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TOLN Announces New Headwriters for ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’


On the heels of the decision to cut the number of episodes per week in half, The Online Network announced another major change coming to All My Children and One Life to Live on Friday. New headwriters have been selected for each.

Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes will be taking the helm at All My Children while Jessica Klein and Marin Gazzaniga will be the new headwriters for One Life to Live. Jason Seidel will also be joining the OLTL writing staff. Prospect Park said the following in a press release:

“We are excited for the opportunity to put the lives of our characters in the capable hands of the new writing staff. We appreciate their commitment to great storytelling that will build upon an already solid foundation for the residents of Llanview and Pine Valley.”

All of the writers have impressive résumés. Connor, currently the script editor for AMC, has won four Writers Guild Awards and a Daytime Emmy. In addition to AMC, she has worked on Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live and As the World Turns.

Hayes, who was currently a script writer on AMC, also worked on Melrose Place as a producer, writer and director. Rebecca Taylor, Suzanne V. Johnson, Joanna Cohen and Tara K. Walsh round out the writers for All My Children.

On the One Life to Live side, Klein has previously worked on As the World Turns and Beverly Hills, 90210. Gazzaniga has been a part of As the World Turns, Arthur and So Close. Both were promoted from their current staff writing positions. Alex Douglas and Seidel will be their staff writers.

Agnes Nixon, who created both shows, also issued a statement to the press on the AMC changes.

“It is now my pleasure to announce that the future stories involving the lives of All My Children’s beloved characters are from now on in the capable hands of the co-head writers Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes, both of whom have a long and stellar history with our program. Lisa Connor collaborated with me on the final draft of the All My Children Twenty – Fifth Anniversary Family Album. For two years she also served as a line producer of the program and was creatively involved in plotting and writing daily episodes since 2002.”

“In addition to his six years as a producer on Melrose Place, Chip Hayes in 2003, became a vital member of those devising the ongoing drama of All My Children. He remains in this crucial work through its incarnation on the internet. I agree with Prospect Park’s decision to replace the head writing team for All My Children.”

“However, I particularly want to thank Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder for their incredibly positive dedication to the show and their constant helpful attitude during many long hours of intense work. It is greatly appreciated.”

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  1. Hope these people get the moronic police department in PV & Llanview out of the 19th century. Really Jesse looking at paper train schedules & dumb bunny Natalie not knowing that Todd & Victor have identical DNA, plus not taking Todd’s hair to prove he was poisoned with arsenic, really people, they should be fired.

  2. I hope these changes recharged the reboots. AMC seems to be doing good with their current story line for the most part but my poor OLTL has sadly been all over the place. I think it is a good idea to have writers that are not only experienced in daytime soaps but also prime time soaps also. They will be able to handle to new change to the one hour a week.

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