Soap Hitlist: B&B’s War of the Families, Kelly Sullivan Excels, Dylan Gets Naked


The highs and lows from the previous week in soaps. What did TVSource Magazine’s executive editor enjoy the most, and the least about your favorite soaps for the week of March 11? Find out inside!

In TVSource Magazine’s newest feature, The Hitlist, we take a look back at the hits and misses from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless. The selections will vary from week to week, with some weeks having more hits than misses and vice versa. Discussion is encouraged, even if you disagree. If you feel like we missed something or should cover a story, feel free to tweet me directly at @SourceRyan or @TVSource.

You know it’s been a good week when it’s hard to narrow down just what was a hit. The Bold and the Beautiful continued to be the highlight of my soap week, creating five outstanding episodes that set up the formation of a new friendship/relationship between Rick and Maya, and the battle for control at Forrester Creations.

[label style=”2″]The Hits[/label]

B&B: The Logans Prevent a Coup Thanks to Bill

Thomas took advantage of Rick’s absence to try and unseat him as President of Forrester Creations. Momentum seemed like it was in his favor – quarterly numbers were down, Eric was angry with Rick missing the meeting and of course his mother was using her…wiles to get what she wants. All was going his way – until Bill’s plan to re-launch Brooke’s Bedroom went into effect. Thomas’ arrogance was on full display as he inadvertently made Rick’s case for him. With a devious smirk, Rick watched amused as Bill’s voice echoed over the loudspeakers as the show began. Brooke’s sexiness could be ignored, nor could the numbers. Brooke’s Bedroom saved Forrester Creations once before and it could do it again. Eric didn’t have to think twice – Rick would remain President and Brooke’s launch was a go! It was nice to see “Team Logan” get a win in the face of Team Hayes-Marone’s arrogance. More on that in the misses…

Y&R: Dylan Gets Naked/Hits the Sheets with Chelsea

It didn’t take The Young and the Restless very long to get Steve Burton (Dylan) undressed. Burton used to joke about being “too old” to take off his shirt when he was on General Hospital; maybe he found his inner youth on Y&R.

I was pleasantly surprised by Dylan and Chelsea’s chemistry. Too many times shows have a select idea in mind for what characters will be paired together, it will be nice to see if something spurs because of the reaction from the Dylan/Chelsea scenes. Chelsea needs a nice, uncomplicated guy. Obviously Dylan is still hung up on Avery, but with Sharon and possibly Chelsea waiting in the wings, I’m excited for who he could hook up with next.

Burton plays adorable very well. Dylan continues to be a MAJOR upgrade over his previous role.

DAYS: Sami and Lucas’s Mission Impossible

It’s a rare treat when Lucas and Sami share scenes. The original dynamic scheming duo teamed up to steal evidence from the Salem police department that implicated their son Will. Their banter during the break in was highly entertaining. While lifting Sami, Lucas mused that she’s gained a pound a two, much to Sami’s irritation. What was even better was Lucas refusing give up Sami after they were caught by Rafe. That’s some loyalty.

GH: Kelly Sullivan Excels In the DID Storyline…

I have a love/hate relationship with General Hospital’s DID storyline for Kate. What initially started off as a story with great potential, quickly veered into campy territory before driving off the cliff to over-the-top insanity. The only saving grace in this absurd storyline has been Kelly Sullivan’s phenomenal acting. She commits 100% to her scenes, not worrying if she makes unflattering faces or if she looks like a fool. She gives her all and understands the difference between Kate, Connie and Connie pretending to be Kate. The scenes between Kate & Sonny on Thursday’s episode (originally supposed to air on Wednesday), were scenes I’ve waited to see for months. Sonny urged Connie to get help and expressed his love for both her AND Kate. Yes the story is absurd. Yes it’s gone on far too long. Yes I’m getting tired of it. But it is days like Thursday that remind of when I truly loved it.

