Spring Supercouple Showdown: Final Round

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Spring is almost here and in the soap world that means new pairings, rekindling of old romances and some very unexpected ones will be coming over the summer. The fifth and final round of TVSource Magazine’s Spring Supercouple Showdown has begun! Which couple will be crowned the winner?

Our staff compiled a list of every couple that was available for voting in our weekly Pulse Poll from January 1 to May 1 from The Bold and the BeautifulDays of our LivesGeneral Hospital and The Young and the Restless. Fans cast over 250,000 votes to determine the couples that would move on to round 5. Don’t forget to check out the Spring Supercouple Showdown Results: Round 4 and see how your favorites did.

The final round begins today and will run until Monday, June 10 at 5:00PM/EST. You will vote for one of the final four couples. The couple with the most votes will be crowned the inaugural winner of the Spring Supercouple Showdown!

After making a selection for each show, leave a comment and tell us why you voted for your favorites. You might convince someone to vote for them too!

[textblock style=”9″]UPCOMING SCHEDULE:

  • Round 5 (Determines Winner): Thursday, June 6 at 8:00AM to Monday, June 10 at 5:00PM
    • Round 5 Results: Monday, June 10 at 9:00PM[/textblock]

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Spring Supercouple Showdown Results: Round 4

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  1. It’s 12:12 am and still no results??? :(

  2. Steffy is a plot device. They’ll move past her just like they did Amber.

  3. EJami is the super couple of day & evening tv. If ever there was a couple considered to be soulmates it’s EJami.

  4. Ejami got my votes! no one has chemistry and hotness like them <3

  5. Congrats ahead of time to the winner!!! (hugs, hugs)

    This was a fun contest to partake in IMO!!!
    Can’t wait for the Summer Supercouple Showdown!!!!

  6. The other three couples competing with the DAYS couple has more sizzle, electricity, love in their little pinky toe then DAYS couple has in their whole body.

  7. Hope and Liam are a couple.. maybe that should tell you something.. apparently you were not watching the show.

  8. my vote goes to Niz

  9. LopeNation has a loyal fanbase Worldwide. At the end of the day, the majority of their fans still believe they are mean’t to be. I mean they are not even a couple and still have this rock solid foundation and history that is unmatched as star-crossed lovers.

  10. How can Liam and Hope be in this contest when they are not even a couple….he’s married to Steffy!!!

  11. B&b fan but semi and steffy are exactly alike!

  12. B&B all the way!

  13. The real super couple is EJ & Sami. They are exciting and sexy and fresh! They fight make up but deeply always care about each other. Liam and Hope are boring and not a couple. Liam is married to someone else and is not even commited to Hope. EJ & Sami are commited to each other. They are for real ♥♥♥.

  14. Liam and Hope aren’t even a couple. Don’t you mean Liam and Steffy? Lol

  15. Welcome to the royal dark side Lacey! :) Becky & Tyler work together so flawlessly

  16. I am voting for Nikolas and Elizabeth on GH. The chemistry has always been off the charts between Becky and Tyler but after going back and watching their scenes from the beginning….I am now a full blown Niz supporter.

  17. Love Liam and Hope together, when there are together you can actually feel the pull and the want. I love watching those two together. It like meeting for the first time all over again. The eyes tells a lot. and Liam can not hid it nor Hope. Liam and Hope the next Soap Super Couple.

  18. James and Allison awesome stuff, a must see a compelling beautiful love story about a devoted couple that are licensed to thrill with their incredible beyond imagination tumultuous, riveting, loving and funny performances. My vote goes to EJAMI!

  19. Billy & Victoria Abbott for the win!

  20. EJami has my vote. They are the best part of DAYS. Along with WilSon.

  21. Liam and Hope are the Real supercouple

  22. Liam and Hope are the real soap opera supercouple! I’ve loved them from the beginning and I’m happy they won, Liam with Steffy looks so forced, Lope has so much chemistry! I wish they get back together soon!

  23. Supercouple b&b’s Liam and Hope love them they make you cheer for there love with all the obstacles that have been in there way.They made for each other!

