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‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Identity Crisis

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Spring is upon us in the latest episode of The Carrie Diaries, “Identity Crisis,” and new developments are blooming.

For starters, Carrie is up for a promotion at Interview Magazine – complete with a summer in the city and a stipend. When Larissa goes missing, Carrie decides to adopt her identity and all her free clothes to pick up a package for Andy Warhol – his wig. However, Carrie soon realizes being Larissa isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when she is accosted by a woman who wants to kill Larissa for sleeping with her boyfriend. Drama!

Young Carrie narrowly escapes and, along with Walt and Bennet, tracks down the nightclub Andy will be attending. Bennet leaves with another guy, making Walt extremely jealous. Carrie questions his feelings and, in one of my favorite scenes of the series, Walt reveals he might be gay. Carrie comforts Walt and tells him that being gay is who he is and Walt is good. I have to give major props to AnnaSophia Robb and Brendan Dooling for their stellar acting in this important scene, as well as the writers for crafting such a tender moment between the two characters.

To try and release tension from what I can only assume is due to having a daughter like Dorrit, Tom Bradshaw decides to take up yoga. His time of peace is cut short when he sits next to a woman popping bubblegum and the pair argues. Soon after, the twosome make out in Tom’s car, echoing the old adage that there’s a thin line between love and hate.

Sebastian’s terrible mother returns to inform her son that she’s having sex with his dad once again, which is probably the worst thing any parent can discuss with their child. Later, he helps Maggie get a fake ID and her own pretend identity and they find Mr. Bradshaw mid-snog. The pair agrees to keep quiet about what they have seen. Mrs. Kydd asks Sebastian to help her reunite with his father, but he takes a stand against her and calls her out for always putting him in the middle. I’m glad to see the writers adding depth to Sebastian other than just being a ‘bad boy’ and giving Austin Butler (Sebastian) the chance to use his acting chops.

Mouse is still serving as the basketball team manager and decides she’s going to make them work during Spring Break even though the team is undefeated, causing the team to fight. Because of this, Mouse is fired from her position. However, this was all a ploy to reunite the team and create a team bond once again. This also causes her to bond with Wes.

In the end, Carrie’s experience as Larissa helps her realize that there’s only one identity she can portray perfectly: herself. Okay, maybe not perfectly, but she’s certainly well on her way.

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