Spring Supercouple Showdown: Round 3

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Spring is almost here and in the soap world that means new pairings, rekindling of old romances and some very unexpected ones will be coming over the summer. Round 3 of TVSource Magazine’s Spring Supercouple Showdown has begun! Which couples will your votes move on to the fourth round?

Our staff compiled a list of every couple that was available for voting in our weekly Pulse Poll from January 1 to May 1 from The Bold and the BeautifulDays of our LivesGeneral Hospital and The Young and the Restless. Fans cast over 75,000 votes to determine the couples that would move on to round 3. Don’t forget to check out the Spring Supercouple Showdown Results: Round 2 and see how your favorites did.

Round 3 begins today and will run until Sunday, June 2 at 5:00PM/EST. Your votes will narrow the 16 couples below to 8, with the top two couples from each show receiving the most votes moving on to round 4.

After making a selection for each show, leave a comment and tell us why you voted for your favorites. You might convince someone to vote for them too!

[textblock style=”9″]UPCOMING SCHEDULE:

  • Round 3 (Determines Top 8): Friday, May 31 at 8:00AM Friday to Sunday, June 2 at 5:00PM
    • Round 3 Results: Sunday, June 2 at 9:00PM
  • Round 4 (Determines Final 4): Monday, June 3 at 8:00AM to Wednesday, June 5 at 5:00PM
    • Round 4 Results: Wednesday, June 5 at 9:00PM
  • Round 5 (Determines Winner): Thursday, June 6 at 8:00AM to Sunday, June 9 at 5:00PM
    • Round 5 Results: Sunday, June 9 at 9:00PM[/textblock]

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  1. Right ON! Chelsea is not deserving enough to be a Newman – she cant be by Adam’s side if she doesnt understand what TGVN means to him!!

  2. Wanna bet!

  3. Love your post & you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Adam doesn’t need this “spoiled, selfish child”. He needs a stong, mature woman. I nominate Sharon. I don’t understand why he’s moping over Chelsea.

  4. Had to vote for Chadam. They are simply the best of the best!

  5. Sorry cant vote for Chadam. Adam deserves more than a woman who would even consider conning him out his own child let alone give false hope to another poor soul! She looks like an immature child next to him – he needs a sultry strong powerful woman by his side!

  6. Totally agree and all longtime YR viewers do too! Avery and Chelsea do not hold a candle to our amazing vets such as Nikki, Mrs C, Jill, Sharon and Phyllis! No comparison!!!

  7. Sharon & Adam = Soapy Goodness!

  8. Team Niz all day long!!!

  9. My votes go to Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakas for Spring Supercouple.

  10. There has never been nor will there ever be a better super couple than Luke and Laura. They paved the way for all theses other couples. So, for someone who has been a fan for all theses years I would love to see them put these two back together and show how good things could be after 25 plus years of being together. For me, it will always be LNL………

  11. Best set of couples, for sure.

  12. How does them saying that you should like a commercial translate to them being jealous of a fictional couple?

  13. Adam told Jack on just last week that he still loves Chelsea. And on Friday’s Canada show he told Chelsea that he would wait for her. He loves her. Those are the facts on the screen. Whether you like it or not. Right now Sharon is not in Adam’s orbit. Will she be again?! Maybe. Do I care? Not really. I will never like them together and I don’t have to. I get that some people do and that’s fine. But I don’t make it a habit to call those fans names because everyone is entitled to like who they like.

    Right now the story is clearly Adam/Chelsea/Dylan…which I like. Sharon is a non-factor at this point.

