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General Hospital Preview: July 1, 2013 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Port Charles celebrates Independence Day! However, the fireworks aren’t just in the sky. A major revelation will be made and heartbreak looks like it’s on the horizon for one. Get a sneak peek of what’s to come in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of July 1, 2013.

[notice]Editor’s Note: As previously mentioned, you’ll notice a change in the way we present our weekly previews. The goal of our previews is to entice you, the fans, into watching the show, not give you the story ahead of time. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about our new direction, feel free to email me at editor [at] Our “Link Only” policy remains in effect.[/notice]

  • Franco and Ava’s united front against Carly is short-lived when Franco turns the tables on Ava. The most dangerous enemy to have is one who knows your secrets.
  • Elizabeth clashes with Nikolas when she learns he failed to tell her everything about AJ’s tryst with Carly. Though the prince still loves Elizabeth, a damsel in distress might catch his eye. Is there competition looming for Nikolas’ heart?
  • Sonny and Carly come to a new understanding, but their alliance is just as deadly as it was before.
  • Britt and Taylor’s friendship blossoms as she continues to drive a wedge between TJ and Molly.
  • Lucy will find that the new Deception may need a little “magic” if they’re going to have a good start. Speaking of Lucy, her plan to finance Deception doesn’t set well with Laura.
  • Emma acts out with Mac and Felicia.
  • Spicing things up leads to more complicated conflict.
  • Independence Day leads to the start of something new, the restart of something almost lost, clarity for one in doubt and loneliness for another.

An encore episode of GH will air on Thursday, July 4.

For more on what happens this week, watch General Hospital weekdays on ABC or on the Watch ABC App, weeknights on SOAPnet and anytime on

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  1. They should get rid of Britt and keep Connie. It’s time for Britt to leave the show. I think Patrick has been through enough since losing Robin. It’s being dragged on too long for him to find happiness. Enough is enough. I love Sabrina and Patrick as a couple. They are perfect for each other.

  2. Still loving Patrick & Sabrina. I think they’re going to start heating up the summer!

  3. Real don’t care Nikolas with Elizabeth have no chemistry together.Why not put Elizabeth someone else.

  4. Nicholas and Elizabeth are the next super couple of GH.
    I do not like the spoilers for Liz and Nick but they will find their way back and Liz will not deny her feeling any longer.

  5. Why in the world would someone like Nikolas be attracted to a pregnant crazy Britt. He changed is entire world to be near Elizabeth. And I don’t know why they would write it that Elizabeth would take AJ back after catching him kissing Carly and then finding out they had sex. We can only hope that Aiden is revealed to be Nikolas’ son when they test him to see if he is a match for Danny and then we can watch them give into their angst and be the happy family that they long to be.

  6. Liz being Lizzie again. Get mad at the one who wanted to tell you, but at all corners you told him to butt out and stop interfering. Not to mention, when you asked for answers he was 100% honest, even the not so good parts he played (buying the recording and the insurance comment). Yet, Lizzie is going to make up with AJ, LAWD! Lover her to death, but she is her own worst enemy. Continuing to deny the love she feels because of others around her. Niz angst? What’s that? lol We know this all too well. Hopefully, we have our couple by fall time. 4 years we’ve waited, let’s get this love story started already.

  7. so more angst for Niz uh? this is so annoying ;(

  8. Liz? You love Nik. You do NOT love AJ. So why are you putting yourself – and not to mention US – through this?

  9. Ack!!! Not happy about that Niz one :(

    thanks for these though.

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