Spring Supercouple Showdown: Vote for your ‘it’ couples


Spring is almost here and in the soap world that means new pairings, rekindling of old romances and some very unexpected ones will be coming over the summer. TVSource Magazine has put together a fan voted contest we call “Spring Supercouple Showdown” to determine the “it” couples for spring.

Our staff compiled a list of every couple that was available for voting in our weekly Pulse Poll from January 1 to May 1 from The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless. Couples from All My Children and One Life to Live will not be available until our Summer Supercouple Showdown poll in July.

Preliminary voting takes place from Friday – Sunday. The top 8 couples from each show will make up the 32 couples available for voting in the first round. Your votes will narrow those 32 couples to 16, 8, 4 and eventually a winner for the Spring Supercouple Showdown will be crowned!

After making a selection for each show, leave a comment and tell us why you voted for your favorites. You might convince someone to vote for them too!

Note: You are allowed to vote multiple times

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  1. I wasn’t aware we could leave comments. Cool!

    How many ways can I express my undying ♥ for CHADAM (Chelsea and Adam)?
    I’ve “ahhed and ooed” at their sizzling bedroom (and not-so-bedroom) scenes.
    I’ve smiled deliriously at their flirtatious and playful teasing.
    I’ve cried when they’ve suffered and lost, and swooned when Adam would sweep Chelsea off her feet.

    I’ve rushed home from work to get a glimpse of their fights and have stayed glued to my chair when they’d look at each other, with smiles in their eyes. I have loved watching Adam and Chelsea friendship evolve into a love neither could live without nor deny and it has been a worthwhile journey. Their angsty fights and passionate kisses took my breath away. Their playful teasing made me smile from ear to ear. There isn’t anything better than a big hefty dose of CHADAM love and I do hope I’m lucky enough to see more in the future.

    Although, I’ll admit, Dylan and Chelsea are pretty HOT too. I’m excited for CHADAM and CHYLAN and I can’t wait to see what the Adam/Chelsea/Dylan triangle has in store for Y&R fans. I just can’t wait.

    Last note: RIP Jeane Cooper! I’ll always remember you as the fiesty dame, Katherine.

  2. EJ and his Samantha because just by being together they make the world a little better ,more romantic and for just a little while I’m convinced anything is possible and that if you truly love someone(as EJ does Samantha) they will always come back to you. Now that’s a supercouple!

  3. I am still Team Chadam but Dylan is really good for Chelsea. My favorite part is how he takes care of her and protects her from Adam which in turn makes his blood boil. Nothing wrong with that! ;)

  4. please don’t vote for brain and sonny please vote for will and sonny vote for Wilson all the way they belong together they meant for each other

  5. Young & Restless’ Billy Miller & Amelia Heinle are just AMAZING! They make Billy & Victoria Abbott so realistic, that’s why I love them! Not a typical soap cliche, they act like a real life couple!

  6. And after all that, they still suck. Shadam is the second worst pairing on Y&R ever!!! The first: Shictor! The Shadam pairing ruined Sharon Newman! No woman in her right mind, would ever date her child’s kidnapper! The most hated pairing like ever, stealing the show? lol!

    Everyone on this board seems really confident in who they love, why are you so defensive? If they are so great, why do care if a person loves Chadam?

  7. It’s Shadam with the awkward love scenes? Please. That failed attempt at sexy strip poker, and Chelsea gasping and giggling isn’t exactly hot in my books. Shadam has a plethora of hot as hell love scenes and a history of passion and temptation that beats out caveman Shick any day. Shictor (as is well documented) was a misuse of power on MAB’s part and was quickly remedied as soon as her butt got fired. I don’t buy the all of a sudden Chelsea is ‘the love of Adam’s life’ BS. Just like Avery, Chelsea needs way too much propping. Adam is a complex character and I believe that once the Chelsea props can’t hold her up anymore, the history and chemistry between MM and SC will once again steal the show.

