TOLN’s New ‘All My Children’ Promo: “Get Ready For The New Season”

April 29th is ALMOST here, and with it, the premiere of The Online Network’s long awaited All My Children continuation! In anticipation of the premiere, TOLN released a new video to help catch viewers up on what they might have missed and teased viewers with some new exclusive footage.

The trailer used voice overs, such as Debbi Morgan and Michael E. Knight, from former footage to tie together all of the recaps for Bianca, Miranda, David, Cara, Angie, Jessie, Kendall, Zack, Opal, Brooke, Adam, Dixie, and JR.

New footage in the promo included teases for the Cara/David storyline (What happened to their child?), What happened to JR? New shots of the SORASED teen scene, and Angie and Jessie’s new wedding!? Check out the full trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments below.


All My Children premieres on Hulu and iTunes on April 29.



  1. Wow just love it. so much it touch my heart in a way that i cant explained. you guys will always. hold a special place with me .what you are doing for all of us .God Bless with sweet success

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