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‘General Hospital’ Preview: March 18 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital:   A suspicious package is delivered, Lulu goes missing, and time ticks down as her family gathers to find her. Don’t. Miss. A. Day. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of March 18.

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Britt finally faces the wrath of Epiphany, as the true extent of her machinations against Sabrina are laid out in full and gloriously damning relief.  Epiphany, being no fool, had the entire incident investigated by Spinelli and has the goods. Meanwhile, Patrick is dodging Sabrina and gets a dressing-down from Elizabeth.

Todd and Scott – who should really meet over drinks – both plot to win over the women in their lives. To his glee, Todd now knows Carly’s relationship with AJ is a non-starter and is positive he can win her back despite the fact that she can’t trust him.  Scott wants to marry Laura as soon as humanly possible after finding her leafing through old photos of Luke.  Galvanized by this, and with the assistance of his old friend/accomplice Lucy Coe, he secures a marriage license and proposes to Laura that they get married immediately – setting a bewildered Laura back on her heels.  On the other side of parental units, Lulu strongly hints to her father that Laura is only marrying Scott Baldwin because she believed Luke wasn’t interested in rekindling their relationship.


They’re not the only relationships in a state of flux:  Mac and Duke hold each other up in manly support as they compare respective romantic woes with Felicia and Anna – who, amazingly, are doing the exact same thing together in another part of town. While Mac expresses reservations about Frisco, Felicia and Anna have both taken a page out of Laura’s book – literally – and have been poring over old wedding photos of their ex-husbands.  For his part, Frisco tells Maxie that he wants her mother back and believes that “if you’re meant to be with someone, you shouldn’t give up.”   And Mac, ever the stalwart, urges Duke not to give up (just like Frisco says!), and then takes some of his own advice.

Meanwhile, John and Sam are actually talking to each other about their relationship and where they should go from here. Both are skittish about taking things to the next level, as they both have respective issues they need to deal with.  On yet another front, AJ grovels to Elizabeth and begs for another chance, which she grants – provided he performs with her at the Nurses Ball.  Genius.  And finally, Michael and Starr successfully decipher the final formula for Pickle-Lila, and, with none of the hesitation and angst of their older, more mature friends and family members, forthwith head home to end the evening as a romantic couple should.


A package arrives for Lulu that her Aunt Bobbie supposedly sent, but both Luke and his daughter are suspicious – considering there’s a ticking sound coming from inside. While at the hospital, Olivia has a vision and urges Dante to go home.  Lulu ends up mysteriously vanishing, tension mounts, and just about everybody converges on the loft to mount a search strategy, including one Ms. Bobbie Spencer.

Source Look Ahead:  March 25, 2013 Edition

The search is on a countdown for Lulu, as Anna and Dante discover a crucial clue.  Laura lashes out at Luke, Patrick happens on a message from Robin and faces his feelings for Sabrina. When a gun goes off, someone stops the bullet — with a body.

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  1. Didn’t Patrick already tell Sabrina after the disaster with Britt that he wasn’t going to date co-workers? If he doesn’t feel for Sabrina what she feels for him, and it’s clearly obvious he doesn’t, no amount of pushing and shoving on Liz’s, Pip’s, or anyone’s part is going to change that. Isn’t it enough for them to just be friends, and for Patrick to be a single dad to Emma? Sabrina and Milo are much more suited for each other than Patrick and Sabrina are. Enough with Patrick being a prop to Sabrina and Britt! Leave the poor man alone, and just let him be!

  2. Three words…It’s about time.

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