  8. EJ and Sami ,7 years later and they still have the fire!

  9. Will and Sonny are just a supercouple that has always interesting. You can actually see that they love each other and this couple will be the ones to watch on DAYS. You can see that they love each other so much and that this couple will be the one to take it all the way.

  10. I voted for Quiz and Chadam :) On GH I love the easy and fresh start that Elizabeth and AJ have found with one another. They deserve to have a chance to be a great couple. On YR I love love love the pairing of Chelsea and Adam. It is clear to me that Adam is still very much in love with Chelsea and once he finds out that she really is carrying his baby, I hope that he will do his very best to convince Chelsea of his love and they will reunite and raise their child.

  11. Just voted for Shadam – Sharon and Adam Newman as the It couple. They are the It Couple spring-summer-fall-winter. All year long need my Shadam to light up my t.v. screen. The best “it” couple ever. Michael Muhney and Sharon Case. No one does it better than these two.


  13. Love Sami & EJ more then any other couple on day or evening TV. Ali & James have so much chemistry.

  14. I like Dylan and Chelsea, but I love Adam and Chelsea!

  15. I love Chelsea with Dylan now. I was Team Chadam but it’s been wrecked for me and I don’t know if they can get back what they had. Dylan is so good to Chelsea! I am excited to see everything that is coming up for them. I almost wish he really were the father of the baby. Adam bores me with his selfish whining and carrying on as if Chelsea hurt him, when it was the other way around. All that sleazy awkward jerky sex with Sharon was gross. He needs to look in the mirror. He seems to only want what he can’t have. Chylan have me over big time!! I think Steve Burton and Melissa Claire Egan are visually stunning and have amazing chemistry! I’m so glad to see Dylan moving on and so animated/happy!! Chelsea has done wonders for Dylan.

  16. A supercouple is one that has endured the test of time…ups and downs…breakups..holding a special place in their heart for one another even when they are with someone else, having lots of chemistry, sexy as hell and being around to comfort one another when a crisis occurs, a history that remains intact because of a special bond…..these are qualities that EJami have . EJami is a complex couple that compliments one another’s good and bad qualities. They have a love story full of controversity at times, but it is not one dimentional and will never end. Thanks to the dynamic acting duo of James Scott and Alison Sweeney for portraying the hottest and may I say the supercouple in soapland, EJ DiMera and Sami Gene Brady, effectionately known as EJami.

  17. Shadam all the way. The have passion, love, chemistry that light up the screen. They are the it couple of Y&R today and tomorrow

  18. Shadam IS the couple!

  19. Chadam!!! They are the reason I started back watching Y&R.

  20. Elizabeth Webber is my favorite character on GH. I have enjoyed every single on of the pairing that she has been a part of. And when they started the potential pairing between her and the newly returned AJ Quartermaine, who has also always been a favorite of mine, I was thrilled. I have enjoyed every single aspect of their six month buildup. The friendship, the lingering looks, the easy touches. Even after plasts from the pasts Carly and Nikolas entered the picture, my love for AJ and Liz together never went away. Carly and Nikolas represent times in my faves lives that left them both feeling self destructive and self hate. They do not need to be revisit. Despite what is currently happening on my screen, I am sticking with my love for AJ and Liz. They have the potential to be the next Edward and Lila Quartermaine.

  21. Great point! Villy are each other’s #1, not a consolation prize or what’s turning them on for now. VILLY FOR THE WIN!!

  22. Billy Abbott & Victoria Newman Abbott are soooo hotttt! This sexy duo sizzles on the screen! Villy is the bomb!!

  23. From a person who believes Sharon is Adam’s real love. Lol! She left him blind, and made nasty love to his father. What do they have in common? Nada! Sharon belongs with Nick. He is the love of her life. Chelsea’s is Adam’s. They are everything!!!! Much more than a couple of bad awkward sex scenes. The wedding, the letter, and the proposal. Shadam: a maid uniform. Lol!