  14. WOW…IDIOT really?!! Really mature.

  15. Luke and Laura all the way!

  16. Liam and Hope (B&B) get my vote all the way

  17. EJ and Sami and Liam and Hope Love these two couples.

  18. Will & Sonny they’re the only reason why I came back to watch Days.

  19. Voted and will continue to vote for EJ and Sami! Nobody hotter on Days!

  20. Adam DID NOT KICK SHARON TO THE CURB! Nor does he want Sharon out of his life, HE LOVES HER. He is being brainwashed by TEVN! I NEVER thought I see the day where Adam would do Victor’s bidding. Adam is becomming the old man’s puppet. However, I DO think Adam is just pretending w/ Vic. As for Sharon, she knew full well what she was getting into. HELL! ADAM TOLD HER! They agreed on it.
    Spoilers say a new woman enters Adam’s life. As much as I hate for Shadam to possibly come to an end;if Adam can’t br with his !&ONLY GREAT LOVE. SHARON; I’d rather see him w/ ANYONE, & I MEAN ANYONE than that lying, scheming. rapist, ugly, con-artist CHELSEA!!

  21. I am voting for Chadam!!! They make me smile….even when they are fighting. I love them.

  22. Not for long, you IDIOT! Not for long.

  23. Y&R’s Dylan and Chelsea. Steve Burton and Melissa Claire Egan are my favorite actors and now they are paired together. Woohoo. Love them, love their story. Both actors can do it all, and their sex scene was HOT! They are so cute making plans for the lil spice monster. I want them to work through their angst and stay together even after the truth is revealed. Haven’t been this excited about a new couple in a while.

  24. My votes are going to two couple who I have fallen in love with. The first one, my absolute favorite is Adam and Chelsea on YR. They are so magic together. The other couple is AJ and Elizabeth on GH. I know the writing for them sucks right now but I believe that they have the potential to be absolutely amazing.

  25. Sorry- almost every story.

  26. I totally agree but they are introduced slowly, not dominant. Every story somehow revolves around Chelsea, Avery or Leslie. Use them as flavor- not the main ingredient.

  27. Well said Roz! Would love to express my love for my favorites without all the “digs”, but whatever! I love my Quiz and Chadam too!

  28. Team Niz as always

  29. According to my favorites, my picks are the following:
    a. Chelsea and Adam (Y&R)
    b. Liam and Steffy (B&B)
    c. Will and Sonny (DOOL)
    d. A.J. and Liz (GH)
    These couples make me smile. I wish Lily and Cane were an option on Y&R but I’m perfectly happy with Adam and Chelsea. Watching those two is like watching an actual couple. Love CHADAM as much as I love Liam/Steffy, Will/Sonny, and A.J./Liz.
    I don’t know if the couples I love to watch will influence other people to make some indirect “dig” at my choices and I’m not sure if I care either way….all I know is that I really love these couples. To me, they’re magic, fun, angsty, organic, hilarious and passionate and I can’t imagine any of those shows without them. Really, I just can’t!

  30. Whatever you say. The point is that I like them and I don’t really care if you do or not.

  31. team Steam b&b of course, Ejami days, Niz GH and villy Y&R

  32. Put my vote in for EJ and Sami. Their chemistry is astounding, and their actors bring their A-game every single time. Love these two together.

  33. Every character at some point in time, started out as a “newbie.” Just saying. If it were not for newbies, we wouldn’t have a show, because we wouldn’t have any characters. Yeesh! Fifty years from now, hopefully Y&R will still be on, and the steady flew of newbies/viewers will see to that.

  34. There’s so much fuss over newbies in #YR- it didn’t make 40 years on propping newbies- it made 40 years by drawing on it’s rich history. Ease on the newbie action #YR. Yeesh.

  35. Chelsea Lawson Newman is the love of Adam Newman’s life. He loved her when they were married, he loves her now, he will always love her. Team Chadam!!!

  36. Shadam!!!!!!!’

  37. broken up for like 3 hours! and how about the time he was kissing Carly? i understand AJ is your fave! but he need to kick rocks and be with Carly since that is the one he really want.

  38. except that Adam loves Chelsea and is willing to wait for her to realize that. And last I checked…all Sharon was to Adam was a bed mate. She and her maid uniform have been kicked to the curb.