  24. I really like Nik and Liz’s chemistry – definite supercouple potential there – but my vote has to go to EJ and Sami. The characters are a classic soap supercouple – complex and compelling individuals who are made even more interesting through their relationship – and the actors are super talented, gorgeous, and have insanely hot chemistry. EJami are the whole package, and have fought their way through years of sometimes dreadful writing to finally get their chance at coupledom. They are Must See TV for me, any time they are on!

  25. My vote goes to EJ and Sami. Separately, Alison Sweeney and James Scott always give powerhouse performances, but together, they are just ELECTRIC! They bring out the best in each other and that translates so well on screen to creating a dynamic and compelling couple. Now that the writers have finally given these two a proper chance, I can’t wait to watch them go from strength to strength.

  26. There was no greater love than Emily Quartermaine for Nicholas. I stopped watching GH when this super couple was destroyed. My votes go to the best super couple today Samantha Brady and EJ Dimera. Sami has finally found her perfect match- a man who totally gives his heart to her. I became fascinated with EJAMI 7 years ago. I believe they belong together- I was so happy when Samantha finally realized this.

  27. Liam and hope they are the cpl that makes b&b worth watching they truely love each other and its plain to see when they are together.they would be together if everyone would of left them alone and quit medling in their life. Steffy bill and others done everything to keep them apart. They deserve a chance at true love and happiness together. They r the super cpl on b&b.and they need to be reunited asap.

  28. from your lips to Ron/Franks ears!!! I’m in complete agreement!! :)

  29. I never thought I’d see NIZ again, but now my hope is rekindled! Despite the appalling writing the first time around, Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst’s chemistry and talent rose above the material that they were given. That’s a supercouple! Even when backstage politics and TPTB are hellbent on destroying the pairing and the characters, the actors and their characters triumphed in the most important way. Nikolas and Elizabeth deserve a fair shot this time as a couple and I hope they get it!

  30. SNAPS for you Renda! GREAT POST! #BRAVO

  31. Right there with you!! And completely agree with every word. Who would of thought just a few month’s ago. We would have Nikolas and Elizabeth back on the screen. Not me! But O’ how happy I am that they are. They are the light to a very dark tunnel. And I hope Frank/Ron write them a beautiful story befitting of both Tyler/Rebecca and Nik/Liz. Cause I know they are up for the challenge.Nicksbeth all the way. Love in the afternoon!!

  32. Nicholas and Elizabeth were a new couple derived from TERRIBLE story line, but their chemistry and passion for each other turned the tables around and made many haters into believers! not to mentions they haven’t been seen together on screen for almost four years and just a few appearance back on screen have stirred up fans again and now are in a finale competition with couples who have been together for years! on that account alone i believe they have already won this race. Imagine the power they would hold if they had all the years that these other couple had to work of their romantic relationship! I say Niz are like no other couple, they’ve walk through the ring of fire and been to the depth of hell and have persevered! Niz forever baby!

  33. EJami all the way!! <3

  34. EJami are it! No other couple has the chemistry that this couple does and after seven long years, they are finally together! Go EJami!!

  35. Liam and Hope belong together

  36. Nicholas and Elizabeth the magic couple

  37. Liam and Hope were made for each other they are love!

  38. #EJAMI ♥

  39. I really like how EJ and Wills relationship has developed. They now have a healthy mutual respect for each other. Will supporting EJ through the “Who killed Stefano” storyline and EJs support of Will through this “Arianna Grace” storyline. EJ certainly has lived through what Will was going through a number of times to be the right kind of support. Then we have the Ejami and Wilson dynamics…. its just great to be able to tune into Days.

  40. There is no daytime TV couple more captivating than Bold and the Beautifuls, Hope & Liam….one look at these two on screen and you can’t take your eyes off the TV!!! Amazing acting, chemistry between the two is heart racing! They get my vote, hands down, ten times over!!!! Hope and Liam for the win!!!!!

  41. EJ and Sami got my vote. EJami fans have waited 7 VERY LONG years to see them finally be together in a sincere and honest way. <3

  42. EJami have been thru HELL and back to get where they are today. They have a uniqueness, a chemistry, a fire, realness, a love between them that sets them apart from any other couple I have ever seen. Kindred spirits destined to be together forever! EJami is a definition of a true Supercouple IMHO.

  43. Since my choice for Supercouple was eliminated (Will and Sonny of Days of our Lives) I am now voting for EJ and Sami.