  24. Mac and Felicia are just romantic, simplistic and fun to watch!

  25. Sharon and Adam light up the screen and each other’s hearts. They are star crossed lovers meant to finally come together at last .

  26. Liz and Prince Nikolas are the hottest pair ever. They deserve a second chance on GH, Becky and Tyler are perfection. History, chemistry. love, family angst, and hottttt Turrett Room love scenes in the castle!

  27. I am loving Chelsea and Adam on YR. They are such a great couple and I hope that once the truth comes out, they will reunite and raise the baby together. I am also voting for AJ and Elizabeth on GH. I wasn’t sure about them at first but even the tiny little scenes that we do get with thim defines they charming and magnetic chemistry between them. I hope that they will get a real chance at love with no more third party involvement.

  28. No illusions? Uh she’s pretending her baby’s father is Dylan. Sounds like an illusion, and a delusion. Sorry. Chadam is a fail.

  29. Adam and Sharon Newman. They will find their way back to eachother- although I strongly believe it will take Sharon falling for a different man for Adam to open his eyes. He took her love for granted and seemed to think the grass was greener on the Lawson yard. Well, it isn’t. Chelsea isn’t adam’s great love. It always has been and always will be the beautiful Sharon Newman.

  30. My fave couple is definitely EJ and Sami on Days, but I’m also rooting for Nikolas and Liz on GH!

  31. OMG!! No contest Adam and Chelsea!!!

  32. I was a CHADAM cheerer until Dylan and Chelsea became intimate. Now CHYLAN is where my heart is not only because Adam hurt Chelsea with Sharon but because Dylan is an upstanding GUY. Chelsea will never be alone with Adam in their marriage bed–Sharon will always be there, smack dab in the middle! So let Adam have his Sharon with my blessings! I’d rather CHELS be with someone who will be faithful and loyal and champion her and place her above all others! Go CHYLAN!

  33. Y & R’s Villy are MAGICAL! They ONLY have eyes for each other since they first fell in love. Yeah, Chelsea tried to steal Billy but she had to drug him to get him to sleep w/ her and he still was thinking of Vicki! Some would call that rape! Villy, unlike other so called couples who swap partners every either day, ie, Chelsea gives Dylan goo goo eyes one second but still pines for Adam, Avery professes her love for NIck then is drooling over Dylan, Adam is hot & heavy for Sharon but can’t stop thinking about Chelsea, only want each other. Sorry these other fast & dirty couples are’t SUPER, they’re CONFUSED!!! Villy is not. Yeah they’ve had hardships and problems but that doesn’t take away from how much they love each other. Villy forever!

  34. Adam & Sharon all the way!

  35. My vote goes to Nikolas and Elizabeth on GH. Those two are fire! So much history, chemistry, passion and love between them. Definitely where it’s at!


  37. Love EJ & Sami. Their chemistry is off the charts. They are exciting when they are fighting, loving, scheming and everything in between

  38. EJ/Sami and Chelsea/Adam two best young couples in daytime.

  39. YR’s Dylan and Chelsea.

  40. Absolutely!!

  41. Adam and Chelsea Newman all the way.

  42. Chelsea is Adam’s home. Chadam is the best!

  43. Chadam is forever!

  44. Help! I’ve always liked Chelsea and Adam, and now I’m head over heels for Chelsea and Dylan. Ultimately, I voted Chylan as I want to see where things go with them.

  45. Adam and Chelsea!!! No illusions no delusions! Just real love!!! Chadam!

  46. tyler and lily all the way!!!

  47. Love the chemistry between Luke and Laura history, passion and ultimate romance.

  48. EJami!!

  49. #EJami!!!! #TeamEJami! Nothing beats this amazing couple finally together at last! #DAYS New Generation of Supecouple for the WIN! #EJami #EJami #EJami2013

  50. Brian and Sonny were never a “couple”

  51. SHADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Chadam! Nothing else but Chadam!

  53. When another soap couple can match Niktor’s 30 years of dominance, then they can be called a super couple. Victor & Nikki are a big reason why Y & R has more than 5 million viewers, none of they other soaps or they’re couples come close!!!

