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‘Hart of Dixie’ Sweeps Preview: Will true love prevail in Bluebell?

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It’s hard to believe there are only two episodes left in Hart of Dixie’s sophomore season. While the season has had its ups and downs, there is still a lot of drama (and comedy) to come in the last two episodes. On Wednesday, The CW released a sneak preview to let viewers know what’s next for their favorite characters.

After her breakup with Wade (we’re still crying), Zoe has been on a downward spiral. This week, we saw her confessing her feelings to George, only to have him remind her that he’s happy with Tansy and she should just get over it. Meanwhile, Wade and Lemon are dealing with their new partnership at the Rammer Jammer and Shelby has just accepted Brick’s proposal after his near death scare and Lavon and Annabeth seem pretty solid. But will any of these relationships survive the season?


I’m Moving On” (airing April 30) – Zoe dips her toe into the world of online dating. But in typical Zoe fashion, it doesn’t go well so she needs some help from Rose and Max. As for George, he’s doing his best to convince Tansy that they belong together, but she’s starting to doubt their relationship. Lemon and Wade hit another setback at the Rammer Jammer and once again, the two consider throwing in the towel. After getting engaged last week, Brick and Shelby wonder if they are moving too fast and end up making a difficult decision about their relationship. Annabeth wants to help Lavon end his feud with another town’s mayor, but Lavon isn’t interested in her tactics.

On the Road Again” (airing May 6) – In the season finale, Zoe decides that she wants to go back to New York City for a little while to try and get over the rough times she’s had in Bluebell lately. But there’s a medical emergency on her plane and she ends up with an unexpected companion for the trip (We’re guessing Jonah, but leave your guesses in the comments below!). Meanwhile, in Bluebell, George contemplates his relationship failures and bonds with Lily Anne. Lemon and Wade scramble to host a special concert at the Rammer Jammer and Lavon realizes that his nemesis (the other town’s mayor) has stolen something dear to him and he wants the townspeople to help him get it back.

Check out the video promo for “I’m Moving On” and then hit the comments and let us know which storylines have you most excited.

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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  1. I love zoe and wade!!! they all say she can’t go back with a cheater because it will set a bad example… she isn’t a good example anyway XD. She is 30 and acts like she is 13. When she has a problem she looks for alcohol or sex. so…
    I think lemon will help wade to get zoe back! oh and I think in the plane zoe will find george D:

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