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‘Days of our Lives’ Preview: May 6 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, ghosts of the past need to be confronted if Kristen’s going to have a future with Brady. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s Days of our Lives preview for the week of May 6, 2013.

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Ghost of You and Me

Kristen is forced to confront her past when Brady stuns her with news of plans to adopt. Overwhelmed with the prospect, she revisits the old secret room in the DiMera Mansion and faces the ghosts of her past.

Roman and John have another confrontation over Marlena. Sami pulls a gun on Nick after he accosts her. Rafe learns the truth about Nick. EJ is hurt when he overhears Johnny tell Sami he preferred living with Rafe. Sami confronts Stefano for double-crossing her.

DVR Alerts

Tuesday—Jennifer has an unexpected visitor

Friday—Nicole and Vargas have a tense encounter

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  1. Ditto

  2. still it is not can always like/love your stepor ex-step parents but your parents always come first ! I know from experience actually, i loved my step-dad (he is dead this year and i am really sad about it can’t even speak about it..too soon i guess) but with my dad while our relationship is hard and quite a roller coaster..he is my dad and always will be..the bond, the love the strong bond is here weither i want it or not..

  3. I know Johnny loves Rafe and was really happy to see him whenever Rafe came around, but to have him say he would rather live with Rafe instead of EJ I do not believe that.
    Johnny was so thrilled on NYE when he saw Sami and EJ were together. I know he is young and is easily influenced. He has special memories of Rafe (FBI jacket, stuffed penguin), but to have him say that is not realistic. I do not remember Rafe ever having a problem with Will and Sonny. I do not remember Rafe ever saying anything negative about Will being gay. I know he was upset with Will about getting Gabi pregnant and taking her to the abortion clinic, but not about his sexuality.

  4. The story line would have been better to say Johnny misses Rave, not that he would rather live with him over his own father. EJ has proven his love for his children when he gave them to Sami to raise even though it broke his heart. EJ wanted the jacket for Johnny because he loved his son. I didn’t like Rave’s comments about Johnny and his sister,” that they were going to be messed up just like their brother Will.” Does Rave even know what he believes or does he get his kicks out just being the one to put others down. Rave started out having a problem with Will and Sonny. I have watched those comments several times when Sami, EJ and Rave were in the church. In my mind Rave would not be a good father figure for children with a mind set of Will being messed up! Please let Rave father a child with Nicole of his own so he will know the love of a real father or pull his plug.

  5. Damn auto correct it should say Johnny is a little boy not brother

  6. I think it is actually really understandable. I have a step dad who my mom divorced and I still miss him and visit him alot. Johnny and Rafe were really close, plus Johnny is a little bothers doesn’t really understand the whole divorce thing all he knows is Rafe is his friend and he misses him.

  7. i meant ‘live’ not leave

  8. Fuck this Johnny spoiler..why Ej’s children (Johnny particularly) have to prop Rafe ?!! Johnny should not give a damn about Rafe and be just the most happiest to leave with his parents who are finally happy together and form a REAL family for him and his siblings ! Be more realistic Dool instead of always trying to prop your pet characters (Rafe, Gabby, Daniel..) if you want people to watch !

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