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‘Scandal’ Review: Top of the Hour


Hallelujah!  Mazel Tov!  Scandal is BACK!  After a four week break – entirely too long for my taste – Liv is back and dealing with an affair between her client and Fitz’s choice for a Supreme Court Justice in the episode “Top of the Hour.”

Scandal’s case of the week is pretty entertaining mainly because Lisa Edelstein is fabulous (The scene with Kerry and Lisa sharing bottles of wine was beautifully layered). Granted her character is a mess, but if you need Olivia Pope chances are you’re in some serious…trouble.  Who has an on-going affair for YEARS and think it’s never going to come out in Washington? I’m looking at you, Olivia.

Now onto my advice everyone else for this week:

Huck: I adore you and you make Quinn tolerable, even likeable as a baby spy.

Quinn: Stick by Huck, see above.

Mellie: Not even delicious Teddy can get you out of Siberia with your husband. I understand your paranoia that Fitz’s is seeing Liv again, you’re always going to lose that battle. I continue to worship Bellamy Young, however.

Cyrus: Threaten Olivia again and I’ll personally unleash Charlie on you.

Abby: I actually agree with you this week, it is different with Harrison now and your bluffing skills are spot on.

Harrison: Super sexy taking on the double standard of Sarah’s morality clause with the company’s attorney. Your little fist bump to Liv’s arm was adorable. And thank you for wearing suits.

Olivia: We should totally be BFF’s. I like wine from the bottle too! That phone call was gut wrenching and infuriating at the same time, high five on not throwing your phone against the wall.  Also, your angry toddler-behaving boyfriend probably needs a new case of scotch at this point.  More importantly, WHY don’t you see Jake’s unbelievably creepy smile? It’s the “it puts the lotion on or it gets the hose again” smile. Seriously though, how well done was that scene? The flashing between Sarah arguing with her husband and Liv talking to Fitz was genius.

Jake: You intrigue me, but you’re still creepy.  You trusted Olivia enough to pass on the information about the hostages to Fitz and then you beat the tar out of the photographer to steal the memory card with your picture with Olivia to hide from Fitz. It’s okay to fall for Liv, but you ain’t Fitz, you’re just an inbetweener.

Fitz: You need to get your sh*t together and stop blaming Olivia for everything from this Supreme Court nomination debacle to global warming. I get your broken heart, but take a step back and look at the whole picture and do it soon, Liv is probably going to need you to rescue her when Jake finally snaps and attempts to wear her skin as a jacket.

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  1. Well said! Lol. Agree on pretty much all points. I’m enjoying the potential of Olake at least until Fitz’ brain injury heals, or like you said, he gets too weird.

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