‘All My Children,’ ‘One Life to Live’ Premiere Week Sneak Peeks!

Photo: Chapman Baehler/TOLN

The countdown is on soap fans! We’re 18 days away from April 29 premiere of The Online Network’s revivals of All My Children and One Life to Live! TVSource Magazine has a sneak peek of what will happen during the launch week!

On All My Children, a Pine Valley Resident vows vengeance in the season premiere. Jesse plans a surprise and Pete spots something on his way home that will change everything.

Later in the week: A Pine Valley legend returns. An ex-con learns who helped him. Something has gone terribly wrong for someone and Dixie sits vigil. Cara fears the truth will be revealed. AJ helps Miranda. And the big question we’ve been waiting over a year and a half to know, which character died?


On One Life to Live, viewers will learn what happened to the residents of Llanview since we last saw them. What have Viki, Dorian, Todd, Blair, Tea, Bo, Nora and the other familiar faces been up since January 2012? Tune in to find out.

Later in the week: A surprising turn of events take place during a big premiere in town. Viki and Dorian’s legendary feud begins a new chapter and a big surprise rocks two characters. Todd reunites with his estranged daughter Dani, and later comes face to face with Tea. Nora tries to convince Matthew to take responsibility for his actions. What have you done Matthew?

On Friday, May 3, a special interactive behind-these-scenes episode will air featuring the stars of OLTL discussing the week’s episodes.