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‘The Fosters’ Sneak Peek Clips: Get a look into Callie’s past

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Check out these three exclusive clips from ABC Family for next week’s brand new episode titled ‘Consequently.’

For now, Callie and Jude are staying with the Fosters. Their worker is trying to find them permanent placement while Callie fears they’ll be split up again. The Fosters are determined to keep this from happening and assure them that for now, they’re staying in their home. Unfortunately, Callie’s presence isn’t making everyone happy.

Sneak Peek #1: 
Callie’s social worker gives a glimpse into Callie’s past, explaining her mother’s death and her father’s role in she and Jude being moved into the foster care system. He’s struggling to find a permanent home because it seems as if something always gets in the way and prevents it. Will that permanency be the Foster household?


Sneak Peek #2: 
In another realistic moment of the morning hustle and bustle (these are moments were the show really shines), the Foster family readies for school and work amid those sporadic moments of family drama. Mariana hasn’t had time to do her hair, Jesus is pretending to take his medication, and Callie fears she and Jude will be split again. Fortunately, Lena is on their side.


Sneak Peek #3: 
Brandon’s girlfriend isn’t exactly keen on Callie spending time with her boyfriend. She sweetly invites Callie to sit at her lunch table only to talk about how much time she spends with Brandon and that Stef buys them condoms. Feeling threatened much? She’s already counting down to Callie leaving. I smell drama brewing!



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