Ashley Madekwe Leaving ‘Revenge’

Photo Credit: ABC

Ashley Madekwe will not return to ABC’s drama for its third season.

The scheming, two-faced, and lying Ashley Davenport will no longer be in the Hamptons when Revenge returns next season. Her character is being cut for storyline reasons, according to Deadline.

Madekwe portrayed Ashley Davenport for the first two seasons. The character transformed from Emily’s trusty, best friend to everyone’s secret enemy when she schemed her way into the personal lives of Hampton’s socialite, Victoria Grayson.  She bedded both Victoria’s husband, Conrad and her son, Daniel. By the end of season two, she’d worked Conrad’s campaign for governor, only to turn against him in the end, bringing an end to Ashley’s storylines.

This is the second character not returning for season three. Madekwe joins Connor Paolo, whose character Declan Porter was killed off in the season finale. The show is also experiencing changes at the helm. Creator Mike Kelley was also replaced by Sunil Nayar.

Will you miss Ashley Madekwe when the show returns this fall?