  39. well since Quiz were broken up at the time….it didn’t really bother me.

  40. Where you loving them when AJ was having sex with Carly? or did you pretend it never happened?

  41. LLLLLLLLooove Quiz :)

  42. I voted for the only reason I am watching GH again, AJ and Elizabeth. Team QUIZ!!! Love them!

  43. Without Hope there is no show!!! Team Hope and Liam.

  44. My vote goes to EJami, they are the hottest most passionate couple.

  45. Adam Newman and his love/wife (ex for now ) Chelsea are the very best thing about YR for me. The fact that they are not together now is just angst. It is very clear from both sides that they are still very much in love with one another. Chelsea is carrying Adam’s baby and it is my belief that they will reunite and raise the baby together. The Newmans are the very essence of the word super couple. They started as friends, outsiders to the whole town, and slowly but surely fell in love. Their happiness was ripped away when Chelsea miscarried their baby, but the new baby will be a fresh start for the couple.

  46. team steffy and liam forever

  47. “Why are you so obsessed with me?” Chelsea to the Sham fans! lol! Chadam!!!!!!!!!

  48. I voted Shadam, even though I’m a bit disappointed with NuShadam now. They are my Y&R super couple :)

  49. yes Shadam is the end game

  50. Ejami is the best couple on TV. I went years without watching a soap until I saw the EJ and Sami Chemistry. WOW they are amazing together.

  51. Love this post!

  52. Villy all the way – Best couple on TV!

  53. Shadam all the way- IMO- Chelsea will be just a footnote in the story of Sharon & Adam ;-)

  54. Villy is the perfect comb of sexy & romantic! BM & AH have mad chemistry, like no other duo on Y & R!!!

  55. Rafe and Sami they put the “R” in romantic
    Dylan and Chelsea the “F” in family
    Nicholas and Elizabeth the “L” in ever lasting love

  56. Chelsea brought so little to Adam’s life. She refused to understand how much his career, Newman or his dad mean to him. All she cared about is that she’s #1 in his life. Lying about the baby is his punishment for not bowing down to her. So now she’s latched on Dylan, who’s lost everything and is so desperate to have something in his life, he believes her lies. The gullible patsy willing to ignore the obvious and not question dates. Princess Chelsea’s perfect man, no other priorities but her.

  57. Luke and Laura are the original Super Couple on GH!


    AJ is not the right man for Elizabeth. It hasn’t even been a month since she started seeing him and, she has already caught him kissing Carly, He practically called her a slut because he was jealous, and He has already had sex with Carly during their 3hr breakup! i think this is foreshadowing as to what is to come with her relationship to AJ. Given all that has happened i love Elizabeth way to much to want her to go through that again.

  59. My heart is with Chadam :) And Quiz….who could have the potential to be just as awesome as Chadam if the writers of GH would give them a chance.

  60. Vote Team Lope (Liam and Hope )and Ejami ( Ej and Sami ).

  61. Ejami – they have a long history. Sammi is a bad girl – E.J. and her make Salem interesting. I want to see them rule the town. I used to love Shadam but the writers are ruining this for me. Now I almost wish they would find a way to reunite SHick/
    I love Dylan with Chelsea. I hope the writers give us some romance for them. They look good together.

  62. team steffy and liam all the way

  63. I totally agree with you! I do think a lot of people punish Hope for her mother’s sins. People seem to “want” Steffie to win because Taylor never won Ridge over Brook.

    I will say that Hope was immature and naive and that is why she lost Liam. Steffie, being more experienced (not slutty) knew how to turn Liam’s head. Hope was not prepared for how devious Steffie was. I feel sorry for Steffie because she will never have Liam’s heart like Hope does and she needs to find her own man. She is young, rich and beautiful. She needs to stop her Brooke vendetta -it is not Hope’s fault about Ridge. Steffie could have treated Hope like a little sister , instead SHE has made her a rival.

