New Contract for ‘General Hospital’ Star Lisa LoCiCero

Woohoo! General Hospital star Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) has signed a new contract with the soap she’s called home for the last five years.

The actress, who joined the GH in the fall of 2008 as the feisty Olivia Falconeri, spoke about her new contract in the newest issue of Soap Opera Digest. “It’s so funny because we were in negotiations at the time I got the call saying Olivia was going to be shot and I was like, ‘Uh, wait a minute…[laughs],'” she tells the magazine. “Of course it had been planned for a long time but I still kept thinking, ‘Not a good time for a physical misfortune to befall your character [laughs].'”

This should be great news for Olivia fans, as this means she’ll have more time to fall deeper in love with her first love, mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Look for Olivia to take Sonny up on his offer next week to move in with him while she recuperates from her shooting. Of course this also could telegraph the ending of the new triangle storyline between Olivia, Sonny and Connie before it’s even began.

Yesterday, news broke that LoCicero’s co-star Kelly Sullivan, who’s played Kate/Connie since the fall of 2011, has been let go. “What am I gonna do without you,” LoCicero tweeted in the evening. “Your sweetness makes it harder to think of you not there!”

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Lisa LoCicero, coming this weekend.

My Take: Thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. I’ve been a fan of LoCicero for years and her re-signing makes this Falconeri-lover a giddy schoolboy.



  1. oh my!, now we know who will be the one with Sonny, oh and she should have asked for them to get her a bed for heavens sake!

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