloe leaves what happens? Daniel and Jennifer get to have a happily ever after until Daniel inevitably cheats on Jennifer, thus proving Lucas right all along? We’ll see.

DAYS: Will’s Lack of a Spine

Will briefly showed some fire a few weeks ago when he finally confronted Nick about his real reasons for keeping him away from his unborn child. Unfortunately that was the last time it would be seen. Yes, Nick has Will between a rock and a hard place, but why not call his bluff? Will’s family essentially runs Salem. EJ definitely wouldn’t press charges and has more than enough clout to ensure whatever the DA planned would be stopped. Nick runs over Will because he lets him. If he stood up for himself or knocked Nick on his ass once or twice maybe he’d back off.

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  1. Oooops, I totally forgot to add that the Dannifer/Chloe SL is a disaster. Cringe-worthy. And I don’t think viewers need to worry about Jack & Jen reuniting. By now everybody watching knows that Daniel is the love of Jen’s life (insert sarcasm)!

    The writing for Will is just as bad, I have had enough of him complaining 24/7 and blame his mother for everything bad happening to him. He needs to take responsibility for his own actions! I wish Sami would stop bothering with him. He is just not worth it anymore.

  2. Bill is NOT going to end up in Brooke’s bed. The Brooke who slept with Deacon is long gone! This SL is solely about giving Taylor a purpose on the show again. All she does is rant about Brooke or the Logans. Since when does she care about Katie?! The idiot is obsessed with Brooke! I am SO over B&B sacrificing Brooke for Taylor time and time again.

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