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‘Smash’ Review: The Transfer


Yeah, so remember how Smash was good and interesting for two whole weeks? This episode is apparently the transition back to predictable and blah. But we’ll get to that.

This week, Wednesday got screwed over again. She has been fired from playing The Diva because one of the two hundred girls Derek slept with is blackmailing him. So, good guy Derek is a screw up yet again, even though he doesn’t mean to be. Admittedly, I did like her number with Karen, though and the whole being on Broadway and being a bigger show probably helped, but I still rather see Ana.

I knew the Karen vs Ivy thing was going to come back before the end, but I didn’t expect to suddenly turn Ivy into a bitch again because it makes Karen look more like an innocent little angel. Did that seem incredibly forced to anyone else? Ivy said herself, she’s been pretty laid back this season, and a lot more human, so to just transplant Season 1 Ivy back into her for something that everyone knows happened was, in true Smash fashion, forced as hell.

The back and forth between Tom and Julia better be done for good. That song was adorable and I really like seeing them working together and not involved in drama with each other. They are a team and they have a strong relationship, just leave them alone and let them be awesome, show.

And then there is Jimmy and his new mature, good guy posture. Sure, losing his best and only friend would mess him up, but it’s too little, too late. He should have done these things for Kyle while he was alive, not now to ‘honor his memory.’

Speaking of Kyle’s memory, if I was in a Broadway show and suddenly everyone started to get texts and lit up their screens in the middle of it? I would have been pissed. Sure, interaction with the audience is great and using social media for that is a good idea in theory, but then the douchebags will pull out their phones and check their emails, twitter, facebook, send pics to their moms, etc and will completely pull everyone out of the show. If it’s something done during the beginning/intermission (like Addams Family did), then I’m all for it. But keep your phones SILENT, DARK and IN your pocket during the show. Seriously. Respect the work of the cast and crew.

Okay, rant over, back to Smash and it’s terrible plot twists. Ivy is pregnant with Derek’s kid? Ugh. Because she hasn’t been through enough crap as is? They could have given her an STD or something, she could go confront him about it, create drama. But give her a kid? Either she will be labeled as a huge bitch for getting an abortion or she will have the kid and miss out on the opportunity to build a career beyond Bombshell because she won’t be able to do that now that she is having her moment. Lovely.

Although I’m hoping we won’t see much more of this pregnancy plot since we only have one more episode to go before the two hour series finale, I guess we’ll see what happens.

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  1. I’m really really bummed that this show is getting cancelled, it seems like this is happening just as the show is starting to hit its stride. Above all, the songs themselves have been getting so much better this season, especially the ones written by Andrew McMahon! I loved Jack’s Mannequin and his transition to writing show tunes has been awesome to hear/see. The song he worked on for this episode, “I’m Not Sorry” was his best yet…it’s probably a long shot, but I hope a lesser cable channel picks this show up in the future.

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