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General Hospital Preview: May 27 Edition

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Laura Wright (Carly), Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) and Chad Duell (Michael) in a scene that airs the week of May 27, 2013 on ABC's "General Hospital." "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH13 (ABC/Ron Tom) BRADFORD ANDERSON, LAURA WRIGHT, REBECCA HERBST, CHAD DUELL

Next week on General Hospital, revelations rip through the fabric of friends and family, reaching deep and far and causing ripples beyond the initial reveal. Nothing will be the same after this. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of May 27, 2013.

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Note:  On Monday, May 27, ABC will re-air the 50th Anniversary Episode “Heart and Soul”, originally aired 4/2/13.


In a moment of clarity, self-realization, and probably crushing loneliness, Luke returns to see Tracy after absorbing her sublime and epic life lesson, and admits he’s being unfair to her.  While they talk, Luke is stricken suddenly, and Tracy rushes him to the hospital, where tests reveal he may be seriously ill. Typically nonchalant and in denial, Luke initially refuses treatment, but it is Tracy who once again cajoles, threatens, and reasons him into acting like an adult. How long he can sustain it, however, is the question.  When she happens upon sheets knotted for escape, she may have her answer.

Long Road Out of Eden

After weeks of seeing glimpses and blurry images of a suppressed, life, Lulu’s memory returns with unexpected suddenness and clarity.  She recalls everything that happened with Stavros, including what was going on with the white dress and flowers.  She sits Dante down and tells him everything. All of it. And now the question is: can their marriage survive the revelations?


The mysterious, blonde, pointy-boots clad stranger (henceforth MBPB) visits the Quartermaine crypt, while at the same time certain key people receive disturbing text messages.  Everyone converges at the Haunted Star, wondering who invited them and why. They’re all rendered speechless by the identity of their host, and the evening erupts in chaos.

Also Next Week

Morgan gets drawn back into online gambling, while Michael and Kiki share something more than a T-shirt, and then mutually agree not to tell Morgan about it. Because that works so well on these shows.   Alexis urges Nikolas not to place his dreams with Liz, even as he debates revealing AJ’s stopover at Carly.

Source Look Ahead: June 3, 2013 Edition

The custody battle for Rafe heats up when Sam, represented by Alexis and Silas, represented by Diane, head to court. Lulu’s recovery makes news among friends and family.

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