  44. I love Liam and Hope together they are the best couple!

  45. Ejami! There is no comparison! Their chemistry and passion are off the charts

  46. Loved these two since day one.

  47. EJ and Sami. I can’t take my eyes off of them, when they are on screen together. I’ve never seen an acting couple with so much VA VA VOOM, as these two have. It doesn’t matter if they are being sexy, funny, conversational or fighting, they always give 100% + to the subject matter. They are both exceptional actors and seem so comfortable with each other, which in turn, makes their scenes very believable. I just love them and feel they must be voted the Supercouple in the Spring Showdown!! Vote for EJ and Sami!! (Days)

  48. I am voting for the couple so awesome they got an entire commercial dedicated to them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UQdoJVYgro8 GO VILLY! Victoria and Billy are the best. They are definitely “making moves”

  49. I love Liam and Hope together they are the best couple!

  50. Billy Abbott & Victoria Newman Abbott of the Young and the Restless get my votes. They have been through more than any one couple deserves but their love is strong and forever.

  51. What are LOPE and STEAM fans even fighting about? Liam is ruined, he is playing both girls. They deserve better than him. Even Steffy, whom I cannot stand.

  52. Hey you BIG BULLY, whats the matter with you to throw stones? I never wished a baby dead or made fun of someones looks. SO WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THAT ONE? Who cares if you don’t watch, JMW is moving on to do other things, and you can bet shes laughing all the way to the bank! These message boards have been used for the wrong reasons. If your a fan then your a fan, if not SEE YA!

  53. <3 , <3, <3 my Days! Voting for EJAMI! Wish STEAM was in this poll, and not LOPE. Us STEAMERS have been dominating the polls for months …. I guess LOPE can win this one poll (for B&B by itself) for once!

  54. Leave her alone. You HOpe fans are so condescending, yet it is you guys who wish for babies to die and make fun of Jacqueline’s and Hunter’s looks ALL. OF. THE. TIME. I don’t care whether Jacqueline had a boob job or not, or if that ONE time that Hunter had plastic surgery. Leave them alone! Now that JMW & Hunter are leaving, all us fans can leave the show. People can be fans of other couples on shows too you know … #TeamSteamEjamer

  55. Heck yeah! Dido!

  56. I love EJami, and as a days fan I will vote for whoever was representing my favorite soap. EJami and Days for the win!!

  57. Ejami for supercouple! In my opinion there is no contest. Go ejami!

  58. Monday. And we’ve corrected the change up top.

  59. I’m a little confused TV Source…. above it says this round closes on Monday 10th June at 5pm BUT it says the results to this round will be revealed on Sunday 9th June at 9pm. So which is it? Does this poll close Sunday 9th or Monday 10th?

  60. B&B’s Hope & Liam for my super couple!!!!

  61. Ej and Sami Days have been through so much, and love each other despite what others think.They are soulmates.They light up the screen when they are on, and the chemistry is off the charts. It took years for them to finally have their shot, but we always knew they were a supercouple.James And Alison bring them to life on the screen and do it so well.

  62. Nikolas and Elizabeth!

  63. I’m voting EJami. They never gave up on us, and we will never give up on them. The story of EJami is amazing, on screen and off screen.

  64. EJ and Sami are soul mates with incredible chemistry and a love that has no boundaries!!! We are so looking forward to a compelling, riveting, beautiful love story. We love you, you are a one of a kind, extraordinary, couple and you bring a joy to our life that no one else can. That is one of the many reasons we love you and want to spend the rest of our life watching you as a couple perform and captivate the screen with all the other great actors on DAYS. Love our Wilson!

  65. mind to hope and liam for ever and always

  66. Ej and Sami have been a Supercouple from the first day they met. EJami all the way!!

  67. Totally Ejami! There have always loved eachother, but Sami finally admitted it this year. 2013 is the year of Ejami!

  68. EJami all the way!

  69. Hope and Liam stole my heart from the moment the met. Love them!

  70. ejami all the way!

  71. My vote goes to the amazing pairing of Nikolas & Elizabeth.

  72. In quiet awe (Jamison) I saw loves endurance (Ejami). Life’s (writers) harsh bitter wind whipped plans. Could not erase the sweet frangance of Love as as eternal as the arrival of Spring..

