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‘General Hospital’ Preview: April 8 Edition


For the first time in 12 years, the Nurses Ball is back with a three-day event of music, singing, drama, and more than one kind of dancing on ABC’s General Hospital. A lot is going on, so reach for the seat strap, and find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of April 8.

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Fathers and Daughters, Wives and Lovers

Felicia finally takes the reins and gives Frisco an answer to his question, while increasingly-conflicted daughter Maxie defensively fields Ellie’s questions about the baby. Later, she finds solace and comfort with Mac, discussing recent events and reaffirming the special bond they share that goes beyond blood.

Patrick honors Robin at the Ball, and even after Britt’s shocking announcement, is determined that he event end on a high note.

What Fresh Hell?

Luke and Laura awaken to an unexpected situation, confronting a brand new surprise. Dante resurfaces with a new plan and new determination, but winds up making a discovery that would put most men in the hospital. Speaking of which…back in Port Charles, Nikolas also regains consciousness and is desperate to speak to Alexis, revealing horrifying news as Luke and Laura find themselves facing a nightmare.

Men and Women

AJ and Liz’s relationship continues to deepen, much to Monica’s excitement and delight, but Nikolas’ bond with her may present some problems for AJ, which might actually be fun to watch and liven things up a little. Poor Elizabeth. Scott mopes, dejected that Laura is off on shenanigans again with Luke, and Bobbie offers consolation and counsel. Carly finds Brenda in a rather delicate situation and later has it out with her erstwhile rival (read: Catfight! Yay!) in the Metro Court lobby. Joy abounds.

That Thing You Do

The Ball commences, after a slight glitch when the original choreographer, bent on sequined vengeance, sidelines Lucy and her tango with Duke. Anna finds herself filling in, and an iconic moment is not only recreated, but remade. Olivia keeps the audience in stitches, TJ and Molly sing a duet, and the one and only Epiphany and the Revelations bring down the house in a raucous finale.

Source Look Ahead: April 15, 2013 Edition

Next week, a family is devastated after Anna’s terrible news. Tension grows between AJ and Nikolas over Elizabeth.

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  1. I agree with Kyle…If it wasn’t for Frank and Ron GH wouldn’t have made it to see there 50 anniversary. It would have been cancelled right along with AMC and OLTL…GH storylines have gotten so much better since the new writers have come aboard!

  2. Neither of you are true fans of GH clearly, you don’t say stuff like that if you were!!! GH is the best it’s been since the Gloria Monty days!!! Frank & Ron are the best Ever!!! Geezzzzz!!!

  3. Patrick “honoring” Robin- what a joke.
    He makes sure the event ends on a high note, what ask the “child” to marry him………..
    My God it is hard to fathom how horrible this has really become,
    except for John Ingle’s last day, I left this crap 3yrs ago, and to hear/read
    that Guza was NOT the worst that GH had, these 2 Idiots take the cake.
    Anyone living in reality, anyway…SAD!!

  4. Nothing Iconic about the Duke & Anna’s tango already seen it last October and if you ask me it’s been done 1 too many times. Please find something better for Anna to do than dance a damn tango! How about giving her a mystery to solve or better yet go out there and find ROBIN! Anna Devane is too good for just dancing!

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