    I think Hope needs to focus on herself for a while but Liam know she is there when he wakes up and realizes he wants them to be together. I do think Liam cares for Steffie and if there were no Hope, he might have been happy with her.

    I think Liam and Hope are a beautiful couple. I did like how they had Hope waiting for marriage – that was nice. I hated how Bill tried to make to criticize Hope for that. It was a nice message for young woman. It was Hope’s dream and IMO a lot of people ruined that for her. I don’t think she was ready for sex yet and there is NO shame in that. It messed her up. esp that Liam was still involved with Steffie.

    Of course, Hope has made mistakes too but people need to cut her some slack. She is very young yet.
    I have nothing against Steffie either but I think a man like Bill is more her type.

  64. Shadam all the way

  65. Liam and Hope get my vote

  66. I’m with you too, canada gal. Shadam needs a baby of their own. Sharon loves Adam so much, she’d be over the moon to be carrying Adam’s child & Adam would be so thriied, he’d stop obsessing over the 2-bit rapist con. Sharon might even be pregnant now. Another twist to the sl. Added Bonus–it would really ruffle Victor’s feathers,

  67. BATIE Bill and KATIE all the way

  68. Voted for my favorite GH couple, AJ & Elizabeth. Love QUIZ!!!

  69. Vote for Lope and Ejami they both are a supercouple and soulmates .

  70. Sounds like your a little jealous of Chadam.. The threat is real for Shadam.. Adam no longer loves only Sharon anymore. Team Chadam and baby Newman!

  71. Elizabeth and Nikolas are the bomb!

  72. My votes are going to Quiz as well. I love them

  73. TeamChadam!!! They belong together. Adam loves her. She loves him. They will be reunited.

  74. In my books they have always been a SUPERCOUPLE.Ejami!!!

  75. No B, you have me confused. I have never ever liked Sham. Again, worry about yourself. That seems to be the problem with you stalker Sham fans.

  76. Shadam all the way!

  77. No need to b*tch me out, just asking an honest questions since you earlier posted a pro-Shadam comment before you changed your name.

  78. “I still love Chelsea” Chadam FTW!!!

  79. Shadam all the way they have a history, mystery, angst, a reason to be, they cant quit one another, they light up the screen while together or apart. They take the bad boy good girl love story to a whole new level! Bring It On!

  80. I am voting for AJ/Elizabeth from GH. Adam/Chelsea from YR and EJ/Sami from DOOL.

  81. I am right there with you Canada Gal! Hell yeah to a Shadam baby or two!

  82. LnL all the way! They are the best and belong together! They are soulmates and the love of each others lives!

  83. “You can’t have it both ways” lol! She can have it anyway SHE wants. Take my bloody baby fresh from by uterus, and I’ll think it’s sexy-the worst love story in history!!!! I’m sorry, it’s not a love story, just a series of bad hookups, which only happened, when she didn’t have another man on top of her.

  84. Team Steam all the way…!!!

  85. Team Stem all the way…!!!

  86. Wilson, I’m crazy about you. Love you guys sooooooooooooooo much!

  87. Amen to that : )

  88. Yeah right, you’re okay with the baby napper as long as it is not Sharon. You make no sense, if he is so terrible then your fave should stay clear from him, but no.. Sounds like hypocrisy to me. No matter how you spin it, you can’t have it both ways.

  89. sounds like a tuna commercial, lol

  90. Love. Love , Love Chadam! Because he loves her more!

  91. Nicholas and Elizabeth! it’s that simple people.

  92. I am sick and tried of people saying Sharon is to old to have kids. Excuse me, unless you’re menopausal, then you have every right to have more children. Get your heads out of the sand ladies, there is life after any age. I say hell yeah to a Shadam baby!

