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Bates Motel: “Ocean View” Recap

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In this week’s Bates Motel episode, “Ocean View,” Norma and Emma find clues that lead to a major discovery.

After sleeping with Bradley in the last episode, Norman returns to the motel to find out his beloved mother is in jail. Norman wants to help mommy dearest get out of jail, but Norma won’t listen to him. Dylan, on the other hand, couldn’t care less what happens to her. This is Bates Motel so we know there has to be something hidden between these two – I just can’t figure out what it could be right now. I need some answers, show! Emma arrives at the motel in an attempt to comfort Norman about his mom. Norman reveals to Emma that he saw the Japanese girl from the manga book locked in Officer Shelby’s basement and the twosome argue about what to do. Emma wants to go to the police but Norman won’t do anything until his mother is safe. Is it just me or is this show turning Norman/Emma/Bradley into a scary Twilight love triangle? At least we know Norman doesn’t sparkle.

When Norma’s bail is posted, she comes out of the pokey colder toward Norman. The mother and son visit an attorney and Norma still won’t fess up to killing Keith Summers, even though evidence is mounting up against her. On the car ride home Norma confronts her son about sleeping with Emma. Norma can’t believe he would leave her in her ‘time of time’ and Norman admits she scares him and that she needs help. An infuriated Norma kicks him out of the car, forcing him to walk home. Their relationship gets creepier and creepier with every passing episode, doesn’t it? Lucky for Norman, Dylan arrives on his motorcycle and picks him up. He tells Norman it’s time to walk away from his mother but of course Norman won’t listen to any of it. He loves his mother (maybe a little too much). Dylan even offers to let his younger brother live with him in his ocean-front house. I don’t know about Norman, but I think an ocean-front house beats a creepy motel any day of the week. Of course Norman disagrees because he doesn’t think Norma can get through life without him.

Dylan is still dealing with his shady business – his boss Ethan even gives him money to buy the new house he wants for he and his brother. In a crazy turn of events, a drug addict shows up and shoots Dylan’s boss in the neck, forcing Dylan to rush him to the hospital. Later as revenge, Dylan finds the shooter and runs him over with his truck.

Officer Shelby tells Norma the two can’t see one another anymore. When Norma gets upset, Officer Shelby tells her he loves her. He couldn’t stand seeing his lady love trapped in jail and he’s determined to get Norma off the hook. Officer Shelby ends up removing the evidence that could put Norma in jail. These White Pine Bay police officers clearly aren’t the smartest…and that’s me putting it nicely. Norma’s attorney calls and delivers the good news that the case is closed.

Although Norma is ecstatic about this turn of events, Norman is none too thrilled that his mother is further indebted to the cop. He also hasn’t received any calls from Bradley after their night together. Young Bates and Emma meet up and he tells his new friend about the hookup. She is clearly jealous and lets him know that the sex with Bradley was just that – sex. The pair head to Officer Shelby’s boat and find the girl from the manga, basically foaming at the mouth, in what I can only assume is a case of rabies. The pair takes their new ‘friend’ to the motel and Norma discovers all three of them in the room. The girl reveals to a previously skeptical Norma she was held captive and forced to have sex with Officer Shelby.

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