  54. Well really most of these couple are hardley super couples and the name supercouple should be for super couples not parings anyone is called a super couple these days and that’s sad because super couples were always different then Reagan parings they went beyond just a couple their chemistry were amazing they helped ratings the only super couple I see today is Ejami they can truly be called a super couple because they fit the standards of real supercouples .

  55. VILLY FOR THE WIN!!! Love them since they first got together in 2010. Yeah they’ve had their share of hardships but they’re love for each other is unwavering!!

  56. Billy & Victoria are Daytime’s super couple. No other couple comes close to their amazing chemistry! Love Amelia & Billy, they bring so much realness to their characters.

  57. Shadam is the couple to vote for on YR. They ARE the “IT” couple. No other couple holds a candle to them & no other actor can hold a candle to Michael Muhney & Sharon Case. Adam & Sharon gave what it taked to be a “SUPER COUPLE”.

  58. Love, Love Adam and Chelsea together..

  59. Adam and Chelsea

  60. I voted for Chad and Abby on Days, Adam and Chelsea on YR and Liz and AJ on GH. To me, these couple have the most intense and believable chemistry on these shows. Its natural and fun and should be explored with all the possibilities in the world.

  61. My vote goes to the amazing Chadam

  62. I voted Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis for Supercouple. Wilson 4 Life!

  63. My heart bleeds Chelsea and Dylan. First couple I’ve really been into in years. Steve Burton and Melissa Claire Egan are just fantastic together. I cannot wait to see more of them. In fact, I am hoping they stay together as a family even when the truth about the baby comes out and Adam leaves them alone. He had his chance with Chelsea and now it’s Dylan’s time! Chylan all the way!

  64. Voted for EJ & Sami the #1 Supercouple in daytime!!! Their scenes together never disappoint, they are sexy, playful and heartfelt! James Scott and Alison Sweeney are amazing actors with off the charts chemistry like I have never seen before!! Thank you Days for finally giving us Ejami!!!!

  65. Adam and Chelsea and their baby

  66. WilSon is the definitely the best Supercouple. Not only were Will and Sonny great friends for over a year before they became a couple but they are the happiest couple in Salem even though they’ve already been put through a lot together and have had to fight for their love. They are the real deal and their love is forever no matter what happens.

  67. #EJAMI all the way. ♥

  68. I mean is there even a question. I 10000000000% voted for WilSon on Days of our Lives. They are the Supercouple of the Millennium. Heck Chandler and Freddie both, and I mean BOTH of them got Daytime Emmy nominations this year. How can they not be a supercouple!

    I also voted for Patrina. Patrick and Sabrina from GH! I love those two!

  69. Hahaa. Dream on!

  70. My vote goes to Sharon and Adam. Hottest couple on Y&R and the only reason I watch.

  71. On GH, I voted for AJ & Liz. They’re fresh, funny, sweet, caring and sexy. They both deserve a chance at happiness. Also they don’t have the baggage of the ugliest affair in the history of GH that should never be revisited ever again… SK and BH are chemistry machines!

  72. Right on! My nightly routine is watch videos of Sami declaring her love for EJ and the proposal in addition to any other vids that have EJami in them!

  73. EJ and Sami are the It Couple in my eyes! Ever since EJ appeared in Salem to make trouble for the Bradys, there has been an attraction that Sami tried to deny but finally gave up! Thrilled their fans to no end because there is so much heat generating on our tvs whenever they are on screen together, our tvs are smokin’ hot! Their chemistry is undeniable and Ali Sweeney and James Scott bring the Dynamic Duo to life in our living rooms. They are a strikingly beautiful couple that has delighted EJami fans for the past 7 years!

