‘General Hospital’ Promo: “Welcome to the Nurses’ Ball”

A new promo highlighting General Hospital’s 2013 Nurses’ Ball has been released! Starting Monday, GH rolls out the red carpet for the residents of Port Charles — both past and present!

Once again, DUKE AND ANNA DO THE TANGO! NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!! Figured I’d get that out of the way right away. Featured in the promo, besides the lovely Duke and Anna, are performances from Noah, Frisco, Spinelli, Ellie, Sam, Tracy, Epiphany, Monica and a strip tease by the hunks of Port Charles! Patrick finally tells a newly madeover Sabrina how he feels and lays on a kiss!


General Hospital’s Golden Anniversary Articles

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. The Nurses’ Ball event and 50th anniversary celebration begins Tuesday, April 2!