REACTION: ‘General Hospital’ – Should Brenda Stay With Jax or Reunite with Sonny?


Jax and Brenda returned to Port Charles this week on General Hospital with a bombshell announcement for their exes — they’re engaged! What do you think about Jax and Brenda’s news? TVSource Magazine wants your reaction!

Should Brenda keep her engagement with Jax? Should Sonny fight to get Brenda back? Should Sonny and Carly reunite to spite their exes? Maybe Jax should take Carly back? However you stand, we want to know.

You’re allowed ONE vote per hour. If you attempt to vote more than the limit, you will be automatically banned from casting another vote for at least 4 hours.

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General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, weeknights on ABC.com and SOAPnet.

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  1. i think sonny and brenda should be together and carly needs to be with jax maybe carly would stop getting in the way of sonny and brenda way

  2. Sonny and Brenda should reunite. I think Carly is a hypocrite, about Michael and Brenda in bed together. Didn’t she sleep with her mothers husband? I don’t think Brenda slept with Michael, she is just trying to upset Carly, She is still in love with Sonny and think he loves her more than Kate/Conne.

  3. Whatever gets her out of town quickest. My FF button is getting a workout.

  4. absolutely

  5. I’m a HUGE Jax and Brenda fan but the point is they aren’t returning; they’re making guest appearances for the 50th anniversary of the show; so why should Brenda and Sonny reunite if he’s staying and she’s not? Have Brenda and Jax go off and be happy.

  6. Vanessa has gained 15pds of healthy weight she’s hasn’t had any cheek implants check your facts next time you start bashing a beautiful kind hearted women like Vanessa who’s more beautiful on the inside and out today three are not more kindhearted talented stars like Vanessa if thre were this world wouldn’t be so quick to pass judgement and mind their own business . I want Brenda and sonny.

  7. Sonny and Brenda belong together….they are endgame.

  8. Get more cheek implanta Vanessa! Gross!

  9. I absolutely think that Sonny and Brenda should be together. Carjax has their own unsettled issues to deal with. They aren’t even divorced so how is Jax trying to marry someone else. Carly told him she wasn’t signing yet which means she “aint” signing those papers. Sonny and Brenda are meant to be together and they need a chance finally at happiness. They def have my two thumbs up.

  10. reunite sonny and carly, and keep jax and brenda

  11. i love sonny and brenda and i’m happy that vanessa is back to fix the mess that guza did

  12. Brenda should leave. Guza ruined the character and the relationship.

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