  93. Chadam all the way!!

  94. voted for Quiz Love AJ and Elizabeth

  95. Vote for Team Liam and Hope LOPE B&B and Ejami DOOL..Those two are the best .The actor who plays Liam says Liam thinks he and Hope are soulmates and I totally agree.They were together first until alot of people decide to plot to ruin it .At first he was like this geek who had no one in the world who would give him the time of day ,no Forrester ,no Spencer but guess who saw the best in him Hope Logan .Hope was there for him before and after he found out Bill Spencer was his dad and his father wanted Liam to be like him, didn’t want him to be tied down to one woman .The father never liked Hope .He wants Liam his son to be with his type of woman like is is ex lover Steffy even when his son has told him over and over he wanted Hope Logan .They even trapped Hope in a gondola like an animal to keep her away from Liam ,ruin Liam and Hope wedding day.Well just recently Liam told his father that Hope is his first love and pointed to his heart that Hope is here.Liam wonders what if there wasn’t a baby would he have chosen Steffy .Why does Bill have to always try to convince Liam to go with Steffy thats because he knows who Liam really wants (HOPE ) thats why he keeps telling him over and over Steffy is the right woman.Liam has never chosen Steffy over Hope and you cant count the time with the pregnancy a baby was involve and chances are he would have chosen Hope if there was no baby.If you listen to Bill you would think he was the one inlove with Steffy with all the speeches he gives to Liam convincing him why Steffy is better than Hope and he should be with her..Leffy was all about Lust and alot of lies,manipulations and too many people messing with Lope’s relationship thats why they were together .Steffy used her sexuality to try to get Hope out of Liam’s mind but it never did work.

  96. My votes go to Steam, Quiz, Ejami, and Chadam

  97. Chadam for the win!

  98. Luke and Laura!

  99. I voted for sweet funny AJ&Liz of course. Not for the vile affair that left a bitter aftertaste.

  100. team steam

  101. Vote For STEAM Liam and Steffy For B&B they are the best couple they are the real soulmates and Supercouple. GH A.J and Elizabeth. Y&R Billy and Victoria. DOOL Ej and sam.

  102. AJ and Elizabeth!!!!!!

  103. Stay confused, because it’s none of your business. :) Worry about yourself!

  104. Well said, Roxanne!!!!!!!!!

  105. I want the supercouple too be Liam Spencer & Hope Logan. They belong together. Cause they have never had the chance of being together with everyone getting involve fore them to have problem & lies too keep them apart. They deserve a chance as well.

  106. Chadam!!!! Quiz!!!

  107. So are you a Chadam or Shadam fan, I am confused…

  108. Team Shadam all the way!

  109. Adam and Chelsea!!!! I LOVE them!!!!

  110. Shadam always they are the best. In my opinion Shadam is much better than. EJ and Sammy At least Adam never raped Sharon. EJ kidnapped Sammys baby and raped her so which is worse. Sharon forgave Adam just as Sammy for gave EJ time to move on folks. Sharon and Adam are the hottest couple on Day Time TV.

  111. Niz get my vote always!

  112. Shadam always for the Y&R fan!

  113. EJami!!! #Shadam!!!!!

  114. My vote is for Sharon & Adam!!!!!!!

  115. ShADaM!!

  116. Ejami and Lope .Liam believes Hope is his soulmate just ask Scott Clifton his words not mine.Vote for Lope and Ejami .

  117. My vote goes to the awesome Chadam!. No better couple on Y&R. Love their Chemistry!

  118. LOL, Because rooting for Shadam is such a non sick thing? LOL.. Imagine this, the man that steals your baby and tells you that it is dead for the first year of her life, Then, allows you to be locked up in prison when he has proof of your innocence and tosses it out. Sick? Yes it applies here to Shadam. The topper is that Sharon allows Adam to use her for meaningless sex and she gets so offended when he kicks her to the curb. Then, she decides to take some more abuse by wanting to be his friend (After he dismissed her hardcore) and he kicks her to the curb ONCE AGAIN.. Yes, THAT is sick.. Keep in mind that he still pines for his ex wife the one that he told Sharon that he loves more than her. Shadam is a joke.. Sick for supporting Chadam? Perhaps you better look in Shadams closet before you throw those accusations out.

