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‘General Hospital’ Promo Week of 5/13: Nothing Comes Between These Brothers


Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth return to Port Charles this week – as brand new characters on General Hospital!

Earlier this spring, crossed-over characters from One Life to Live were forced to leave General Hospital. Viewers eventually learned they would return, but as new characters, and they’re breezing into town this week.

While the promo doesn’t confirm their exact roles, it shows Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth kicking up dust around the rest of the cast and promises they’ll bring some game changers to our favorite characters. Michael and Morgan find themselves caught between Kiki (Alderson), who already appears quite sassy and sexy and very into Morgan. How will this go over with Michael?

Meanwhile, Howarth’s character is described as someone who will blindside the entire town of Port Charles. Any ideas on who he could be?

Check out the clip below. Let us know in the comments who you think the new characters are and how you feel about the reemergence of old faces as new characters.


Amber Cunigan
Amber Cunigan is a sarcastic mid-twenties undergrad, extreme book hoarder, Netflix addict, and reality TV aficionado. She enjoys excessive amounts of chocolate and caffeine, tweeting, and all things Ezra Fitz and Ryan Gosling. When it comes to TV, she expects to be thoroughly entertained and when not, she will slam and mock you, but still tune in next week. She's a glutton for punishment. Basically, she's awesome.

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  1. i think he will come back as his own twin brother. her character sinks and her acting has alot to be desired.. should have let her departure stay that way and not bring her back!!!

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