‘Days of our Lives’ Preview: April 29 Edition

Photo: NBC

Next week on Days of our Lives, Sami and Sonny are on a mission to find what Nick is hiding. Sami discovers what she needs and something she didn’t expect. Unfortunately for Nick, Sami’s actions could have devastating consequences for him. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s Days of our Lives preview for the week of April 29.

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Beware the Devil You Know

Sonny and Sami team up to get the goods on Nick with a little breaking and entering. Thanks to some quick thinking from Sonny, he prevents Nick from discovering a snooping Sami. Sami grabs the goods she needs to save her son, as well as $30,000, unaware that it belongs to Vargas. After an angry confrontation with Nick, Sami thinks it’s clear sailing ahead…until she overhears Stefano planning to double cross her and Will! But the biggest shock of the week happens when EJ decides to bring down his father…and turns to someone unexpected to assist him!

Also Next Week

Nicole realizes the truth about Vargas but what he has on her could force her to keep quiet. True motivations are revealed to Victor and Stefano. Rafe questions Will about Nick.

Watch This

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  1. lots of exciting news coming to Salem Res. but if looks like EJami are getting stronger & stronger together. Writers can’t keep
    soulmates apart.

  2. Sounds really good. I am glad Sonny is going to be helping Sammy get the goods on Nick. I will definitely be watching how this all turns out.

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