[label style=”2″]The Misses[/label]

B&B: Taylor’s Ignorance of Biology

It’s funny how Taylor keeps referring to herself and children as “Forresters” while referring to Brooke and her children as The Logans. How she ignores Rick’s biology as well Brooke’s marriages to Eric AND Ridge is beyond my understanding. The only actual Forrester in this “war” between Brooke and Taylor’s families is in fact Rick, aka Eric Forrester Jr., the biological child of Eric Forrester Sr. Taylor should rethink her children’s actual genealogy the next time she throws around the title of being a Forrester. Brooke is just as much of a Forrester due to her marriage to Ridge as Taylor is.

GH: Todd’s Spycam

There’s nothing amusing about Todd putting a hidden camera in a toy for Carly’s daughter so he can spy on her. It’s already been established a LONG time ago that there’s no line Todd won’t cross, but reinforcing it to viewers does nothing to change that perception.

GH: The DID Story Is Still A Mess/DID Is No Laughing Matter

It’s time to find the heart and soul of this DID story and stop playing Connie for laughs and wacky hijinx. Mental illness is no laughing matter, and seeing it played as such is extremely offensive. Yes, Connie is amusing at times, but the majority of her purpose thus far has been to cause trouble for the ones who love Kate. What happened to her being Kate’s protector? Why is it so easy for the men in Port Charles to sleep with a woman who is not in full control of her mental capacities? Sonny’s magical phallic object should not be the trigger that “heals” (even temporarily) Kate or Connie.

One way to salvage this story would be to have Kate/Connie receive treatment from a newly hired Dr. Kevin Collins. Kate made progress when she was under the care of Dr. Ewen Keenan, it’d be nice to see her get back on track. We know why Connie exists, we know why she feels contempt for Kate. Let’s focus on reconciling their issues and healing a very broken women. But her therapy shouldn’t end with integration, Kate should still have issues with Sonny sleeping with her alter, and their relationship shouldn’t go back to normal after. Who will the newly integrated Kate be? What does she want in life? That’s what I want to see, not Connie on the warpath.

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  1. Yes, I am SO over Taylor dismissing Rick as a Logan! The nerve of that shrew. Rick is Eric’s child, while her kids are Marones.

    Taylor is as entitled as her brats. She needs to go missing again…SOON! Cannot stand her.

  2. I absolutely love Steve Burton’s portrayal of Dylan McAvoy and I think he has wonderful chemistry with everyone. I’m so torn because I’ve loved him with Avery, Sharon and Chelsea. I’m so excited to see where they take Dylan. I know I’ll definitely be along for the ride.

  3. Getting real sick of Kelly Sullivan as Kate/Connie and she has not done any better than Vickie on OLTL.

  4. Am glad the Todd’s spy cam was a miss and NOT a HIT! That was truly disgusting in every sense
    of the word. I actually threw up and Imagined it happening to my kid or my nephews.
    Not only has Ron taken the Todd character to the lowest level. He now has him so desperate
    to be with a woman he barely even knows and vice versa. I expected better for Roger on GH. He’s very
    talented actor whose character has been turned into the sniveling clown with no remorse whatsoever.
    I get that Ron writes him that way, but just when I thought i’d like Todd, humor aside, I hate him even
    more. As for Carly, Laura has ruined her completely, I might start chanting for a Sarah/Tamara return…….
    Plus the women don’t react to Todd like they should. It’s like they should be very afraid of him.

    Let’s be honest here, I don’t get the Tarly pairing AT ALL! They are disgusting, that’s one thing, they
    don’t know each other and WTF would Laura Wright pimp a pairing that looks like a copy cat version of
    Todd & Blair on GH? (Don’t even say that it’s NOT because it’s the truth)
    When she pimps Todd & Carly it’s so forced and it really irks my nerves.I do not enjoy the fact that
    she aimed for this pairing that makes her character “Carly” look worse than it already does. I have been a
    Laura/Carly fan for years and I can HONESLTY say without a doubt that am very disappointed.
    Questions is…………Would she want CarJax back? Best pairing she’s ever had besides CarSon!

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