  119. SHADAM ALL THE WAY. Where are all the Shadam supporters? Come on, People!! We cant let the Chadam supporters win! Chadam is SOOOOOOOOO BORING & their supporters are SICK!!

  120. Luke and Laura are the original Super Couple!

  121. Team Steam! Liam and Steffy are true soulmates. They are the best thing on B&B.

  122. Liam & Steffy Spencer are Soulmates. They are this generation’s Luke & Laura. They are real love and have a truly unbreakable & Powerful bond. A once in a life time inserperable and irreplaceable love. Such a dynamic duo.

    Luke & Laura are such a dynamic and powerful Super Couple who have been in love and also entertained us for over 4 decades and we still can’t get enough of them.

    Ejami! What can I say about them? Nobody! I mean Nobody does love in the afternoon better. These two were created to be together. EJ & Sami are the King & Queen of daytime right now.

    Adam & Chelsea Newman are ON FIRE! It is like the writers decided to unite Tidbelt & Joan of Arc and create an awe inspiring passion inducing couple of the millenium. They fight and an explosion shakes the cosmic universe ans creates a universe that only these to exist in and no one can touch or get two. And when they love you can’t help but stand at attention and watch what happens next, especially when this dynamic duo are scheming. Even when they are scheming against eachother. I would say they are this generations answer to Victor & Nikki but CHADAM does it better.

  123. Chadam baby!! <3

  124. Team LOPE (LIAM AND HOPE) all the way!!! They’re Star-Crossed, Soulmates and a Supercouple!!!

  125. i really like liam and steffy as a couple i think they make sense and i was really touched by their loss……

  126. Love Ejami…<3

  127. Chelsea and ADAM

  128. Wilson for the win you can see they are in love and they are hands down one of the supercouple of Days.

  129. I sound like a nut. Wilson are from days….I only watch their music vids, just to clarify. love them!

  130. Chylan are the best couple on YR right now :)

  131. I don’t watch days but if I did I bet I would ship Ejami ;)

  132. Lope and Ejami the best in soaps right now :)


  134. Chelsea and Dylan!

  135. WilSon are soo nice together. Would love to see a more a passionate romance.

  136. Voted for steam of course, and chadam too!

  137. Adam and Chelsea Newman have it all and I can’t wait for them to be reunited :)

  138. Ejami!! <3

  139. Voted for Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber. 16 years of history (friendship, love, hate, sorrow, happiness, you name it)!

  140. Love ALL the couples you mentioned!!! Only thing that would make it more perfect would be to add Ejami in there. <3

  141. liam and steffy forever

  142. Chadam!!!

  143. Steam, Chadam, Wilson, Lante

  144. voted for Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakas for spring couple They are adorable and hope they stay together!!!

  145. Nicholas and Elizabeth

  146. EJ DiMera and Sami Brady = That crazy, sexy, sweet, beloved Supercouple of Days of our Lives that’s reigning over Salem in all their gorgeous glory.

  147. Lante <3

  148. Chadam!!!!!

  149. Chylan, Will/Sonny, Nik/Elizabeth, Liam/Steffy!

  150. Voted for Nikolas and Elizabeth of course

  151. My votes go to Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakas for Spring Supercouple.

  152. Billy and Victoria = supercouple

  153. My vote is for Will/Sonny.

  154. Chadam And Lante Forever

  155. Will and Sonny <3

  156. I am voting for Quiz.

  157. EJ & Sami are the super of ever.

  158. I continue to vote for my favorite couple, Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakas. They personify what true love looks like. They are totally committed to each other, and I admire that.

  159. Wilson !

  160. Chadam is my favorite couple. They get my vote.

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