  74. Brian and Sonny have the chemistry that Will and Sonny do not have. I hope DAYS has the good sense to bring Brant back now that he has finished shooting Army Wives and give he and Sonny a real story because they are so hot together!

  75. Chelsea and Adam Chadam all the way! No matter how flawed Chelsea’s logic about her baby daddy, she stands up to Adam and does not allow herself to be used by him! Ruthless Adam shows a vulnerable side with Chel that is like that of no other! They make a beautiful couple that are truly protective of one another!

  76. There is no comparing the chemistry of BM and AH – Villy, the best couple in daytime!

  77. I voted for AJ and Elizabeth aka Quiz on GH. They have so much potential and I can’t wait for them to finally become a full fledged couple.

  78. Dear god, they’ll let anyone into the ‘supercouple’ club, won’t they? This just dilutes the meaning of the word. Just go with the ‘couples’ of the summer because more than half of these couples will be forgotten within a year, let alone when their shows are over. Fact.

  79. Villy best couple ever.

  80. Voted for Nikolas & Elizabeth! Beautiful, romantic & they are both so stubborn & challenge each other!

  81. SHADAM! Best couple EVER!

  82. I voted for Ejami, I can’t get enough of them – I ship only them! But I love Wilson and what they are becoming, so I voted for them as well! If you missed the Ejami and Wilson scenes this week, you missed out!

  83. Ejami is the supercouple on Days, and daytime tv. Ejami have been in each other’s orbits for years, even when they were paired with other characters. The chemistry between them has always be undeniable. Ejami is a supercouple because they have been the driving force behind other character’s storylines. Even when they aren’t the primary character in a storyline they are the the reason many people tune in to watch Days. Much applause goes out to James Scott and Alison Sweeney for helping to launch some of the younger cast members’ careers.

  84. Always, whether together or not, SHADAM is the best! Can’t wait until they finally reunite!

  85. ejami!! best couple ever!

  86. I watch Days because of Sami & EJ (EJami) Ali & James to an incredible acting job on the show. Great acting skills, great looks &
    great chemistry.

  87. EJAMI are the best couple today. They are the reason I returned back to watching Days of Our Lives. Alison Sweeney and James Scott have an incredible chemistry together-I look forward toward to their scenes everyday. Can’t wait until EJ and his Samantha seal the deal-that will truly be the wedding of the year.

  88. Voted for Patrick/Sabrina and Y&R’s Dylan/Chelsea! My favorite couples on television!!

  89. I chose EJ and Sami. Their chemistry is off the charts HOT. They are the only reason I watch Days.

  90. Voted for Shadam – Sharon and Adam – #1 Super couple of Daytime TV – Ever- Love Sharon Case and Michael Muhney. The best chemistry ever of a beautiful, sexy couple. They are young and restless and in love with each other. They will find their way back. Cannot wait. Will never give up on these two.

  91. Voted for Shadam, they are the ONLY reason I watch Y&R!

  92. Cast my vote for Adam & Sharon Newman. Love, romance, history, respect, angst, chemistry . This couple have everything it takes to be a Super Couple. They are also the sexiest couple on Y&R

  93. I voted for Will and Sonny from Days of our Lives. They are the best couple on the show. Their love is real and they are devoted to each other. This week proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. They are a SuperCouple.

  94. I’m voting for my favorite couple. Nikolas and Elizabeth from Gh. They have everything I look for in

    a super-couple!! Love,respect,history,friendship,devotion and most of all chemistry. They walk in a room.

    The temperature goes up 10 degree’s.

  95. Billy and Victoria have always been my favorite and still are.

  96. In view of the fact that the term “Supercouple” wouldn’t exist if not for Luke and Laura, they get my vote. They wrote the book on how it’s done and no one since or ever will top it. They are the epitome of romance, humor and angst rolled into one. These soulmates are the kind of certainty that comes around just once in a lifetime!

  97. My votes go to E.J. and Sami. James Scott and Alison Sweeney are amazing on their own. But together they are on fire! Their scenes this week blew me away!

