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Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson, Michael Easton Returning to ‘General Hospital’ As New Characters

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In the newest chapter in the saga between ABC and Prospect Park, TV Guide reports former One Life to Live-turned-General Hospital stars Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson will return to General Hospital, but not as John, Todd and Starr. Michael Logan reports the actors will all be playing new characters.

Due to the ongoing legal drama between the network and Prospect Park, which owns the rights to all OLTL characters, ABC has elected to create new characters, thereby eliminating any potential conflict with One Life to Live. According to Logan, head writer Ron Carlivati is working on “clever” ways to work around the issue. This was a scenario hinted at months ago when GH reps confirmed they were exploring ways to keep the actors on the soap.

“Prospect Park has been extremely difficult to deal with on this issue so GH basically said, ‘Screw it! We’ll create all new characters!'” said a source to TV Guide. “It’s the only way GH can get past the problem and get on with business.”

Executive producer Frank Valentini would neither confirm, nor deny the rumor. He told TV Guide: “I can’t really comment for legal reasons. It’s not like I’m trying to keep a secret. ABC doesn’t want me to say anything.”

One Life to Live’s new co-head writer, Thom Racina, seems optimistic that everything would work out. “I think it’s going to turn out well for everybody.”

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  1. I hope they pair Michael Easton with anybody BUT Kelly Monaco. No chemistry there.

  2. It’s going to be dumb and stupid bringing them back as new characters. I think it’s going to be a total flop.

  3. Michael Easton should come back and play Sam’s dad or Cassadine and hookup with Olivia. Olivia needs a man and GOOD s/l.

  4. *typo- what I don’t appreciate ‘is’ this…

  5. This “new characters” idea is a very dumb and risky. “Just screw it?!” And you writer people call yourselves professionals? I am a writer and I can easily “fix” all of these problems you people are having. Plus, as an added bonus, I am a Law Scholar so I understand immediately the Natural Rights and commercial aspects with intellectual property. What is going on is people not being able to come to agreement. How very Congressional of them! This is real pathetic because you have to take in to account the respective actors involved, how it could affect their careers in the short-term and long-term, and your daytime television audience. Now, I am all for clever story-telling, but what I don’t appreciate this horrible plan even being considered. What is so difficult about the ABC people and the Prospect Park people collaborating with each other?! There are these things called meetings, telephones, and the Internet. All they have to do is set up a definitive conference and develop and map out a long-term story arc (one that spans many months) that satisfies and compliments both shows so there will be no continuity issues in O.L.T.L. and G.H. I HATE continuity splits in literature, motion pictures, and television!! What both parties should do is hire a writer whom is also a fan already knowing these stories in and out and can interweave all the details with ease. In this way, whenever characters from O.L.T.L. need to return to G.H., the actors are kept abreast of what has happened in their absence with their respective character’s sub-plot, and how it affects the overall story. How hard is that? Now, maybe from the outside it seems easier, but over-complicating something like this is abhorrant. When it comes to the literary rights to the characters, both sides should own an equal share, not one over the other, so these type of situations can be avoided altogether. Besides, Roger Howarth is best shown and known as Thomas Todd Manning. Mr. Howarth is a versatile and profoundly talented actor and can play any role and any emotion. But, HE IS TODD MANNING!! Just think of a scenario where Carly (Laura Wright) meets this “new man” whom looks identical to Todd (obviously the same actor) but the actress has to pretend (as the audience views it) that this man and Todd have nothing in common and are not inter-related in any way. I can’t stand “pretend” acting (you know what I mean). We the audience watching said scenario play out on screen concurrently wondering if it will be revealed that there is a “connection” and it NEVER happening is so damnably annoying!! Now, if there is an ingenious over-reaching story in the works that will later down the road actually explain these “character similarities” that the audience will gladly accept, then by all means, pursue it. Remember: when it comes to writing these stories, there are sub-plots that play out for months that inter-connect with the overall story arc. If ingenuity cannot be accomplished by preparing a “months-long story-line” in advance, then PLEASE DO NOT pursue this “new characters” plot device. Thinking long into the future AND NOT JUST the present is what makes a writer a “true writer.” And, politically speaking, this is also the difference between a “politician” (a public liar bought and paid for by the Crown of England and or international banking cartel) and a “Statesman” (a honorable representative for the Republic on behalf of the electorate and populace). And lastly, if you writer and producer people do not care about your audience, the inevitable fan-base that comes with this type of story-telling, then you really have no business making such rash and abrupt decisions in this fashion. I appreciate efficiency, and I am not naïve that you cannot please everyone, but you really need to weigh out the consequences even more.

  6. I watch OLTL and GH to see Todd Manning. I am not the least interested in seeing a recast or any stupid “these are not the people you think they are” storylines. They need to get there act together, just because we rallied around and saved there asses doesn’t mean we will support them once again disregarding the people who make it possible to make a show.

  7. I would like Michael Easton to play John McBain on GH. However, as long as he is paired with Kelly Monaco again, I’m happy with him playing another character. I know he will make a success of any character he plays.

  8. I think this is pretty stupid!!! Why would Prospect Park care whether they continue the characters stories if they can’t do it anymore??? It just seems mean! Can’t they just stop referring to Landview and their prior lives and move on? I’m not ready for Starr and Micheals story to end! They better at least keep Kristen and Chad together!

  9. That’s total crap. If OLTL wanted to keep the characters, they should’ve kept airing the show. Now that GH is getting double the boost, they want to get stingy about it? And who pays the price? The fans. And really, there were sooo many characters to OLTL, they could’ve spared 3. It angers me.

  10. This is possibly the stupidest thing I’ve read in my 25yrs of watching soaps. The actors are loved for their characters that they portray…nobody wants to see Roger acting like an Quartermaine! we want TODD. is this an April Fools joke??

  11. Sam and Carly as stuck with ME and RH. Maybe when they bring ME back, he can be Sam’s dad!

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