  73. I voted for Niz, they are growing on me. I like Nic better than AJ.

  74. My vote goes to the amazing pairing of Nikolas & Elizabeth. 16+years of friendship turned into this deep, romantic love

  75. My vote is going to “holi”, B&B’s Hope and Liam….they are the only two I look forward to seeing on any soap! Their chemistry is undeniable and after all the work that has been done to keep them separated, they STILL can’t get over each other! It’s true soap opera love, the magic that makes a super couple! Hands down, they get my vote! Now if bell would just allow them to reunite!

  76. WOW! Some fan.

  77. Niz all the way!

  78. Hope and liam have be through hell and back and always found there way back because there love is true that why I vote for them

  79. Hey TVSource, I noticed that the final voting day is shown as the10th but the results are shown as the 9th. ;)

  80. EJ and Sami have been through just about everything to get to where they are today…together, in love with each other and totally committed to one another. Talk about going through the fire! They are the epitome of a super couple. They never gave up being together and neither did their fans! EJami chemistry and passion is UNDENIABLE!

  81. Steamers let’s vote for my other fave couple Ejami now! #DOOL We are tuning out of B&B anyway. #TeamSteamEjamer

  82. Villy is the best couple IMO, I don’t really watch Y&R but they seem to trust each other and have a solid marriage. DAYS is my favorite soap and I voted Wilson until now but I can’t support Ejami, this couple is a train wreck. I watch B&B sometimes but Lope is annoying, I liked Steam better. Never watched GH and never heard of Niz. So Villy FTW and good luck everyone!

  83. Ejami have the best chemistry ! They are meant to be :)

  84. Congrats to everyone whose couple made it the final round, and good luck! There’s two couples that I love so it’s hard to narrow it down to one. NIZ and EJAMI. Those two to me are proof that supercouples still exist on soaps.

  85. EJ and Sami are the only soap couple I have EVER been this passionate about! THey just have “IT” and in my mind, they will always be the biggest SuperCouple.

  86. Liam and Hope all the way Baby

  87. EJ and Sami are the best. They bring it on. They are passionate about everything and their chemistry is amazing whether they are fighting or loving!!!

  88. Always Ejami! <3

  89. WHOOO go Ejami! James Scott is smoking hot

  90. I’ll edit it. Polls close Monday. Results Monday.

  91. Liam Spencer and Hope Logan (B&B) get my vote all the way

  92. It took 7 years for Sami to admit to EJ they belong together and as a fan of this super couple I have enjoyed watching the incredible performances of James Scott and Alison Sweeney. Together their characters create this energy that is so amazing. They make me believe there is no other hot couple in the soap world that deserve each other. There will never be a dull moment with EJAMI. They are truly worthy of every fan vote!

  93. EJAMI all the way. They are the hottest sexiest couple on TV today. Their love scenes and their chemistry is PHENOMENAL

  94. I love Villy, they really bring out the best in each other, Vicki is less of a daddy’s girl, Billy is less of a screw up.

  95. EJ DiMera and Sami Brady (Days of our Lives) – Here to show my love and support for Ejami and Days. Click, click, click! <3

  96. Ej & Sami <3

  97. Well here goes nothing.
    This is going to be a very interesting finish I’m thinking!!!
    GO GO GO EJAMI!!!!!

  98. EJami all the way! Let’s do this DAYS fans :)

  99. Ryan, if this poll runs until Monday, June 10, how the results can be published on Sunday, June 9?

  100. Ryan, f this poll runs until Monday, June 10, how the results can be published on Sunday, June 9?

  101. Voting for Billy and Victoria. Love them and love them together.

  102. Victoria and Billy. They have overcome so much and have stayed together because of their overwhelming love for each other. I love watching them and I could watch them all day. I hope they get their dream baby. Go Villy!

  103. Voted Nik and Liz. Love them both. Love them even more together.

    All the other pairings have one person in them I don’t care much for.

    EJ has done unforgiveable things to Sami. Victoria is barely tolerable and only that when in a loving scene with Billy. Liam is a card carrying douchebag.

  104. I put my votes in for EJami, good luck to all :)

  105. EJ and Sami are the supercouple! Go Go EJami!!

  106. Voting for Elizabeth and Nikolas, but good luck to everyone and congrats to everyone on making the final round.

  107. As always, my votes go to E.J. and Sami :-).

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