  98. I voted for EJ and Sami! Their chemstry is simply unprecedented! They make you believe in epic love stories and simply shine together. Love them!

  99. Although legitimate, I couldn’t help but laugh at the choice of Brian & Sonny Kiriakis because Brian doesn’t even have a last name. Brant Daughtery (Brian) needs to stay at Army Wives. WilSon 4ever!

  100. EJ and Sami are my favorite Supercouple/Powercouple of DAYS! They have everything you could want and ask for in a Super/Powerouple! The heat, chemistry, looks, charmisa, sex appeal, they have “IT” factor. The ease, confidenence, they never give up on what they want. They are scorching up the TV screens worldwide! Long LIVE EJami! <3

  101. I voted for Elizabeth and AJ from GH :) They are could be so amazing together if the writers would give them a chance. It’s time for them both to stop digging up past relationships and have something exciting and new.

  102. So I voted for Will and Sonny from DOOL and I voted for Patrick Drake from GH

  103. The POWER couple on TV is Sami & EJ. EJami SUPER couple.

  104. Ej & Sami…My favorite couple of all time. <3

  105. EJ and Sami. No one does it better.

  106. Luke and Laura! They are the ultimate supercouple and always will be! :-)

  107. Will and Sonny of course there chemistry is amazing and love is so pure ugh you cant help but love these guys!!! <3

  108. I voted for Sami and EJ ♥. They are the best couple on any show I ever watched. They are sexy, loving and generate chemistry and excitement. They can be compared to Ricky and Lucy. They make each other better and match soo well. I have to watch the steamy parts over!!

  109. Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis!!

  110. Voted for my favorite daytime couple EJ and Sami! They are perfect together…two peas in a pod! Their incredible chemistry is unmatched and they have passion and intensity that no one else can bring to the screen. Im glued to my TV every time!! EJami=sexy,hotness, romance, scheming and fun. Love them!!

  111. Voted for the incredible romantic chemistry, history and just ridiculous pretty of Nikolas & Elizabeth (NIZ) They are what Supercouples are made of!

  112. Voted for Ej and Sami (Days) The chemistry between James and Ali is incredible. They have overcome many adversities. They are undeniably a fan favorite especially considering that their fan-base is a major reason they are finally together The “Ejamis” have fought for over six years to get their couples together The scene where Sami finally admitted her feelings for Ej was awe-inspiring and memorable. Even Ej acknowledged their fan-base when he mentioned the “six” years he as been in love with Sami. The love this super-couple share leaves their fans longing for more and each time their is even a hint they might be on together, we watch, we record, and we watch it again over and over again. Ej and Sami!!

  113. Voting for Lulu and Dante Spencer-Falconeri. However it is with the proviso of Lulu being portrayed by Julie Marie Berman opposite Dominic Zamprogna. As professional as she is, the recast currently playing Lulu does not embody the qualities that Julie brought to her interpretation. I still love and support Lante as a pairing but I am supporting them on the strength of Mr. Zamprogna’s romantic, urgent performances. He has gone above and beyond my expectations since he lost his sympatico acting partner. It is what it is and I’d rather be honest than put forth a view I know isn’t what I believe.

  114. I would only vote for the couple that is making history on DAYS and that’s Will and Sonny. These boys can give anybody a run for their money and their love is so great it make the most in love couple look like they hate each other.

  115. James / Ali with their amazing chemistry bring EJ and Sami to life on the screen! They are the hottest couple on TV!

  116. Naturally, I voted for my NIZ (Nikolas and Elizabeth) and Ejami (EJ and Sami). There defying odds that the chemistry of what made supercouples back in the day still exist. Niz and Ejami FTW!!!!

  117. I voted for EJ DiMera and Samantha Brady on Days of Our Lives because they are EVERYTHING – hot, romantic, crazy and hilarious. Nobody makes me smile, cry and swoon like Ejami does.

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