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‘Smash’ Review: The Phenomenon


Wow, Smash. I can actually say I’m shocked and surprised that they went there. That was a very powerful episode and once again, it was good!

I am incredibly sad that Kyle is gone, he was adorable and definitely underused, but I’m glad that they gave him such a great episode. Although I never really thought about how connected he was to the main characters, it was nice to see the little flashbacks. Obviously the one with Jimmy was the most powerful one, but personally, I really liked the one of him and Tom. We never really got to see the connection they had so clearly before and it was a nice touch, especially seeing how shaken by his death Tom was.

The song they did at Hit List was really moving, too. Too little, too late for Jimmy to let Kyle know how much he appreciated him, and it’s sad that they had to kill him so Jimmy could get his act together, but the number itself was good. I really liked watching all of the characters watch it, seeing how affected by it they were was a nice touch.

As for the other little plots, I’m glad Tom and Julia worked things out. Them fighting over the play was going to get old real soon and I want them as BFFs rather than enemies or even competition. Now that Julia broke up with her boyfriend (momentarily, maybe?), they can go back to working together on The Great Gatsby and all will be right again.

Once again, I’m super proud of Ivy for being honest with Derek and telling him she’s not interested because she knows how he is. I hope next week’s episode is more Ivy-centric because we all know how much she wanted this and other than being overworked and tired, I want to see how else she’s dealing with being the star of her own show. Still, even though she is done with him, it’s still a good thing they didn’t actually go through with Karen and Derek.

Of course, we’re back to Karen and Jimmy, which is incredibly bland, but hopefully with the Tony’s and now with Hit List going to Broadway (Jerry deserves at least ten drinks on his face for that one, Eileen!), we won’t get too much of their relationship drama.

Here’s to hoping that the last three episodes of the season (and possibly the series) will be able to keep up the quality! Until next week…

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